Friday, January 27, 2017

Run and Arms

*Run and Arms:

I love cardio but I love weights more..... so sometimes when I feel like doing both I multitask.  This is very easy to follow.  Do the run ( aggressively ) then do 2 sets of the weighted exercises. Take a 30-60 second break between those sets.  Go heavy!  ENJOY! 

Monday, January 23, 2017


Monday Morning Wake Up

I posted all of these exercises within the last week or so back in my feed.

Do 4 rounds of each set.  Complete all 4 rounds before moving on to the next set.  Be sure to do all reps that involve 2 sides for Curtsy Lunge to Goblet Squat is 12 each side or Glider Mountain Climbers would be 20 each side.

Rest as needed.  Drink water.  Happy Monday

Monday, January 2, 2017


Here we go!!!! MMWU:  Happy New Year!  There can't be a better day for a 'MMWU'.  I did a workout very similar to this on New Years Eve.  I love these kind of workouts.  I set myself up a space on the floor near a treadmill with everything I need.

Anyway, do 3 incline sprints, THEN hit the floor for the strength circuit.  Repeat everything 5-7x.

I like my incline at 10% and speed at 9.0mph.  It's only 20 seconds and you get 40 secs to catch your breath.... so go for it!