Monday, August 31, 2015

Bench Workout 1


BENCH WORKOUT 1:  YES, I have lots of fun workouts coming your way from my backyard to yours.

No equipment needed for this one but your Bod and a bench or even a chair works.

A couple ways to do this workout:

A. Perform each move for 30 seconds.  Rest before starting the next move.  Try not to rest for longer than 1 minute.  Don't forget to work BOTH sides on one sided moves.  When you have done them all, rest completely.  Let your Heart Rate come back to steady.  This is HIIT style training and the best for overall fat loss.  Then repeat.  At Least 5 rounds is ideal and no more than 10 is necessary.


B.  Do each move with set reps.  12 is a good number.  Rest the same as described above.  Repeat each  move 5-10 times.  Bench Workout Part 2 is to come soon.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Commit. Begin. Everything else Follows.

I can't say it enough.  CONSISTENCY is how you do this.

You must first COMMIT; carry out, pledge, devote, apply, give, DEDICATE yourself and don't cheat your commitment.  Then Begin and I promise, EVERYTHING ELSE FOLLOWS.  It's really that easy.  Easier said than done, I know.  But Committing is more than half the battle.

The problem is…..people don't stay in it to win it.  Laziness is laziness.  Lack of desire to do more is just that.  If you just stay in it long enough to start winning, you will realize there is no Game Over.  You will catch a glimpse of a new result on the way in and I bet you stick around to see that result on the way out.

But first COMMIT.
Then Begin.
Everything else Follows.

Home Workouts

Yes, I am all about the gym and those weights.  Most every workout I create is meant for weights and the gym. Which I will always continue to post those workouts.

BUT, with the little extra time on my hands with kids in school, I have been creating workouts/making videos that can be done from home using a bench, chair, basic dumbbells, mat, timer, etc…. Would anyone be interested in these workouts?  Even the goofy-ness of me filming myself?!  At least there will be good tunes.

Some of these mini circuits can be added on to the end of your gym workouts for a quick cardio boost/burnout.  Just wondering your thoughts since some of you don't have gym access and/or do your workouts from home…. I would just like to help anyone in these kind of situations.

The Workout videos will be posted to my INSTAGRAM

Saturday, August 29, 2015

You are NOT a dog…...

You know that saying, "you are not a dog so don't reward yourself with food!" Welp, I did exactly that.

I kicked some major Booty this week by averaging about 750 calories burned at each of my 6 workouts.  I am rewarding myself back those calories, GOSH! #tinacomeeatsomedinner 


#SWEATYSATURDAY with ALLLLLLL these lovely ladies….and they rocked it!  Bring on the weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Chipotle opened 5 minutes from my house….. Here is my 2nd experience with this place.

I tried to make it healthy-er:

Skipped the Cheese
Skipped the Sour Cream

went light on the rice
EXTRA EXTRA Fajita Veggies
and yes, I know the Guac is Extra…. in all areas; extra money, extra calories, extra goodness….. 


Woot Woot for Friday right?!  I have always loved this picture.  Call me crazy but this is so me….I have so much fun working out that I would totally consider this for a date tonight.

Are you a crazy mom that would consider this too?!?  Oh, just me. LOL!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jack It Out



Anywhere….Literally.  Even in a cabinet shop.

Get fancy with the good ol' Jumping Jack exercise.  30 Seconds on/30 Seconds off, going down the list of these 5 Jumping Jack Variations for 5-7 Rounds will have you sweating.

1- Jumping Jack

2- Scissor Jumping Jacks w/ front to back arms

3- Lunge Jump Jumping Jacks

4- Jumping Jack to Burpee

5- Jumping Jack to Curtsy

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


LEGS.  Go HEAVY one time through the list. Go another round if you have the time.

This is just a good all over Lower Body Workout.  Hitting all areas; Quads, Glutes, Low Back, Inner/Outer Thighs and Hamstrings.

Your choice to use a Barbell or Dumbbells.

If you are curious about Deadlifts and Plie Squats --NOT Sumo Squats. There is a difference in how I do Sumo and Plie.  I have videos of 3 different Deadlift Variations and 2 videos of different style of Plie Squats.  Hashtag Search FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on my INSTAGRAM for all my videos OR I am happy to tag you in them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

STOP Nighttime Cravings

STOP Nighttime Cravings

For myself….. I drink a protein shake immediately post gym and  1.5-2 hours after I have a pretty big breakfast.  So before 10:00AM, I have already consumed around 500-750ish calories depending on what was for breakfast.

I find starting out with more calories in my first 3 meals; a good breakfast, a snack and a good size lunch allows me to keep it lighter the last half of my day and I'm not snacky.

When I don't eat like this in the first half of my day, my body runs on empty and it's hard to control my appetite later on. Eat filling meals earlier so you're not as hungry later.

AND, if you're trying to burn fat/lose weight, you have to have a calorie deficiency. What does that mean?  You have to BURN your body's stored calories as an energy source.  So a side effect of that COULD be hunger, but don't let the cause of hunger be because you are cutting too many calories and under eating.

YES, you will be hungry when trying to burn fat.  But if you are consuming enough calories the hunger isn't something unbearable.  There is a difference b/w fueling your body properly and feeling the need for more vs under eating/starving your body.

*TIP:  If you're doing it right, Don't associate hunger with "AHHHHH, I NEED TO EAT!" but instead correlate hunger with "THIS IS MY BODY BURNING FAT"

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mint Chocolate Chip

I've never been a Mint Person.  Mint candy, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mint Ice Cream etc…. However, this has been my new FAVORITE protein powder from Cellucor.  Just Deeeeelish!
I drink a protein shake everyday when I get home from the gym and sometimes before the gym and before bed.  This has been my go to for a while.  Cinnamon Swirl is another fabulous flavor too.

In this shake:

1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
Handful of frozen spinach leaves
1 Banana
1 Scoop COR WHEY protein powder from Cellucor.

You can get 25% off your purchases every time  on with my code: HALEYA 

MONDAY Morning Wake Up

Monday Morning Wake Up:

Perform Each Exercise in the list for 30 Seconds.  Take 15 Seconds to recover and get ready for the next exercise.  Doing it this way you're always starting the next exercise on the :15, :30, :45 or top of the minute mark…..which keeps it easy to keep track of.  I just start a timer and let it run.

Rest one full minute or longer if needed at the end of each round.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Be Motivated


Each of us have made it to some point big or small in our own journey that no one else will understand  the road we took to get there.

No one knows what we each face behind closed doors.  Yet some of us continue to fight each day despite how overwhelming things seem to be.

Allow yourself the PRIVILEGE of being motivated by those who are AHEAD, and those who are BEHIND.  INSPIRE those who are now where you used to be, seek inspiration from those who are where you want to be.

We all got there one way or another and that is something to be SUPPORTIVE of.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

100 Yard Ladder Run

#SWEATYSATURDAY was just that!  I have been waiting all Summer for those dang numbers/yard lines to show up on the FB field.

We did track workout 6 and finished with what seemed a lot funner in my mind than it actually was….. 100 yard ladder run on the FB field.  Yep, run to the 5 yard line, back to the end zone, run to the 10 yard line, back to the end zone, run to the 15 and back….. you get the idea.

At the 15 yard line I thought, "Haley you are an idiot!" But we busted out the last 85 yards.  When it was over it was such an awarding feeling.  


Friday, August 21, 2015

Saturday 7am

Tomorrow in the Bruin Bowl at 7AM, I will be rocking out to: TRACK Workout 6.

You can check that one out back in my feed.  There is also a video of all moves involved in it that you can find under   #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on INSTAGRAM--It's labeled 'TAKE IT TO THE TRACK 6"  If it looks like something you would like to try, I would love to have anyone and everyone join me.

Here is the Full Workout-- TRACK WORKOUT #6

It does involve lunges up the stairs which is the blame for that awesome bruise on my shin….. but hey, at least that is proof that I get low in my lunge.

 Have a great weekend!  

Another reason to AVOID the scale

Another reason to avoid the scale

A hard workout increases your metabolism, often resulting in a small increase in total body water.

I would never step on that thing the day after leg day…. If you're sore.  Have stiff legs.  Have a hard time sitting on the toilet…… when this happens your legs lose definition.  Have you ever put on jeans post leg day or day after?  Ya, you start questioning your diet but that's not usually the case.

Reason for the loss of definition/tight pants, is your body is retaining water in the muscles to help them recover.  A person can easily hold 3-6lbs of water depending on the soreness and size of the muscles. 

Water is a necessary component of rebuilding muscles and stabilizing the body after a workout.  The body stores water in the muscles and cells as part of the recovery process.

So don't freak out when you train legs to trim them up and they actually look bigger the next day.  They are RECOVERING!  

AND, if you must weigh…do it once a week, the day after your day off.  That will also help keep your day off in check.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015


a little #TBT to my weekend workouts without a gym for miles and nothing but dirt.
All you need for this one is a TIMER and some drive to WANT a good workout.  Trust me, you'll be loving the way you feel when this one is over.  You can do this in a gym and add weight if you want.  I did this in the dirt with nothing but myself.

1 round at 60 seconds for each exercise in the list.  THEN, repeat the list but doing exercises this time  for 45 seconds.  And FINALLY, a round for 30 seconds per exercise.

Just a littleFYI on ALL of my workouts.  I never throw exercises down in any random order and say have at it.  I put them in a certain order for a reason and a purpose.  I like HIIT style workouts.  Raise the heart rate and then let it relax a bit, repeat.  I also like to burnout muscles where I can.

For example: Squats followed up with Squat Jumps and the same for Lunges and Lunge Jumps...Those kind of combos are killer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I had an absolute blast over the last 10 weeks at the TRACK.  I loved my personal results from all the sprints and plyos.  I was so pumped when followers from coast to coast would message me, tag me, email, comment, etc., about doing my track workouts.

Here is just small handful of pictures from you guys! So AWESOME!  Thanks so much for letting me throw workouts at you and being so willing to try them out.  I hope you loved it as much as I did.

A few friends and I are going to be doing 'take it to the TRACK' workouts on Saturday's at the  MVHS Bruin Bowl in Orem. Times will vary but it will be in the AM.  I will post the time Friday when we know.  We would love to have you.

The 'take it to the TRACK' Workout 6 is on our agenda.  So go back in my feed and check it out and the video of all exercises in it…. if it looks like one you would like to try, then please come!!! I'm happy to tag you if you can't find it.     

the 100 on Down……Arms workout

the '100 on Down……ARMS' workout:

Your arms consist of your Biceps, Shoulders and Triceps.  So, your Chest and Back get left out on this one.  Which leaves them to train another day, YAY!  You have a baby set of 10 push-ups, since push-ups are a great all over arm exercise.  But when I use a push-up in my routine, I mainly use them  to target Chest.

So like the '100 on Down…LEGS' workout I posted last week, this one is done the same way.  One time through.

Use Dumbbells for every exercise. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Try something new

It's so Freeing and Empowering to start a new kind of workout.  Whether it be Yoga, Dance, Spinning, Swimming, Weight Training, Whatever---come into it without any expectations of yourself, totally open.

Being a Beginner is a POWERFUL place to start. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Too lazy to Adult

When I'm just too lazy to 'ADULT' --paper bowl, paper spoon, cottage cheese, wheat thins, pickles…..weird combo I know….. and no, I am not pregnant!

Monday Morning Wake Up

Rise and Shine….. here is a MONDAY MORNING WAKE UP if ya need/want it:

3-5 times through this and you'll be feeling it and sweat in'

Each Exercise is followed by a set of Active Rest.  The goal is to flow from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.  When you finish your ab set, lay there and catch your breath for a minute or two and start it again when you feel ready.

Add weights if you want for the squats and lunges.  Body weight is great too.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Change What You Can't Accept

Some things about our bodies we just can't change…. for me: stretch marks, scars, pregnancy battle wounds and the fact that I have the most unwanted grey hair creeping in on me every day all day.  I can't change any of those kinds of things about myself.  So I just accept them.  Cover them up with fun workout clothes and a good root touch up and just Keep On Keepin' On.

BUT, I REFUSE to accept being out of shape, getting weak, allowing my body to age past 25, not being able to keep up with my kids.  AND, like I'm just supposed to accept my trouble areas, I don't think so.

So, Accept the things you can't change- Change What You Can't Accept. 

Red Canyon, Dixie National Forest

Utah, you are a Good Time! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

You can't even see me

I am pretty sneaky……..

Of course I wore clothes for #SWEATYSATURDAY under my hunting gear!

10 Sprints up that Hill and that ought to do it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

My OWN sack lunch

One last HOO-RAH for the weekend before school starts…..speaking of school:  All this school shopping and sack lunch talking had me wanting my OWN sack lunch, GOSH!!!

String Cheese
Justins Snack Pack
Good2Go Bar

Unexpected Visitors

Had some fun unexpected visitors/cheerleaders today at the Finale Track Workout!

We showed them how to get loooooow and they showed us how to hit!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Freakin' Leg Day

(repeat) Every damn time.

That Leg Day will always sneak up on ya and get you the days after.  If you are going to try the '100 on down Legs' workout I posted this morning, you may want to prepare yourself to go through these stages!! 

the '100 on Down'……… LEGS

the '100 on Down….LEGS' workout:

ONE time through the list and you're done.  It doesn't matter how you go about tackling some of those reps just as long as you do all reps for the given exercise.  Break the reps up with breaks or move on to another and go back and finish what is left,  etc……

Challenge yourself on the weights where you can.  You can always lighten up the load as the reps go on.  AND- just using your Body Weight where needed is awesome too.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 10

My Goal was to make TEN track workouts and WE MADE IT!  I am taking a favorite exercise/circuit  from each TW and making 'take it to the TRACK' workout 10 out of them.  Which may be the FUNNEST one yet or the HARDEST…?? Come do this very last TW with me this Friday 6AM Mountain View HS Bruin Bowl.

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 10:

WARM UP: Run 1 Lap
Sprint SA.  Walk Back
10 Lunge Knee Hops ea. Leg
Lunges Up the Stairs
run down the stairs
Sprint Up the Stairs
Sprint the SA
Walk the Curve
Sprint the SA
Walk the Curve
High Skips 1/2 way
High Knee Run 1/2 way
Lt. Grapevines 1/2 way
Rt. Grapevines 12 way
Run one side of stadium stairs
50 Walking lunges on the SA back
1-Minute Plank
TW6: (make a square)
Bleacher Hops up
Travel Squats across
Bleacher Hops down
Travel Squats down
Bleacher Plank Toe Taps x12 ea. leg
Diagonal Lunges Up Bleachers
10- 180 Squat Jumps: front to back =1
Diagonal Squat Climb Down
15 bleacher tricep dips
15 bleacher push ups
10- 3 Pulse Lunge Jumps ea. leg
Sprint the SA
Reverse Walking Lunges 1/2 way
Backwards Jog the other 1/2
Low Travel Squats Up stairs
50 Bleacher Toe Taps
Low Travel Squats Down stairs
50 High Knee Run
For the Finale, If you have the crew to do it, INDIAN RUN!!!
I know the workouts look long, but if you have ever came to TW with me, you know they go by very fast.

***Repeat the Entire List until you run out of time OR choose your favorite circuits and do a few more sets.

TW= Track Workout.  The number indicates which track workout the exercises are from.  That is also where you will find the videos of the moves.  Videos are posted after each 'take it to the TRACK' workout back in my feed.  Find them in the hashtag search: #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on my>> instagram OR I am happy to tag you! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Balls

We are talking BACK today, since I posted a BACK selfie this morning.

Ok, in all seriousness, let me introduce you to my balls…..LOL.

About a month ago, I noticed my low back was tight and giving me a lot of grief even just to sit.  So after a deep (painful) tissue massage, my back felt AMAZING!  After that I knew I needed something deep like that massage that I could do every day on my own to get my back to feeling good again.

My foam roller is fabulous but getting deep in that low back area along your spine is hard to get to on a foam roller.  These 2 tennis balls have been giving me lots of lovin'.   I have been rolling on them before every workout and my back has improved to almost 100%.  I did start with golf balls in a tube sock…..holy DEEEEEEP and painful, if you can hack it.

I lay on the floor and place my low back right over the T-balls, so they are rolling up and down both sides of my spine.  Tightness is about gone.  Feels soooooo good.  In case anyone is having low back issues, try it out! 

Whats going on BACK there

THUMBS UP…...sometimes you just have to look and see what's going on BACK there.

My favorite exercise for Upper Back/Lats: Lat Pull Downs, Straight Arm Lat Pulldown and Pullovers

Middle Back: Seated Cable Row and One Arm DB Rows

Low Back: Hyperextensions, BB Deadlifts and Good Mornings

Monday, August 10, 2015


This is how I see much of my next 12 Weeks going…….

more like, was that 7 sets or 10?!?  BYU Bod Pod, I'm coming for ya!!

Monday Calorie Burn


Here is a Quick Workout you can do anywhere.  Use just your Body Weight or Add some weight where needed.  Set a timer and just go.  
REPEAT the list 4 TIMES  
20 Minutes and you're done  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

You Never Lose

This is the great thing about living this lifestyle.  You NEVER lose.  You find out what works and what doesn't.  Eventually you WILL win some.  And sometimes it becomes a learning experience but never a loss.


There will be days where you want to give everything up.  Nobody is motivated 24/7.  It's okay to feel down.  But when we are down is the best moment to get back up.  I think we all know what comes out of staying down for too long……...REGRET!  So get up and go win!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Will Hand Stand for LuLuLemon

When the Honey says you can go in @lululemon NO limit, ONLY IF you pull off a handstand in the middle of Park City, Main St........well duh! 


Sweaty Saturday in beautiful Utah

There's just no way to not end up having a Fabulous #SWEATYSATURDAY in the Summer when you live in Utah!  Love these girls and where I live!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Wet T-Shirt Contest

A little Hand Stand/Wet T-Shirt Contest in the rain for the #NOEXCUSES group this AM at the TRACK….

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Just having myself a Re-Feed/Cheat/Treat Meal….whatever they are called these days ( I try for a couple per week ).  I hope that High School TRACK is ready for me in the morning…. cause I'm ready.

Chilis Sweet & Smoky Burger:

Pepper Jack Cheese

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Spiced Panko Onion Rings

Mango Infused BBQ Sauce

and I went with Broccoli instead of Fries


So Legs…..

So Legs….. My Trouble Area.

I have learned to appreciate my legs more than ever!  For what they are WORTH and not for how they LOOK.  Especially over the last 9 weeks of 'take it to the TRACK' workouts.  I have made lots of progress with those Sprints and Plyos<---they are no joke.

Never thought I would learn to love my "Thunder Thighs" ..…. as my high school guy friends made fun of me for them.  Which I'm pretty sure they are bigger now than they were back then since Squats and Lunges were non existent at 16.

My legs walk me through hard things!  Because of them, I can do what I love!  #thunderthighs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

take it to the TRACK workout #9

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout #9

WARM UP: Run 1 Lap
2 Sets of Each:
Reverse Lunge to Front Kicks x10 ea. leg
Push up to Pike x10
Sprint the SA, Walk Back
Stair Sprint Up/Walk Down x3

3 Rounds:
Low Travel Squats Up Stairs
High Knee Run x50 at the top
Low Travel Squat Down Stairs
Butt Kicks x50 at the bottom
Run one Lap

2 Sets of Each:
Traveling Lunge Jumps x20
Sumo Squat w/ a Knee Up X10 ea. leg
Sprint the SA, Walk Back
Stair Sprint Up/Walk Down x3

3 Rounds:
Diagonal Lunge to Side Lunge Up Stairs
Plank Jack to Knee Tuck x10 at the top
Uneven Alternating Squats, Down Stairs
Plank Jack to Knee Tuck x10 at the bottom
 Run one Lap

2 Sets of Each:
2 Lunge Jumps to 2 Speed Skaters x10
Lateral Hops x10
Sprint SA, Walk Back
Stair Sprint Up/Walk Down x3

3 Rounds:
Bleacher Jumps to 3 Squats
Tricep Dips X15
Sprint Up the hill x3 -If you have no hill then Sprint up the stairs. 

 The 'Uneven Alternating Squats' were posted in the TRACK workout 8 video. 

Video 1-->This Video Collage and one other go with the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 9 I posted this morning. These track workouts are coming to an end….so if you are in the Utah County area, come join me ( I have had new faces show up every time ) for the most fun workout you will have.  We laugh, have bloopers, talk and you don't even realize you are getting your booty kicked until you wake up the next day…..LOL.  Friday 6am, Mountain View HS Bruin Bowl and it's FREE. 

We take a 5 minute drive afterwards and soak our legs in the Provo River.  So bring a towel and flip flops if you want.  Believe it or not, It's actually the best part of the morning.

Here are 7 Exercises involved in the workout.

From Left to Right to Bottom:

Reverse Lunge to Front Kick
Push-Up to Pike

Traveling Lunge Jumps
Sumo Squat w/ a Knee Up

Low Travel Squats Up Stairs
High Knee Run
Butt Kicks

Here are the other 6 Exercises involved in the workout.

From Left to Right to Bottom:

Diagonal Lunge to Lateral Lunge
Plank Jack to Knee Tuck

Bleacher Jumps to 3 Squats
Hill Sprints

2 Lunge Jumps to 2 Speed Skaters
Lateral Hops

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows with a bit of HAMSTRINGS

Next time you do these…….. Lean Forward with the weight for a good stretch in those hamstrings and low back and then pull the weight back to perform your row.  Kind of a similar movement to a Romanian Deadlift.  TRUST ME, you will feel these the next day.
This video has been sped up a bit to show more reps.

Monday, August 3, 2015

I Can't Even

probably the ONLY time I will ever say, "I Can't Even!"  but seriously, CAN YOU EVEN?!? I found these babies @target  It's Snack Pack Time! @justins  #snacksfordays 

Endless Possibilities:

School Lunches
Long trips in the car
In Bed
Your Back Pack
My Fanny Pack
When it's raining
The Pool
The Park
Midnight Snack
On a Hike
Boating-- take me with you
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
and Snacks in Between

They will be the most convenient little snack you ever did pack.

Sparkle and Hustle

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you!  Go get your Hustle on.

I have an exercise tip coming with a Video on how you can target more than just your back when performing a Seated Cable Row. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

You're still way ahead

I LOVE this.

Fitness is not easy.  It takes hard work with a lot of commitment.

I have had comments left on my IG saying, "you make it look so easy!" Things that look easy were once hard for me.  I just never gave up and faked it until I made it….. you have to start somewhere.  I am doing things NOW that are NOT easy, but one day they will be.

I know that Fitness isn't every ones cup of tea.  But, If you are trying….. be PROUD of that.  Whatever your style of fitness is, I know it takes guts.

Love every mistake you make along the way and even embrace that slow progress.
Just remember, you're still way ahead!

Because it's Sunday

Because it's Sunday.  Because it's Rest Day.  And because BALANCE.  80/20 is the BEST life……

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Working on my Handstand

Happy #SWEATYSATURDAY to you from St. George, Utah!!

 I decided to bag the gym down here in St. George and get creative for #sweatysaturday outdoors with my workout!  AND, there is this awesome set of stairs at the park nearby our house.

HOW THIS ONE IS DONE: the 12 to 5 Workout

Do each exercise in the list for 12 reps
then move to the next round doing reps of 11
then 10
then get the idea.  Go until you reach reps of 5.

I threw in 3 sets of running the stairs ( run up, walk down ) after I completed the list before I started the next round.

You can do this workout anywhere.  The stairs were just extra credit since I'm 104% sure I'll enjoy some treat meals today.  If you don't have access to stairs, you could go for a 3-5 minute run after each round.  Or do nothing at all, the workout alone is a butt kicker!