Friday, January 29, 2016

The bottom line

I posted 3 red flags within the last few days about diets working for you.  There are lots of flags but these 3 are good for now.

Get real with yourself.  If it's not allowing you to eat the foods you love, be flexible…. meaning you feel it has to be ALL or NOTHING, or it's guaranteeing you a certain amount of weight loss with no individual consideration….RUN away from that lifestyle, don't walk.

A diet that lets you be consistent is always the diet that wins.  A diet that is done in spurts will never outweigh the imperfect diet that you do consistently!!!

3 ways to tell #3


Weight loss is individual to you!  You see something that says, "lose 10 pounds in one week!" A) red flags all over in that sentence.  So you're saying I'll lose 10 pounds and so will you?  I bet not.  🤔That is not reality.  AND, 10 pounds lost in one week is nothing but water weight.

All you're really losing is your energy and muscle mass. 1-2 pounds lost in a week is more ideal and legit.  Actual pounds that won't come back the second you go out on a weekend and enjoy dinner, a movie with popcorn and a little yogurtland to follow.

No one can guarantee you any amount of weight loss in a certain amount of time.  Your dieting results always reflect your individual efforts.  One person may start losing weight right away: a newbie to the dieting scene will lose weight quickly.  OR, someone who has dieted over and over may take a much longer time. It's you vs you with no end in sight or and not how fast you'll get there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is your diet working for you #2


If your diet does cut back on certain foods and you don't mind, then so be it.  Maybe because you want to reduce your intake of it or start eating less of certain things overall, is there still a flexibility aspect to it?  If you do go "off track" will your diet be ruined and will you feel discouraged?  It shouldn't be all or nothing.

For example: it's your kids birthday party….if your diet doesn't allow you to eat cake at the party OR have the occasional desert OR you're in Disneyland and you pass up on their amazing churros and diet coke…..  How will you feel during those moments?  We've all been there.  It's ridiculous and I freaking hate it.

Can you decide to eat something that maybe you are not eating all the time during a special occasion without feeling like "FREAK!!!  I blew my diet!"???  If that's the case, whatever you are doing is not sustainable.

Don't spend your life on these kinds of diets…….. Trying to claim Victory over your Willpower.  Restriction is the most common lead to binging and you will constantly live in that cycle of you don't change your thought process. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Is your diet working for you?!


If it doesn't' allow you to eat foods that you love, why waste your time?  How could that possibly be sustainable in the long run?  Torture.

Any eating plan that helps you to lose weight ( preferably from fat ) needs to be something you are going to be able to stick to.  If your "perfect" weight loss plan removes every food that you have ever loved, don't expect to keep it up for long.  That should be your first red flag that the diet is not going to be sustainable.

So, make sure it allows you to eat foods you love in moderation.  If your favorite foods are not included, you will not be able to be consistent.

Even if you do stick it out and lose the weight, the second you eat "normal" again ( adding in all the things you cut ) it all piles back on and then some.  Red flag Number 2 post to come.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

My day can start

Been up since 3:45am……. 3 classes taught at Orangetheory fitness and then THAT up there finally happened and it is now 10:45am.  So now my day can finally start.

Something about a finished workout that says to me, "ok, now we can gooooo!  Bring on the day!"  

You know the feeling I am talking about!

Has your day started yet?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

consistent results

 Are only 2 of your 4 planned workouts happening.  Are you hitting nutrition goals 60% of the time?  Then expect your results to take 60% longer.  Each week take the time to make an honest self assessment.

There is a difference between what we THINK we are doing and what we really are doing.  How 'consistent' is your consistency?  Are you an "almost-er" or are you literally putting in the work that achieving your goals takes?  You know this answer.

The key to being consistent is working WITH your natural tendencies, not against them.  Results will always come from a long honest period of time of consistent efforts and patience, not random occurrences.

Whoever you are…...

Coming to work and reading what all the OTF members have written up on the glass for what they BURN for……. " to have arms like Haley"  WOW!  I love you whoever you are!.

I burn for my future 85 year old self!  How about you?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Light or Heavy

BOTH.  You should lift BOTH.

Light Weights, light enough that you can do anywhere from about 3 sets of 12-20 reps before fatigue sets in.

Heavy Weights, heavy enough that you can only get in about 5 sets of 6-10 reps and no more.

Using lighter weights ( -and I am not talking light as in 3-5 lb dumbbells though you guys!!) with more reps is just as effective at muscle building with the heavy weights.  As long as you train to failure A.K.A. fatigue OR not being able to finish your last rep in a set with proper form.  Your muscles react the same way upon REACHING FATIGUE regardless if it's your 6th rep with heavy weight or your 25th rep with light weight.  Just enjoy the benefits of using both styles.  It's just fun to mix things up.

Combining the two lifting styles can give you great results.  Say you do shoulders with light weight for one workout.  Next time you hit shoulders go heavier and shorten the reps.  You can even mix the two styles up in a single session.

Always ALWAYS continually challenge your muscles in ways that forces them to adapt.  Keep the muscles guessing.  Be in control.  Don't fall into the routine of doing the same workout, made up of the same exact exercises using the same amount of weight over and over again.  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Which should you do first?


For example, the only time I would consider cardio for the bulk of my workout would be if I were training for a marathon of some sort.  You want to tackle the exercise that prepares you for your goals first, when your body is fresh.

Since strength training is the focus for all my long term goals of being fit and healthy, I prefer to save my energy for that part of my workout.  I use what energy I have left after I lift and put it into my cardio.  I don't like being tired from cardio when I am trying to lift heavy things.  Your form will suffer and will lead to injuries.

ALSO, you won't be able to lift as much weight when you are tired.  So I lift first when I'm fresh and whatever is left in me I give to cardio…even if I only have 10 mins left in my workout.  Strength training is the important part of my workout.

And when I say, "won't be able to lift as much" Should you lift heavy or light weights? Post to come…. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Which is better for weight loss

Which is better for weight loss?  And which gives you better long term benefits?  Strength Training.  THE END.

You may burn more calories per MINUTE doing cardio compared to lifting weights BUT you continue killing calories off after you set those DBs down.  And if you lift weights right, the cardio you can get from it is KILLER.

When you jog or do another form of cardio at a steady state, your body will adjust to get comfortable….unless you add some difficulty to it with inclines/resistance/speeds, but if you do that right, only 20-30 mins is all that is needed... A.KA. HIIT.  Keep it guessing.

When you lift weights your body responds much differently.  It needs help from all over to manage what is going on.  Lifting weights isn't very comfortable for your brain to comprehend.  It puts a lot of stress on the body as it tries to figure out a way to recover.  While it's trying to figure that out, you're burning extra calories on top of the calories you killed off during your workout.  ALSO, weights will change the shape of your body/muscles to give you that "toned" look.  Cardio doesn't shape muscles the way that weights can.

And bonus: your metabolism stays elevated for 2+ days after you lift as your body repairs the "trauma" done to your muscles.

Ok, so what if you like to do both and have time for both?  Which should you do first? ( post to come ) Please remember these are all My Thoughts.  My Opinions.  My Beliefs. #fithappens

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cardio VS. Weights

Which is better for weight loss?  What if you only have time for one?  This question is always being asked.  You may already run, bike, swim, row ______.  Do you need to strength train?  Then there are those who do lift weights, attend boot camps, cross fit, etc., and are wondering if they still need cardio.

There are benefits to both.  Opinions to which is best…..there always will be.  But our bodies are so scientific….. doesn't science always win?  In my opinion, there is a winner…. but it always comes down to your goals.

So if I had to choose one or the other for the rest of my life, it would be and WHY?…………. (post to come).

Monday, January 4, 2016

Kissed and Made Up

My heart rate monitor and I kissed and made up this AM!

It's been a good month+ since we got hot and sweaty together.  I can't wait for our date tomorrow morning…….. a little Upper Body action. 

Monday Morning Wake Up:

Repeat this x6 and you'll have a 1.5 miles ( if running ) logged on your shoes when you're done.

This one calls for the road or the treadmill.

Run 1/4 mile/.25 for your distance.  At your pace.  Push yourself each round to go faster.

You will also hit the glutes, arms and abs.  Body weight for all exercises.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Embrace the Struggle

To all of you who have set new goals…. whether they pertain to fitness or not, just remember this.

Don't expect it to be easy.  You decided a change was necessary so of course it should feel tough as you make that change happen.

Accept the struggle, the struggle is normal.  But know the hard parts of it will make you stronger as you go AND most importantly the struggle WILL NOT last forever!  At least give yourself the chance to see the change happen.

The struggle will be worth it. 

The Next 4 Weeks

I took some time over the weekend to write me up a 4 week is part of it.  4 weeks of Weights, Cardio and Endurance Training typed up and ready to go for me. #iatetoomanysodaliciouscookies I always do.  It's part of the plan.

Having a plan is one of my TOP FIVE tips to having a great workout.

Don't waist time wandering.

Don't lose your motivation thinking of what to do next.

When it's right there spelled out in front of you, you're way more productive and you'll make the most with the time you have.  My plan will get me through all of January….. and one month closer to SUMMER!