Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bring it on Summer!!

Summer is officially June 21st….. but since I am a mom with kids in school, Summer for me begins on that last day of school.  May 29th.  BEST DAY EVER.

If you're a mom, then I know you agree that a Summer Day can be exhausting.  So lets do what it takes in the next month to bust A$$ so the kids are trying to keep up with us and not the other way around.

SO, for myself and maybe some of you, we have ONE MONTH until that day is here.  Lets kick it up another notch with our fitness so in 4 weeks we are ready to take it ALL on.  And if you have no kids, let's get HOT for you and your future baby daddy.

SO SO SO much can change in just 4 weeks if you put forth an honest effort!  I PROMISE you that.  So in these next 4 weeks, I'm going to help you in the gym.  I'll throw in a few workouts for the ladies working out from home too.  These can also be done in the gym as well.  So really, you could have 2 workouts to try a week.

Circuit type workouts are the bomb.  They keep you busy, hit a bit of everything and you feel AWESOME when you're done.  I will post a Circuit Workout EVERY MONDAY AM for the next 4 weeks.  Videos for exercises where needed.  The circuits will be available for you to incorporate into your week of workouts at some point….if you wish. One of my best tips for working out is to HAVE A PLAN…you now have a couple written workouts every week for the rest of the month.

Tag your BFFs and Gym Buddies to rock out these workouts with you.  And for fun, tag me in your workout posts… will be happy you did!  But most importantly, JUST HAVE FUN!  All of my post will be fun and SUMMERY to help keep you motivated.  I'll also share some meal ideas and even MORE is coming….   #FITHAPPENSINSUMMER #fithappens

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