Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great Feedback on this Leg Workout

Anyone else save lowerbody workout for Fridays?  I do! The weekend is here, last day of school and I wake with no snoozes.  Just full of happy energy which is a good day to use on leg/glutes day.

 I have been getting awesome feedback on this workout and I remember how much it kicked my butt so I think I will give it another go!

All you need for this workout is a spot in your house or corner in the gym, a set of Dumbbells, THAT IS IT! I use 15lbs, hold onto to those DBs the ENTIRE time, going from one exercise to next with no rest, if you can.  Rest/Hydrate after the last exercise, and repeat the workout at least one more time....Third times a charm! 

To see this workout in a little bigger picture go HERE


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