Monday, June 30, 2014

One for YOU, and one for @__________ .

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To start off your 4th of July festivities, I am giving away 1-30 serving Grape Alpha Amino for YOU and 1-15 serving Lemon Lime Alpha Amino to your FRIEND! How to enter is easy- in the comments below, say "one for me and one for @ _________ " and tag one of your friends Whoever is picked will each have their box of goodies mailed to them........Alpha Aminos AND a handful of samples: the new Cellucor Neon Sport VOLTPre-workout in 2 yummy flavors (another female friendly pre-workout that does not contain creatine), Neon sport BCAAs, Strawberry Margarita C4 pre-workout and SuperHD thermogenic fat burner samples. ⭐️ you can tag as many friends as you want to win ⚠️but keep them each in their own separate comment for easy picking on my part. Your friends can tag you back, which will also give you a 2nd entry and then they may tag their friends that may want to enter! All I ask is you and your friends are followers of me @haleya_fit_happens and that you live in the USA for shipping purposes. Winners will be selected and announced ⏰Friday the 4th of JULY. 

If you want to learn more about Cellucor Alpha Aminos I have a done posts back in my feed all about them, also you can visit to read up on them. ❤️They are my FAVORITE supplement EVER!!! No stimulants, no sugar, keeps me hydrated during workouts, helps my muscles recover faster, helps with endurance GREAT for runners, bikers, hikers, lifters, grandmas, kids..... I can't get enough of them! I describe them to people as a Gatorade x1000. Chia seed extract/raw coconut water...just to name a couple ingredients in this hydration formula. You WILL NOT be let down. 

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Sunday, June 29, 2014


That's how many years people were able to reverse the aging process of their muscles after doing exercises with weights- such as lunges, squats, bicep curls and bicycle crunches- just twice a week for 10 weeks, per a study from a college in Massachusetts.

So I should be able to whoop my grand kiddos butts in arm wrestling when I'm 95……. ;)

Wake up, Kick Ass, REPEAT!

Who's with me?!  Monday is ALWAYS a good day to get after it!  Especially coming into a week containing a holiday where we are more than likely going to have some yummy food, BBQ's and spend good time with family and friends!

 and be happy about it!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Leg Workout

This may look like a lot but if you get after it, it can be done in 45 minutes!  Move quickly with little rest.  
What did I do for cardio?  This workout was my cardio….TRUST ME!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

BACK WORKOUT with Active Rest plus BONUS abs

This is similar to the Bicep and Shoulder workouts I posted last week. It follows the same concept: complete each lettered circuit 3-4x. Go from one exercise to the next with no rest. Catch your breath at the end of each ab exercise before repeating the circuit. ✅ EX: do the exercises in "A" back to back with no rest. Rest after you complete the ab exercise. Repeat "A" 2-3 more times for a total of 3-4 total rounds.

P.S.  If you don't know what an exercise is, has a search box.  Just type in the exercise and an image and demo will show you.  Or GOOGLE will also show you images of all these exercises.  


Wednesday, June 25, 2014



It doesn't have to be fancy and pretty.  Just write it down on a piece of paper or notes on your phone.  I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE you will have better workouts!  You won't waste time, wander, wonder…."now what should I do?" 

This was my workout today.  

Raw.  Unfiltered.  Unedited.  

Write it down and get it done.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shoulder Workout with ACTIVE REST and BONUS ABS

This is similar to the Bicep Workout I posted yesterday. It follows the same concept: complete each lettered circuit 4x. Go from one exercise to the next with no rest. Catch your breath at the end of each ab exercise before repeating the circuit. ✅ EX: do the exercises in "A" back to back with no rest. Rest after you complete the ab exercise. Repeat "A" 3 more times for a total of 4 total rounds. 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm In LOVE!!!

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!?!

I have never been more in love over shoes before!  Back in the day when I was a picky teenager and looks mattered like, OH MY GOSH….. I would go for the shoes that were the cutest and even buy shoes that barely fit me cause it was "cute" to have little looking feet.  GAAAAG!!!  
When I got over myself and stopped caring about what other people think, I started to buy shoes that were meant for my feet and comfort.  That meant even learning to buy shoes 1/2 to full size bigger than your regular shoe size for running.  So if the most comfy shoe and shoe that was good for my feet and running style were the ugliest ones, oh well….They became mine.  Brooks really doesn't make a very ugly shoe.  My least favorite ones were the Ghost 3s.  Not the cutest shoes on the shelf but they fit for my feet.  
Now these Ghost 7s, I lucked out and got the best of both worlds!!!  The hot pink and orange and hints of yellow are such a cute combo, I am dying!!  


I must share that my sweet hubby totally surprised me this morning with these babies!!!  I think I trained him well to never ever ever get me flowers, jewelry, cards….etc.  This is more like it.  These are the newest Brooks from the Ghost line.  Ghost 7's
I am so EXCITED to go running tomorrow!

Bicep Workout with ACTIVE REST and bonus ABS


 Complete each lettered circuit 4x. Go from one exercise to the next with no rest. Catch your breath at the end of each ab exercise before repeating the circuit.

 ✅ EX: do the exercises in "A" back to back with no rest. Rest after you complete the ab exercise. Repeat "A" 3 more times for a total of 4 total rounds. 

✅P.S. Abs are sets of 15 but they are ALL one sided moves, meaning 15 to EACH side OR 30 total. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Repeat the workout for as long as you have time for or until you have had enough!  Really push yourself on those straight away sprints!  My quads have been so sore from sprints but I feel myself getting faster in my old age.  

There are many many benefits of running on a track and add in some stair sprints for some serious butt work!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Miles on miles on miles

Need some cardio excitement in the gym? Try this mile, on mile, on mile, on mile workout: all you do and in no particular order go for 1 mile at whatever your goals/pace is on a cardio machine and move on to the next. You can make this a 3 mile challenge (pick 3 machines) or a 5+ mile challenge (pick 5 machines) and if needed, you can repeat a machine along the way.

✅ treadmill 1-mile
 ✅ stair master 1-mile
 ✅ bike 1-mile (a bike mile goes by fast, you may want to make it 2 miles)
 ✅elliptical 1-mile
 ✅treadmill 1-mile. 
✔️DONE and you didn't even know it 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lead your Life

Take charge of your own life.  YOU are in control.  Change the things you are not happy with.  Stop being lazy, YOU CAN DO IT.

This can apply to all areas of life, not just fitness.  Take the lead of your parenting, being a better husband or wife, friend, worker, sister, aunt and yes of course health too.  Eat better.  Put more effort in your exercise plan if you feel it is just going through the motions.  


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Supplements I Am Currently Taking

Supplements I am currently taking: 

✔️Cellucor *SUPER HD powder. I take this 3x a week as my pre-workout (it is a stimulant/thermogenic) on non-lifting days. It's in powder so you can control the dosage vs a pill. Everyone reacts different to HD so being able to half the scoop or make it a big heaping one is your call. It mixes with water. It is delicious!

✔️Cellucor *ALPHA AMINOS- is powder and mixes with water. I take a scoop daily and drink it during my workouts and it too is deeeelicious! 

✔️ *GARCINIA CAMBOGIA- is a plant. The skin of the plant contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is the substance that produces weight loss effects. I call it my "veggie pill" It is stimulant free. I take 1 capsule 3x a day, 30 mins before my biggest meals of the day. I got the kind I am taking now at Costco. Can be found at all health food stores. 

✔️*APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- I take 2 TBS everyday mixed in with my water and Alpha Aminos. I call it my morning cocktailšŸ¹ I drink it during my workout. 

✔️CELLUCOR *NO EXTREME- I take this 3 days a week for pre-workout on lifting days. 1 scoop first thing when I wake up so it has taken effect by the time I start my workout at the gym. It is creatine free and sugar free. 

✔️CELLUCOR *BCAAs- I take this 3 days a week on lifting days. I mix half a scoop with my "šŸ¹morning cocktail" and drink during my workout. If my muscles feel like they are getting sore as the day goes on from my workout, I will take another scoop later in the day and sip on it. 

✔️CELLUCOR *Whey Protein Powder- I take this daily. Post workout shakes/pancakes/waffles. I may take another scoop for a meal in the same day. I usually add spinach, fruit, egg whites, oats depending on what the powder is being used for. 

✔️*MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL- I take 1 tablet 1x a day with food. I take for immune system, bone health, muscle and nerve function etc. I get it at Costco. 

✔️*FISH OIL- I take 1 soft gel 3x a day to get the recommended 3 grams a day. I take it with a full glass of water after my biggest meals. I get it at Costco. 

✔️*BIOTIN- I take soft gel 1x per day with a meal. For hair, skin, nails. I get it at Costco. 

✔️*5-HTP- I take one tablet 1x per day with food. Promotes calm and relaxed mood. I get it at Costco. 

✔️CELLUCOR *CLK- I take this 3 days a week on my SUPER HD days. They stack great together. I take 1 raspberry soft gel 3x a day with my biggest meals. It is non-stimulant. 

⁉️ Supplements HELP and AID you in a fitness lifestyle. I get results FASTER and I am happy when I take these supps. If you want to know why I take or what one of these supplements do, ask in comments…..

 All Cellucor products can be found on and the coupon code: HALEYA will get you 20% off  and signing in (not checking out as guest) will get your order shipped free! RESULTS MATTER!