Thursday, April 30, 2015



Banana Split Protein Shake:

Cellucor Whey Chocoalte Protein
1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 Small Banana
3 Cherries
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

VITAMINS: Currently taking

Fish Oil- heart health

Multivitamin/Multimineral- picks me up where I lack

5-HTP- amino acid, serotonin/mood

Vitamin D- bone and immune health and SOOO much more

Biotin- hair, skin and nails

Garcinia Cambogia w/HCA- appetite control, prevent fat from being stored

Probiotics- Digestive System/Gut Health

L - Carnitine- amino acid, energy, reduce fatigue, recovery, contains B6 and improves performance and SOOOO much more

Glucosamine plus MSM- lubricate and protect joints

NOT PICTURED: BCAAs (muscle soreness, recovery-post workout) Alpha Aminos (hydration/muscle aid- during workouts).  Both by Cellucor.

You can get any Cellucor supplement on this site:
and you can also get 25% off your TOTAL purchase and Free shipping if you want….just sign in instead of checking out as guest.  All this does is store your shipping info/name for a faster checkout if you order again in the future!

The code for the deal is:


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Has anyone ordered and tried out their BOMBAS yet?!  I'm so excited to hear from some of you.

You can get 20% off your purchase and Free shipping on 2 or more pairs with my code: HALEYFITADAMS20 and guess what? When you order a pair, you are helping someone in need.

Did you know that, "SOCKS are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters"  and because of that quote, @BOMBASSOCKS was inspired to GIVE BACK!  When one pair of Bombas is purchased, one pair is donated, ALWAYS.

And guess what else is super cool?  They don't donate the same socks they sell.  They donate something BETTER!  They worked with their charity partners to design a sock that would specifically meet the needs of people who aren't so lucky to a clean pair of socks every day.

They donate:

Darker Colors: to show less visible wear

Anti-Microbial treatment: prevents the growth of fungus.  No need for frequent washing

Reinforced Seams: greater durability and longer lifespan

I love it.  Just AWESOME!  #BEEBETTER 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Who is READY?!

WHO IS READY?!  FOR- flip flops, sand, fire pits, pools, baseball games, hot summer nights, carnivals, boardwalks, fireworks, BBQs, the beach, lounging, sunglasses, floaties, s'mores, a TAN…..etc.

AND, if you aren't too excited yet, I still have time to hopefully INSPIRE you with what I have up my sleeves during the whole month of May and get youEXCITED for all things Summer!  I know I'm getting excited and I am ready to'BRING IT ON SUMMER' all May long!

Details coming soon!  


Monday, April 27, 2015

Side Steppin' on the Stairs

Who likes to start their week off with a good sweaty workout?!?  I do.  I truly believe a good Monday workout can set the tone for an awesome week ahead.  Try this one out:

Side Climbing on the Stairs:  Glutes and Inner/Outer Thigh

The first part of the video I am crossing my leg over the front onto every other step but my following leg is taking the next closest step.

The second part of the video I am taking every other step with BOTH legs. .....the cross in front leg and the following leg.  I really feel a burn on that second move.

All on the same side, I would do the first move for 1-minute and then the second move- ( every other step with both legs ) for one minute.  THEN, I would do the same for the other leg.  2 mins on one side then switch.

Really focus on pushing in your heel when it hits the step to push you up.  And P.S. For the people who will freak out because I am holding on.... I am simply resting my hand and it's there in case I need to catch myself and balance.  Trust me, my legs are working and I'm breathing.  

And yes, sometimes even when I walk straight on the stairs I rest my hands too!  The stairs are hard no matter how you do them.
Who cares if ya need to hold on. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Minutes in your day

I think this is such a crazy way to look at it:

So for myself, I like to workout for 60 minutes, 6 days a week……. there are 8,640 minutes in those 6 days and I spend ONLY 360 Minutes of the almost NINE THOUSAND minutes on my health.  When I look at it like that, those numbers make it seem like what I am doing isn't enough.  But it's actually plenty.

It really does only take a good 30 minutes a day, even just 3 days a week to improve your health that your future self will thank you for!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Quick trip up to Cheesecake Factory.  I love this Turkey, Avo, Bacon sandwich from the Skinnylicious menu.  I also sub in Sweet Potato Fries.  Pot Stickers are also a MUST for an appetizer.

Endorphins are especially dangerous in this store.  3 tops later and $150 broke!

I blame it on the ENDORPHINS!

Sweaty Saturday

I did the "A bit of EVERYTHING" workout today, AGAIN!  Love this one.  Which actually felt good on my buns after yesterdays Glute workout of:

200 walking lunges
80 glute bridges
48 sideways seated leg presses on each leg.

I had to modify the workout a bit since my hamstrings were toast from Good Mornings on Wednesday.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Single- DB Chest Press

Single-DB Chest Press:  Creating an imbalance forces your abs to contract as you work.

Try this you guys!! t's AWESOME! You might want to start with a light DB to first feel the movement.


With a DB in one hand, put the leg on the opposite side of the working arm up on the bench. ALSO, place the hand on the same side as the leg up on the bench, on your stomach.  Don't just let it hang.  You should notice an immediate firing of the core stabilizing muscles that are fighting to hold you in this position.

Now you are ready to lower the DB slowly and then push the DB back to starting position.  Once you get the hang of it, challenge yourself on the weight.

I did 12-15 reps 3x for each side.  I am holding a 25lb DB.  And you just worked your abs and didn't even know it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


We should know by now that millions of Sit-Ups and Planks for days are not going to give you a six pack WITHOUT aerobic activity to burn abdominal fat AND a well rounded healthy diet.  Especially a diet including carbs, you need them!  Not the carbs from a red pepper, asparagus or brussel sprouts!  Good ol' carbs from sources like: Sweet Potatoes, Whole Wheat Bread or Oats is where it's at.

Where do you think our bodies get the energy to perform a workout?  CARBS.  So if you are scared of carbs or neglect the right kinds, imagine the energy levels you could have to power through a workout with a diet including the right carbs at the right time.

Weight training and Ab exercises will strengthen and "tone" the underlying core muscles which improve your balance and stability!  So having a strong core can help you in ways you don't realize you need it.  Doing things from throwing a ball to getting a bowl from the top shelf or tying your shoe all involve your core to get the job done.

Using Free weights are a great way to engage your core….and most of the time you don't even realize you are using your abs to do most of your lifting exercises.  So just because you are not on the floor doing an actual sit-up, don't worry.  The abs are working.

Tomorrow I will show an exercise on my INSTAGRAM that ANYONE can do that requires STRENGTH and BALANCE using your CORE.  And don't worry for those who say "well, I have awful balance so I probably won't be able to pull it off"  the exercise is done lying down… give me a better excuse to not try it!        

Crank it UP!!!

A friendly reminder that the intensity of your workout during an exercise or cardio can be a factor on your weight loss goals.  When you jump on a cardio machine, I would assume you plan to be on it for "X" minutes with a goal to reach that time and going at a PACE YOU CAN SUSTAIN and be done, Right?!  That is a great way to build your endurance if thats what your goal is but there is a more effective way for fat loss and overall calorie burn if that is your goal….which is mine.

CRANK IT UP…… so, say you run on a treadmill at 6.0mph and that to you is a 4 on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, what would happen if you pushed yourself at a 8 or 9 on the scale for a shorter amount of time?  MORE FAT LOSS!  You can burn 2x as much increasing the intensity.  But it may also leave you with a shorter workout since you tire out faster.  But that's a good thing right?!  Less time in the gym.

Cranking it up for some could mean:

raising the incline
letting go of handrails
picking up the pace for as long as you can stand it
adding more resistance

When we experience stressful/uncomfortable moments, our bodies have to work really hard to restore its energy and calm it down, which means your body is burning more fat during AND after your workout has ended.

I like to keep my body guessing.  I switch up my cardio routines with longer duration days (like my sweaty Saturdays) and short "HIIT" days, 2-3 times a week.  

***My CHALLENGE to you is, find your "4" on the scale and dare yourself to an 8 or 9!!  Even if you can only hold that "8" for 30 seconds.  When you feel recovered, tackle that "8" again.  


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do it again

After my "40 Minute Total Body Workout" and 10 sprints on the treadmill, I came home needing some MASS food!  I whipped up an oldie Protein shake recipe that is filling.


1 C. Unsweetened Almond Milk

1 Scoop Protein Powder ( I used SMORES by Cellucor)

1 Small Banana

1/4 C. Oats

I added a dash of Cinnamon this time.

And this is just breakfast number 1.  Now on to breakfast number 2.

You can find 8 different protein shake recipes I shared on my feed a while back.  Banana Split is still my FAVE!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Since it is #TACOTUESDAY here we go:

This was suppose to be the tacos that you eat out of your own individual Frito Chip bag…. called, "WALKING TACOS" according to Pinterest.  But we had a hard time finding small individual bags of Fritos.  So my mom renamed them, "TACO's in a Wheelchair" since we opted to eat them out of bowls instead.  Died laughing.

Since I am really really trying to put forth an effort in my nutrition these days, I opted out of the Fritos and went with 2 Corn Tortillas.  Just to give you an idea on my savings:

For 2 servings, since I had 2 torts VS 2 servings of Fritos, which is 20 chips:

Total Fat: 2g VS. 20g

Total Calories: 140 VS 320

Sat. Fat: 0g VS 3g

Poly Fat: 0g VS 10g

Mono Fat: 0g VS 6g

Sodium: 10mg VS 220mg

Total Carb: 26g VS 32g

Fiber: 4g VS 2g

Protein: 2g VS 4g

I think I made a good choice.


These are brand new formulated C4 pre-workout that are now live on

C4 MASS = if you are looking to put on size, this formula contains a creacarb blend of creatine and selected carbohydrate sources.  PLUS, all the energy goodness from the original C4.

C4 RIPPED = which I have ordered….. can't wait to try it out.  I'm nervous for my SuperHD friend since this formula is also a fat loss enhancer!!!  I LOVE my HD.

C4 RIPPED will help you cut fat and not your hard earned muscle.  It is C4 but without the creatine!  Creatine is essential when you want to put on size.  It provides energy for training and helps add mass to your structure.  But when you want to cut down it isn't always ideal.  

So if you have been on the hunt for creatine free pre workout, C4 RIPPED is for you.  It is designed to enhance fat loss with power of L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Capsimax Cayenne Fruit Extract, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract.

SO EXCITED to try!!  I ordered Cherry Limeade.  There is also Fruit Punch and Raspberry Lemonade.  YUM!!!

Get 25% off your total purchase with my code: HALEYA
FREE shipping too if you sign in (provide email/password). 

Biceps on the Cable Machine



Using a closed handle cable attachment.  Adjust the pulley so that it is higher than your shoulders.  Let your arm fully extend out and then pull the cable attachment towards your head.  Try to keep your body still and only your forearms should be moving.

Yes, I know I am pulling a little with my body in this video, it was my last set and I was getting tired.   P.S.  this can be done with both arms with two cables at once if your system is set up for it.  We were just using the other side for the next exercise in the video.


Attach a rope to a low pulley on the cable machine.  Grab the rope with palms facing in.  Keep your upper arms and elbows by your side moving only your forearms to perform the move.  Just like you would with a DB hammer curl except we are using a rope attachment.

All exercises done 10-15x for 3 sets. 

^^^PUSH PLAY ^^^

Monday, April 20, 2015

RE-Do of Sculpted Arm Workout

I did this workout again last week and I forget how it's TRULY one of my FAVORITES!!!  It's not as easy as it looks.  By round 2, I was searching for 10s and 8s on the DBs.  I started with 20s, 15s, 12s.  

                                                       Sculpted Arms Workout:  

Only Dumbbells are needed.  I did 2 rounds to save time for 15 mins of cardio at the end.  Which put my workout to 1-hour including set up and rest.  I burned 631 calories.  I have posted a video on my instagram of Half Curls and Overhead Extensions.

THIS TIME however, I did the first round exactly like the workout says…. with one set of active rest that is done after the lifting.  I jump roped.

On the second round, I did 1-minute of Active rest after each muscle group was complete.  So I did the shoulder set and then did 30 secs of Jumping Jacks and 30 secs of High Knee Run.

Following the Tricep set, I did 30 secs of Pop Squats and 30 secs of lateral lunges w/ a tuck jump in between each lunge.

Following the Bicep set, I did 15 sec of jump squats, 15 secs of lunge jumps, 15 sec of jump squats and 15 secs of lunge jumps.  That combo is KILLER on the legs!  Try this workout.  

Guaranteed love for this workout when you get done. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Healthy is an Outfit

We each have our OWN outfits that we wear.

My healthy would look different on YOU and your healthy would look different on ME.

Put forth effort in accessorizing your OWN healthy to make it look the way you want it to.  Don't sit back watching and wishing you had on someones else's outfit.

Be your OWN Healthy.  

ActivE WeeK

Last week was successful.  Thanks to my Polar FT4 and Fitbit.  Seriously, these gadgets, ESPECIALLY my Polar, push me to have better workouts.  I would recommend a Polar to anyone.  I have love/hate feelings with my FB.…. I mentioned why in my "Polar VS. Fitbit" post on my blog.

I highly recommend you to set a calorie goal or a step goal.  It really does motivate you.  I found myself pushing harder in EVERY workout.  Pacing around more when I would normally be sitting or parking furthest from the store.  DO IT!!!!

My workouts are close to one hour or less including time to get set up.  I would have liked to log in more steps on my FB during the week but it was cold, windy, rainy and snowy.  Not much outside time was had.

Monday: Cardio + Abs --one of my previous posted workouts

Tuesday: Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps + 15 minutes of cardio = Steady State Running.  AND this workout was also posted but I changed it up just a bit.  I am posting it again for you soon and exactly how I did it.  One of my favorites.  You need to try it

Wednesday: Back + Active Rest + Ab Circuit.  15 minutes of cardio = Incline walking and sprints

Thursday: Arms + Abs + Legs + Cardio (only 2 rounds of a workout I have coming your way soon). I had exactly 20 minutes until I had to leave, so I went with the "20:45" treadmill workout.  Previously Posted

Friday: Glutes.  Had no time for Cardio.  But look at that calorie burn I got from only Weights

Saturday: SWEATY SATURDAY- I posted the, "a bit of EVERYTHING workout" 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gotta Love Saturdays

I love me some Saturday's.  ONLY because I am guaranteed fresh hair for 2 whole days!!!  I also change into normal clothes…… however, I'm still just a jeans and T-shirt girl.  I don't own one single pair of high heels and this red lipstick thing will be interesting…..  It's by STILA, color is "besto"  


A Bit of EVERYTHING Workout

"A bit of EVERYTHING" workout:

…..because it covers a bit of everything!  Walking, Jogging, Sprinting, Inclines and resting.

OK, before I lose you, please know these were my speeds and my inclines.  ADJUST speeds and inclines to your liking.  Don't make it too easy because trust me, this one is over before you know it.  The time frames are there to guide you, BUT please know you can adjust speed/incline to your level.

The first 22:00 mins are done walking and with NO HANDS!!!  This is the HARDEST part of the workout so we get it out of the way first.  Incline walking with no hands is no joke.  T.O.U.G.H.

Then starts your HIIT:

1 mins at 3 different speeds for 5 rounds (15 mins ).  Walk. Run. Sprint.

Then a little time to catch your breath after that last Sprint.

FINISHING off with 8 rounds of Tabata Style Cardio: 4 minutes and you are done

20 secs on/ 10 secs off.  Push yourself HERE!  You are only sprinting for 20 seconds.  Then with your feet at the sides of the treadmill, rest for 10.  Repeat.


Friday, April 17, 2015


ACTIVE REST:  things to do between your lifting sets to spike up the heart rate and add a little cardio.  Especially on upper body days.  These can be called different terms….these are the names I use.

Left to Right:

Jump Squats AND 2nd move is Pop Squats

Toe Taps To Bench

High Knee Run AND High Knee Run w/ an Oblique Crunch

Bench Hop On/Offs

Side to Side Bench Hops

Lunge Jumps

Mountain Climbers AND 2nd move is Full Climber/Runner Lunge

Jump Rope

Things not pictured that I also like:  Lunge-Knee-Hops, Skaters, Jumping Jacks, Plank Jacks, Jack Squats, Burpees, 180 Jumps, Lateral High Knee Run, Box Jumps and Sprints. 

Let's Not Taco 'Bout IT

......I totally relate to you Nacho.  
I want a Hot Body but I #eatallthetacos and the #nachos 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

High Cable Rear Delt Fly

We can't forget to work the Back of our Shoulders.  Target your rear delts with these, 
High Cable Rear Delt Flyes.

You don't need an attachment for this one.  The machine should have a little rubber like ball already hooked on that you will hold onto during the move.  Adjust the cable so your hands are higher than your head to start.  You will grab the LEFT pulley with your RIGHT hand and the RIGHT pulley with your LEFT hand.  Crossing the cables in front of you.

Keeping your arms straight, pull the cables back and outward.  Then slowly resist the cables on the way back to the starting position.  That's it!  This is my favorite exercise for the rear delts.

Second Fave: Reverse Flyes on an Inclined Bench

Third Fave:  Seated Bent Over Reverse Fly

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Discount on Bombas Socks

I'm so excited to be apart of the Bombas Team and inspire you all to #BEEBETTER at each and everything thing you do.

I can now offer you a 20% discount on the most amazing socks you will ever put on your feet.  You can use the discount at The code for the discount is:


Shop for yourself, your friends, your honey and there is even some to fit the kiddos.  You can also have your order shipped FREE when you purchase 2 or more. TRUST me, you are going to want a pair for everyday of the week.

In case you missed my review on my @bombassocks experience, to read all about it HERE

Body Weight or Dumbbells + Cardio

HOO-RAY for Wednesday!  Here is a mid-week Lower Body + Cardio workout you can give a go in the gym or from home.

This one is done with body weight or dumbbells which I just hold at my side on all exercises except for Donkey Kicks, the weight goes behind the knee AND all Pulsing Squats, I let the DBs hang in front of me.  I then drop the weights to do the cardio exercises.  

It has you doing an exercise for the Lower Body ( dark grey ) and then you will follow it with a little burst of Cardio ( light grey ).  THAT'S IT!  

Rest as needed.  

Complete as many rounds that you have time for.

And yes, SORRY it does say BURPEES and not SLURPEES.  But ONLY 8 of them.  I can handle 8.  When you finish this workout, THEN go get you a Slurpee!  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Bombas Sock Experience

So I put the @BOMBASSOCKS to the test and have a review for you but you are going to have to head on over to my blog to get the scoop.  I also share my husbands experience with them too and share lots of pics.



Bombas Sock Review

So here is my review of @BOMBASSOCKS  and to be honest, they are definitely not an average pair of socks!

First, I couldn't have asked for a better person than my husband to test these socks out with me.  To say he NEEDS good socks is 100% truth.  He can't just wing a pack of Champions from Target like I can.  

My hubby is on his feet all day with his line of work and around lots of dust/chemicals/sprays/paints.  He literally has to pick and choose his shoes for the day based on what he has lined up at work.  Whether he needs to wear boots to keep the dust and chemicals out or tennis shoes to let his feet breathe.  Basically his feet are never happy.  Which is why we have this stuff on hand…..

Because of his work his feet get really sweaty and stinky.  He also battles athletes foot here and there too… ( good thing he is so damn sexy from the ankles up ).  He also works out, coaches baseball and plays softball with friends for fun and competitively whenever he gets the chance.  He is a very active and on the go person.  Finding socks he can be happy with has been so-so.

We have tried everything from Lululemon socks to Running store socks to Sporting Good store socks  to Target socks.  When he got home from his first day in his Bombas he said, "these Bombas are the first socks that my feet have ever stayed dry in."  I know this is gross and I would never let him but then his next statement was, "like I could wear these exact socks again tomorrow….smell em'…." um, no thanks!  But that's awesome Honey.

He swears by their comfort too.  And said Bombas are the perfect thick to thin ratio.  He doesn't like his socks to be thick and bulky feeling either.  Can you tell he is kind of a sock snob, but his poor feet, so we do everything we can to make him comfortable.

This is honestly not even all of the brands we have tried.  All these socks were bought because they claim to be "dry, cool, moisture wicking, breathable" etc.,  He also has Nike and Brooks (not pictured). 

So basically he NEEDS more Bombas yesterday and he really really wants to add their calf socks to his collection like this guy:

Jordy Mercer of the @pittsburghpirates 

My experience with the socks have me impressed.  I however, do not get sweaty feet usually when I spend an hour or so working out, so finding socks to stay dry in have never been my issue.  When I spend more time in socks doing something active or going on an outdoor run or just being in them all day  etc., I think its normal for my feet to sweat a little bit.

I am not a picky person!  I have been content with my Champion socks bought in a bulk pack from Target.  And like I said in first post, I do have a few pair of Experia running socks that I save for days I know I need some better lovin' on my feet.  I remember the first time I wore Experia socks and I never believed that socks could actually make a difference but THEY DO!

So comparing Bombas to my Experia Socks, I tell you what, I noticed a big difference in the support around the arch of my foot right away.  It really feels like there is a band of protection there.  It felt snug.  That would be the 'Honeycomb Support System' feature in the sock.  They designed it that way because the arches of our feet need the most support.

I also noticed just how comfortable they were instantly.  It wasn't overwhelming thickness but my feet felt like they were in clouds.  And the Blister Tab, LOVE!  It's just nice knowing it's there and you don't need to worry about your sock slipping and your skin rubbing against your shoe mid run or workout.
No blood shall be shed on my beloved Brooks! LOL.
No, but seriously!

And Just because I love this idea, the stitched in mantra on the inside of every Bombas, 'BEE BETTER' it's such a great way to approach every aspect of every day life.  

They did shrink after I first washed them.  But never again after another wash.  They didn't shrink enough that I would need a bigger size to start.  I would still keep with the same size before and after a wash.  They actually seemed to fit better after a wash.

I was also hesitant about the bright colors bleeding on to other things in my wash.  So I washed all our grubby old white socks with them and everything turned out just fine.

I really do like these socks.  I definitely need more pairs in my drawer and I will be tossing my cheapy Champions from Target.  Socks really do make a difference.  Who would have thought?  Socks use to just be socks to me.  Until I sucked it up and paid the extra money ($15) for a pair of 'Experia' socks after my sister gave me my first pair.  When I wore the Experias, I realized all socks should not be created equal.  So I added 2 more pair to my collection and literally saved them for my rougher workouts and wore my champions on the in between days.

Then I got sent these Bombas and was convinced that my feet DESERVE that feeling ALL THE TIME.  I can't just treat my feet well on my rougher days.  My feet need Bombas on them for every workout.  FOR REALS!  They are AMAZING!

The Bombas team have done their research on what makes a great sock for an active lifestyle.  They have come up with these features an athletic sock MUST have:

Long Staple Pima Cotton- Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer with natural moisture wicking properties.

( Which I was able to really put this feature to the test.  I did my first outdoor run last Sunday of 7 miles running and 1 mile walking.  I took my shoes off immediately post run and my feet were dry.  Not too hot or cold and circulation was flowing).

Performance Footbed

Stay-up Technology- on their calf socks

Blister Tab

Y-Stitched Heel

Honeycomb support System

Invisitoe- no annoying bump from toe seams

And they have a color to match just about any pair of shoe out there.

The pink are my fave then I would have to say the teal blues.  I love that they come in grey for an option.  Grey is my favorite color of clothing to wear.  They even have multi color and more colors on  They are all just so fun!

I wish I had a pair to send out to everyone to try.  I liked them that much…… and maybe one day I will be able to send out a few pairs to some lucky ducks!

In the mean time get yourself some and the whole family, kids too with my 20% OFF discount code:


…and when you buy 2 or more your order ships free.



This workout goes with the video I posted this AM.

This Tricep workout was awesome! 4 exercises that left me sore, in which doing anything with my hair was a task.  Maybe you don't want that feeling or maybe you do……. At least you'll know they got worked.

Here is what I did this day:

Incline Barbell Tricep Extension ( AKA, incline BB skull crusher ) - I posted a video of this exercise earlier this morning.

Flat Bench Skull Crusher- Video has been posted a while back in my feed

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks- one arm at a time

Single Arm Lying Tricep Extension- One arm at a time.  Video has been posted a while back in my feed

Search Hashtag: FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on Instagram for videos.  I can tag you as well. 

Incline Barbell Tricep Extension

Incline Barbell Tricep Extension:

You want the BB on this exercise to come down to the top of your head or behind as I am doing.  In order to do this, you have to be seated at the right height without the bench getting in your way.  The bench I am using was tall for me so my butt isn't even touching the seat, which is ok.

With your hands a little closer than shoulder width apart, lower the bar down towards your head or back of.  ONLY your forearms should move on this exercise.  I like to keep my elbows pointed toward the ceiling.

I am using a 30lb bar.  3 sets of 10-12 reps. Every Tricep exercise I did this day is on the way.  

Monday, April 13, 2015


I was super excited for the official start of my 2-A Days!  I busted out the old Brooks Ghost 2s to make this workout happen and a fresh pair of @bombassocks Check out that Blister Tab.  Comes in handy at times like these.

I have a hard time parting with my @brooksrunning shoes.  I just keep them around and they each continue to serve me a purpose.  I'm currently running in my Ghost 6 and 7s.  My Original Ghost mowed many many lawns and made me proud but have been laid to rest.  My 2s do the mowing now and my 3, 4s and 5s get to go grocery shopping, go on trips, Flaming Gorge, and just get played in. 


Today was a day that I definitely needed to wake up my body.  Spring Break was looooong and my run yesterday seemed to be longer ( 7 miles ).  That first outdoor run had me rolling out of bed this morning like a 90 something year old.

This is an interval workout I posted a while back.  Interval (HIIT) meaning I have my rate going back and forth between elevated and rested.  The Push-ups and Abs are my down time.  The other exercises are meant to spike your heart rate.  This workout has you doing as many rounds as you would like.

I have to give credit to Snoop-D-O-Double-G and his friends 2PAC and Eminem with a side of Cellucor SuperHD for fueling my workout this AM. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Never Gets Easy

Monday Motivation:

.........and if it starts getting easy, you gotta stop going through the motions and up your game!  Always push yourself to get better. 


Inspector Gadget

Just call me Inspector Gadget!  Since I didn't have a #SWEATYSATURDAY I had myself a #SWEATYSUNDAY with my sis and couple friends.  We hit the pavement this morning.

Garmin Forerunner 305- I use this to track my pace and distance

Zensah Compression Sleeves- I use these for my shins.  Helps keep the shins splints away. ESPECIALLY on that first outdoor run.  I don't wear them every time I run outdoors but for the first few outdoor runs I always do.

Brooks Running Shoes- these are the Ghost 6s.

Fitbit- for tracking steps.  Mainly just for fun.  I also wanted to compare numbers with each gadget.

Polar FT4- I use this for my heart rate and calories burned.

Bombas Socks- I have been loving them.  Review to come soon.


Ok, I usually do not look like a tool and wear all these gadgets at the same time.  When I run outside I usually go with my Garmin 305 and Fitbit.  Garmin for my distance and pace.  Fitbit for tracking my steps.  Calories on my Fitbit and my Polar never match up.  I trust my Polar over my Fitbit, ALWAYS,  since my Polar is actually monitoring my heart beat with the chest strap.

I'm not concerned with calories burned or my heart rate when I run outside since I usually run at an enjoyable pace and socialize with friend as I go.  I am not pressed for time or needing to hit a certain number.  So I leave my Polar at home.  I use my Polar for lifting workouts.  I like my Garmin outside for distance and pace and it's fun to hit my 10,000 with my Fitbit in the first part of my day.

I made sure to start all gadgets at the same time and as you can see, the miles/distance were fairly close with the Polar and the Fitbit.  The calories burned on my Fitbit was 716 MORE than what my Polar said.

Now that I am done with the run, I will take off my Garmin and my Polar.  I will continue to wear the Fitbit because now that I have hit my 10,000 it is actually really fun to see how many more steps I can get in by the end of the day.  The Fitbit is fun and motivating in that way.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


This is the 2nd most productive thing I have done today.  The 1st productive thing was actually not a workout....I missed my #sweatysaturday.

Productive thing number one was getting to see my nephew hit his FIRST ever, 3-RUN BOMB at his baseball game this morning.  Now that is something worth missing a workout for!

You will never forget your first home run and I am pumped I was able to watch him do it.  Smiles all around for days.  Now that I think about it,  I'm sure I had a full body workout and burned a few calories celebrating when contact was made.

Just a random fact about me, I met my hubby while we were both playing college ball.  We are very much a baseball family. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


Any Hummus lovers out there?!  I am very much a chips and salsa/dip girl and this dip is pretty good. It was the perfect mix of hummus and a mango salsa spread, just YUM.

Because I also like to be educational sometimes when I post, do you know what hummus is actually made of?  A hummus recipe calls for:

Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Sea Salt
Tahini- ground sesame seeds

Those are the basics.  Then you can get fancy and add in your favorites like: cilantro, jalapeƱo, sweet potato, roasted red pepper, black bean, etc.

Hummus is actually very good for you.  Lots of health benefits come from chickpeas (complex carb), Olive oil and Tahini (loaded with minerals).

I dipped this with 'Wild Root'- a multigrain chip made with flax, chia and red quinoa.

AND finally, I found this Hummus Dip at SAM'S CLUB. 

Inner Thigh Gap

Inner Thigh Gap:  Last week I shared a couple moves you could do to attack the inner thighs.  So I felt touching a bit on the "THIGH GAP" was necessary.

Having a thigh gap has most everything to do with your bone structure; something you cannot change.  It's like being 5'2" and saying you want to be 5'10" -it's just not possible.  If you don't have a thigh gap, going on a strict 21 day diet, swearing off carbs, cleansing, etc., and/or putting yourself through hours of exercise and a million reps on the inner thigh machine will not do it for you, your bones are bones and they are not budging.  Don't get stuck in the mindset of working for one.

Unless you have a very specific build, your thighs are going to touch and there is nothing wrong with that.  I personally have never experienced a thigh gap.  Not even in my Elementary days.  I have narrow hips ( pelvis faces more inward ), so naturally my legs are closer together.  The broader your hips ( pelvis facing more outward ) the more likely you will have a thigh gap.

So "thigh gap" aside I will say YES, the inner thighs have muscle and fat that deserve attention.  You cannot change your bone structure but you CAN change the size and shape of your lower body.  I showed a couple videos to help you tighten things up.  *Remember, you can not pick and choose where you lose fat from.  Your body will decide where it comes from and when.  Just keep putting in the work.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Does anyone else's brain look like this before and after workouts??  I'll be the first to admit that a workout is my drug of choice.  A workout turns all my intentions to stab people and dark clouds into sunshine and rainbows.

That knife, with the blood drop on the "before" side cracks me up!!  But isn't this the truth?!