Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I walked by the manikin on the right when I was in Las Vegas staying at Mandalay Bay.  Of course it caught my eye and I stopped to take a picture….then I thought to myself, "I am such a nerd for noticing this!"  Look at those muscles and great legs!  Kind of a different look for a manikin than what we are use to.  The manikin on the left, I found on a Google search is what we typically see right?! 


Monday, September 29, 2014

If You Are Not Exhausted At the End of Your Workout, You're Doing It Wrong! FALSE….

If You Are Not Exhausted At the End of Your Workout, You're Doing It Wrong! 

You know that saying, "If you still look pretty at the end of your workout you're doing it wrong?!" Now that statement I agree! I rarely leave the gym without a red face, bead of sweat rolling off my chin and wet hair…..not a pretty sight!  However, I DISAGREE with this, "If you are not exhausted at the end of your workout you're doing it wrong!"

 I don't think it's the best idea to work out so hard that you are completely exhausted and on the verge of vomiting.  You shouldn't feel like a slacker if you are not huffing, puffing, suffering and feeling miserable during your workout!  That just doesn't even sound enjoyable.  I like to challenge myself and work up a sweat, huff and puff here and there, but I never do it to the point I am miserable.  Fatigue and exhaustion is not a marker for a successful workout.

I prefer to function and feel alive for the rest of my day after a workout.  I definitely push myself and make the workout worth my time for sure.  I do just enough that I feel good about what I accomplished and that the workout made me a better and stronger person.  We shouldn't focus on wearing ourselves out with every workout.  You should focus and ask yourself at the end of every workout-

Did I challenge myself?

Did I change myself?

Did I improve myself to be a better me?

THAT is what really matters!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rule #1……..

Rule Number One: 

Never Skip A Monday!

I don't know what it is about missing a Monday workout but it sure can mess up your fitness plan.  A Monday workout sets the tone for my week and heads me in the right direction.  From past skipped Monday experiences, it leads me to not doing so well in the kitchen that day, which leads to no motivation and a 1/2 effort workout Tuesday with a 1/2 effort job in the kitchen, which leads to a missed Wednesday workout and no effort in the kitchen and so forth. I also do not know why, but I can never start a diet/workout plan etc…. any day but on a Monday.  I don't do middle of the week and for sure won't start on a weekend day, but that's just me.  I know they all say just pick up where you left off or get back on track with your next meal…..easier said than done.  I know me, and RULE #1-


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweaty Saturday

Not a dry spot left on my T-Shirt.  Taking off a sweaty sports bra is the worst!!!  any my braid was actually a braid when I started.


Friday, September 26, 2014


I LOOOOOVE cardio!  A lot of people do not like it.  I love to lift first and then I can't wait to start cardio.  I don't do long 45-60min steady cardio, hardly ever.  Occasionally I will do 20-20-20 on three different cardio machines and play around with resistance, speeds, miles and inclines but never just hop on a treadmill or stair master and go steady for an hour.  I like the fast and out of breath challenging kind…..call me CRAZY!  But it just does goodness for my soul, LOL!


Incline 10.0%-Speed 3.5mph- 1-minute walk

Rest 30 secs. Leave incline at 10.0% and set speed to run

Run at your speed for 1-minute

Rest 30 seconds.  Leave incline and set speed to 1.5-2.0

Lunges for 1-minute

Rest 30 seconds- leave incline and increase speed to shuffle

Side shuffle left at a speed you can handle for 30 secs. (stay low)

Rest 30 seconds

Side shuffle right at a speed you can handle for 30 secs. (stay low)

Repeat the circuit as needed.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great Feedback on this Leg Workout

Anyone else save lowerbody workout for Fridays?  I do! The weekend is here, last day of school and I wake with no snoozes.  Just full of happy energy which is a good day to use on leg/glutes day.

 I have been getting awesome feedback on this workout and I remember how much it kicked my butt so I think I will give it another go!

All you need for this workout is a spot in your house or corner in the gym, a set of Dumbbells, THAT IS IT! I use 15lbs, hold onto to those DBs the ENTIRE time, going from one exercise to next with no rest, if you can.  Rest/Hydrate after the last exercise, and repeat the workout at least one more time....Third times a charm! 

To see this workout in a little bigger picture go HERE


$0.98 shirt turned into Workout Top

Thank You Old Navy for my $0.98 ARMY STRONG Tee.  First off- Grey is my favorite color in Tees!  For two- couldn't pass on a $0.98 Tee shirt.  For three- it was calling for me to make it into a workout shirt since it was the only one left and a size L.  I couldn't pass it up!  

I lifted biceps and shoulders on this day and I swear seeing the word 'STRONG' in the mirror as I lifted pressured me to live up to its meaning.  I had a major muscle pump going on when I got home ;)

I have a step-by-step on my IG on how to make a workout tank out of a Tee.

Or go to Pinterest and search DIY workout Tees for more ideas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thank You YogurtLand

I just wanted to say THANKYOU to Yogurtland of Orem for hosting my ladies day out!  It was so nice of you to reach out to me and other fitness related IG pages who have a small obsession with your place and host our date.  

I would like to give thanks back and PAY IT FORWARD by GIVING AWAY a package of my favorite Cellucor goodies: 

*4 Serving Whey Protein Powder of your choice: RED VELVET or  MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP
*Pre-Workout- C4
*and my favorite Recovery/Hydration Supp- Alpha Aminos



If you have a #yogurtland near you, be the first person to comment below the right answer to 'what was the MAIN TOPPING in my cup of froyo?' and you WILL WIN!!!

Sorry @chelseasfitness411 and @sfloyd22 no commenting for you since you were my dates and saw all my froyo goodness!



to be apart of future giveaways!

@1%Fitness- Meal Prep Services

  We all know that nutrition is 80% of the battle and the other 20% is what we do physically for exercise.  Maybe those numbers are a little more, little less give or take but you know what I mean.  I have got the working out part down pretty good, it's the KITCHEN that I suck at.  Not that I hate eating a healthier meal, I love veggies and all things good for us.  I SUCK preparing and cooking.  Because of this, I under eat and my body clings to calories.  I am a very firm believer in eating as many healthy calories as possible.  For myself I should be eating 2000+ calories a day!!  None of this 1200-1500 calorie crap!  That is why my body tends to Yo-Yo so easily. I'm always in calorie deficit so when I do eat a larger meal/splurge a bit my body clings. 

I have gone back and forth, on and off about ordering meals through a company on the East coast that I found on Instagram that does meal preps and delivers.  I thought how nice would it be to have 2-3 meals already prepared for me everyday!?! 

So by word of mouth from the cute @kburgi1 I was told about this 1% Fitness out of Sandy, Utah that does meal prep services.  I followed them on IG- @1percentfitness and their Facebook page www.facebook.com/1percentfitness  ( 1%Fitness and my name got mentioned and next thing I know I was contacted.

@paulware22 was so nice to deliver me some fresh meals in a cooler bag that were prepped and weighed in a professional kitchen.  All the meals are labeled with a day/breakfast, lunch or dinner.  That empty container in the picture was healthy lasagna with a mashed sweet potato.  It was delicious!  They also offer:

Spicy chicken w/cauliflower mash
Breakfast McMuffin w/spinach
Chicken w/ spaghetti squash and veggies
Turkey quinoa chili
Turkey meatloaf
and more…...

If you are at all interested you can contact Rob Molling and Amanda Junkets about their services and prices at 801-833-5383 or email at: 1percentfitness1@gmail.com.

***If you want to try out these meals, be sure to mention "PAUL" when you place your order for 20% OFF your first go at 1%Fitness Meals.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Core Work

Ready for a Full Body Workout? My friends over on IG:

And myself have teamed up to give you a workout you can do at home or at the gym. First you will start here @haleya_fit_happens doing CORE work, then you will head on over to ➡️ @healthyyouhappyyou  to see the next muscle exercise and where to go next!  Fun and easy and you will have a great workout!

๐Ÿ˜… Let us know how your workout goes!  #fitnesstag #tagyouareit

***complete each ab exercise for 1 minute, 3-4x - OR do 5 sets of 15 reps.  Don't forget on the plank exercise to do 15 on each side if you choose do reps instead of 1 minute #fithappens

LOL…..That picture may be more awkward than my bathroom selfies!!

Sweet Potato Crackers from Costco

I really really wanted to like these and hoped that they were as healthy as they sound!  When I saw these at Costco, I was super happy when I read the box…..I LOVE sweet potatoes and even better a sweet potato cracker!?!  I would much rather grab a handful of these when I am snacky instead of a handful of chips or cheezits (guilty).

So I bought them.  And I was let down.  For one, they don't taste like sweet potato AT ALL.  Like hardly even a trace of sweet potato flavor :(  They basically taste like a corn chip.  And of course they do, the first ingredient listed is: Stone Ground Yellow Corn.  Not the best thing in the world for humans to munch on. If you are going to make a cracker called "3 seed SWEET POTATO cracker" then sweet potato better be the main ingredient and it better taste like a sweet potato!!! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Today is the first day of Fall!!  I am so ready for the mild weather and layers :)  Goodbye Summer!

These are mid summer progress pictures of the last 4 years.  I know my body best and have made small improvements each year.  For what?  Nothing in particular, just life.  Having pictures to compare to is great and a great reminder to see how far I have come and to keep my best self close by.  Do my best to keep up on my fitness.  Improve in areas and become better.

ALWAYS expect more out of yourself and never settle.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cellucor Wins AGAIN!

At the Olympia is when @bodybuilding.com awards supplement companies with the top choices for best supps. Cellucor took home 'Exclusive Product of the Year' for C4 Extreme Mojito AND my personal favorite, SuperHD for 'Fat Loss Supplement of the Year' These are such HUGE awards to receive considering all the different Supplement companies out there who have pre-workouts and fat burners!!! CONGRATULATIONS @cellucor I couldn't be more proud to be apart of such a great supplement company.

don't forget you now get 25% off your purchases and free ship when you sign in- coupon code for that is- HALEYA

I prefer SuperHD in powder VS the capsule. WHY?? The taste- mmmm mmmmm, Strawberry Lemonade is my favorite -it gets to work faster -and I like that you can control the dosage. Hope you all can try out this amazing product! 

50th Olympia…..I flexed with Chady Dunmore :)

My trip to Las Vegas was fabulous!  I attended the BIGGEST bodybuilding show expo of the year.  It was more than I imagined!  I didn't even get through the whole expo in 2hours before I had to be a good wife and leave to catch my husbands Softball game.  He played in the Worlds Softball tournament in Vegas and it just happened to be the same weekend of the "O."  In the 2 hours I was there with over half the booths that I still did not get to visit, my goodie bag was so heavy that I ended up carrying it out to the car like a baby in my arms to relieve my fingers.  I got a whole bunch of samples, bottles, drink and shirts/tanks.  So fun!! I saw a lot of fitness people I have followed for years who motivate me and inspire me to keep on doing what I love.  I got to see my favorite Amanda Latona and others.  The only gal I did not get to see and only because she was absent was Ashley Horner!

and then this happened…….   

I FLEXED in the IAMFITMISS booth with one of my most favorites…. CHADY DUNMORE!

You can follow her for motivation and inspiration on her personal IG @chadyd

Find her and Ashley Horner over on @foreverfitmoms

And my most favorite account where Chady post several workouts daily can be found on @iamfitmiss

I Don't Always Wear Normal Clothes…...

I don't always wear normal clothes and have clean fresh smell good hair but when I do, It's only for 2 hours and I can't wait to change gears and get sweaty ;)

Dress- Forever21

Be ahead of the Game…..Prepare!

Being prepared with healthy snacks while Traveling in the car and staying in hotels doesn't have to be hard to stay on track, unless you make it hard. Always go into it ahead of the game.  Having snacks on hand when I get snacky in the car and in the hotel room can be a life saver! I'm on vacation, so of course restaurants and treats are happening and they should happen! But winning in areas that I CAN, I WILL! 
From top to bottom: 
veggie crisps-yellow & purple sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, taro, and green beans 
almond butter
turkey jerky
string cheese
rice cakes 
and when you are on the road with kids and they want McDonalds Hot Cakes, you opt for the Egg White Delight-250 cals, 7g fat, 18g protein, 32g carb the only thing not great is the sodium. 
And last,  g2gbar AKA LIFE SAVER!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Side Lunge With a Weight Plate

Head on over to my Instagram @haleya_fit_happens and push PLAY on this video to see this exercise in action.  

This is the side lunge holding a plate to your chest.  I am holding a 25lb plate.  The bench behind you is to help you get low in that lunge to really target those Glutes, quads and inner/outer thighs.  

Your goal on this move is to be able to touch your butt/leg to the bench behind you as you lunge down.  Don't forget to do the other side :)


Lower EVERYTHING Workout

This workout left me sore all over the lower body.  Mainly my Glutes and Inner thighs.  Try and rest very little between sets.  Keep that heart rate up.  

I held 20 pound DBs (dumbbells) in each hand for:  Curtsy Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Walking Lunges.

For side lunges, I held a 25 pound weight plate for two sets and a 35 pound plate on my last set.  Hold the plate to your chest, like you are giving it a hug.  Have a bench near you that you can try and touch your butt to or get as low as you can to as you do all lunges on one side and then switch sides.  ***I will be posting a video of this exercise to my Instagram: @haleya_fit_happens***

For the Static Lunge, I held a 40 pound BB (barbell).  This is a lunge in place with your feet never moving until it's time to switch legs.  So get in a lunge position, and go up and down, up and down, staying in a lunge.  I held the BB under my front knee.  It helps to lean over a bit and extend up as far as the bar will let you.  Remember to never let your front knee go beyond your toes. 

Do both exercises back to back, 3 times, before moving to the next pair of exercises.

*Reps are by 12.  So that means, 12 reps for each leg.

Cardio on this day I did the following:
1-Minute Jump Rope
1-Minute Sprint on Treadmill (speed 8.5mph) 

Bodybuilding.com or Google are great places to search for better understanding of what an exercise is.



Monday, September 15, 2014

More $avings For You!


I'm so pumped to say that the code "HALEYA" will now get you 25% OFF your favorite products at www.cellucor.com You can't beat that!  You also get FREE shipping when you sign in.  It's easy to phone in your orders as well: 866.927.9686

If you Kinda Sorta Try…...

Give 100% this week and see how you feel….. I kinda bet you will LOVE the results!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I was washing off my sweaty mug with my Clarisonic Mia ( if you don't have one of these, GET ONE!  You thought you were cleaning your face good until you washed with one of these.  It's what I'm holding in my hand ) after a leg workout this morning and my Mia had me flexin' and not on purpose so I took a bathroom selfie ;)  It's #FLEX_FRIDAY anyway so I went with it!!

G2G Protein Bar

FABULOUS NEWS!! The awesome people over @g2gbar are offering my followers and your followers and their followers 25% Off  your order at:  G2G BARS  At checkout enter the
CODE: "Fit" 
for your savings.  Be sure to spread this Fabulous news and tell your friends!  This offer runs this weekend: Friday the 12th - Sunday the 14th.

These bars are my favorite! I can't even bring myself to eat another Quest bar or any protein bar after having these! The G2G bars are:

-completely natural, 99% lactose-free, and use many organic ingredients.

-contain no refined sugar; instead they are sweetened with honey, brown rice syrup, and coconut crystals.

-they contain flax seed and coconut oil, and are flavored with cinnamon and vanilla.

-high in protein from whey isolate, peanut and almond butters, (freshly ground) and oats.
-tastes AMAZING!!!

FREE shipping on orders over $100

If you are thinking, "how in the world would I eat $100 worth of protein bars?!"  Trust me, you do! They are that delicious.  I keep mine in our spare freezer in the garage and take a bar out when I know I'm going to need one ( which is almost everyday ). And P.S. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is my FAVORITE! Go get you some. 

CODE: "Fit" at checkout


Thursday, September 11, 2014

VS Ultimate Yoga Leggings

When I find something great and that I LOVE I always feel I should share it along.  Thanks to my big sis for introducing me.  These Victoria Secret Ultimate leggings from their 'PINK' collection are AMAZING!  The fabric first and foremost is the best part, they are sturdy, hold you in and are flattering on, I love the thick waist band( I like to Steve Urkel my workout pants) which the waistband also has a little pocket, they feel a lot like LuluLemon pants but don't cost $92-$118+ dollars. They are 1/2 the price and I like them on me better than lulu's- ( I own 1 pair of lulu pants and I even get a discount in this store. The pair I own were on the sale rack that still cost more than than the full price of the Ultimate Leggings.  Lulu pants just do not look good on me and that's ok because I actually like these ones a lot better).  Pink has several 'Yoga' type leggings, crop pants, etc....and these are not the ones I'm talking about!  They are the 'ULTIMATE YOGA LEGGING' they need to say ULTIMATE.  They have many different colors, prints and some are even reversible!!

I'm so bummed, last weekend I ordered me another pair (the picture in the bottom right) and now they are running a promo thru Monday which is a FREE perfect legging Tee (your choice in color) with any Ultimate yoga purchase, CODE: PINKYOGA14.  In this picture I am wearing a size Small.  I also own a medium.

For Utah peeps they just opened up 'PINK' store in the Southtown mall off 106 south. It's not in Victoria Secret.  It is its own store๐Ÿ’— go try some on!

Fight Off Arm Pit Bulge

You know that trouble area I am talking about.  It can show up in anything we wear.  Tank tops, swim suits, bras…….etc.  You can firm this area up?!  Diet being first and foremost and cardio can help as well.  But the real secret is making that trouble area fight some resistance with forces you put against it.  The muscle in that area needs to be tightened and firmed up….or "toned."

Here are my favorite exercises for this problem area:



DUMBBELL CHEST PRESS (incline bench works too).

Aim to do about 12-15 repetitions per set and about 4 total sets per workout.  These will really help to firm up that area where your arm pit meets your chest.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back & Tricep Circuit

I combined those trouble areas of our backs and triceps and put them into a circuit workout for you.  I tried this out this morning and it is good to go.  

Do each exercise in the circuit for reps of 12 back to back, back and forth.  No breaks, get the heart rate up.  Until you have done each exercise in the circuit 3 times.  

Before moving on to the next circuit, choose one of the cardio bursts to really get your heart rate soaring and then take a minute to recover and come back to normal breathing.  And on to the next circuit you go.

I finished up with a little run on the treadmill before I had to get out of their and back home for the daily school grind with the kiddos.  I burned close to 700 calories on this one!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How does the treadmill even know?!

I just wanted to show you that the cardio machines we use are not accurate.  I never rely on the cardio machines to tell me my caloric burn or heart rate.  This picture is from my Saturday morning workout.  My polar FT4 watch told me I burned 394 calories and this treadmill told me I burned 542 calories ( a 148 calorie difference) without even asking my height, weight, heart rate zone, if I was male or female etc....  All of those factors play an impact on calculating accurate numbers.

This treadmill had no idea if I was a track athlete which made this run a breeze to complete with minimal effort ( low heart rate ) or if I have never worked out a day in my life and It was a major struggle to complete it ( high heart rate ). ALSO, the treadmill had no idea when I rested my feet to the sides to take some drinks and catch my breath a little…..hmmmmmmm!!!  

I love my polar watch.  It knows everything about me and that makes it close to accurate.  It actually has a band around my chest that is catching the beats from my heart.  It knows when I am working hard and when we are resting.  It knows my height, weight and knows I am a girl.  I would recommend a heart rate monitor watch to anyone.  Particularly this polar FT4.  It is not expensive and very easy to use.  I got mine from Amazon.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bat Wings

This problem area.  I think we all know this area!!  "Lunch Lady Arms," "Bat Wings," "Bingo Wings,"  "a flying squirel," "McJiggles,""After Waves," "Wind Blowers," "muscle that are waving," you know when you wave to someone and feel that area waving too?  Or when you point at something, or grab the "oh shit bar" in the car just to let your arm hang and relax and that area has you putting your arm back down ever so non chalantly.  Or if you have turds for kids or a pest for a husband that come up and jiggle that area because they think it's funny…….well it's not, right?!

FIGHT OFF THOSE BAT WINGS with these favorite triceps exercises:







Aim to do about 12-15 repetitions per set and about 4 total sets per workout.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Annoying Bra Bulge

This trouble area that is unflattering and mostly ANNOYING that can show up in a simple T-Shirt…..that annoying bulge from your bra?  I find it annoying because you know you are wearing the right size bra and don't need to go buy another one bigger just to keep this from happening!  You CAN firm this area up?!  Diet being first and foremost and cardio can help as well to shed layers of fat in the area.

The BEST way is to do resistance training.  The muscle in that area needs to be tightened and firmed up or "toned."

Here are my favorite exercises for this problem area:



PULL UPS (with assistance if needed).


Aim to do about 12-15 repetitions per set and about 4 total sets per workout.  These will really help to firm up that area where your back and bra collide!