Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 10

My Goal was to make TEN track workouts and WE MADE IT!  I am taking a favorite exercise/circuit  from each TW and making 'take it to the TRACK' workout 10 out of them.  Which may be the FUNNEST one yet or the HARDEST…?? Come do this very last TW with me this Friday 6AM Mountain View HS Bruin Bowl.

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 10:

WARM UP: Run 1 Lap
Sprint SA.  Walk Back
10 Lunge Knee Hops ea. Leg
Lunges Up the Stairs
run down the stairs
Sprint Up the Stairs
Sprint the SA
Walk the Curve
Sprint the SA
Walk the Curve
High Skips 1/2 way
High Knee Run 1/2 way
Lt. Grapevines 1/2 way
Rt. Grapevines 12 way
Run one side of stadium stairs
50 Walking lunges on the SA back
1-Minute Plank
TW6: (make a square)
Bleacher Hops up
Travel Squats across
Bleacher Hops down
Travel Squats down
Bleacher Plank Toe Taps x12 ea. leg
Diagonal Lunges Up Bleachers
10- 180 Squat Jumps: front to back =1
Diagonal Squat Climb Down
15 bleacher tricep dips
15 bleacher push ups
10- 3 Pulse Lunge Jumps ea. leg
Sprint the SA
Reverse Walking Lunges 1/2 way
Backwards Jog the other 1/2
Low Travel Squats Up stairs
50 Bleacher Toe Taps
Low Travel Squats Down stairs
50 High Knee Run
For the Finale, If you have the crew to do it, INDIAN RUN!!!
I know the workouts look long, but if you have ever came to TW with me, you know they go by very fast.

***Repeat the Entire List until you run out of time OR choose your favorite circuits and do a few more sets.

TW= Track Workout.  The number indicates which track workout the exercises are from.  That is also where you will find the videos of the moves.  Videos are posted after each 'take it to the TRACK' workout back in my feed.  Find them in the hashtag search: #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on my>> instagram OR I am happy to tag you! 

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