Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's the First of the Month

Well I'll be damned………. 
A Monday AND the first of a brand new month all at the SAME TIME!!!  It's a sign that this month will be the BEST one yet.

In regards to the picture, no I don't mean starting over, like as in all the hard work we have done up to now was a waste.  And we should never keep "starting over" or starting new only a Monday ( but hey, sometimes it happens and that's okay).

It's just how I like to push myself within this lifestyle.  I like to take every Monday as a chance to be better than I was last week.  A NEW month gives me 4 weeks to reach NEW goals and results….. it just means new progress and a chance for a new mindset to be better where I can be better.

As much as this instagram account is for others, it's also my instagram and how I motivate myself. 

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