Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Home Soundtrack

I know……. a kid show!  But seriously, I could throw up if I hear one more Frozen song.  This is going to be a fabulous change.

I downloaded this soundtrack and I've been liking it.  It has some catchy tunes and I am a fan of Rihanna for workout music!  Whenever I am running and "Man Down" from her LOUD album starts playing, it picks me right up and I feel like I could run forever, it has THE BEST beat.

I have been loving the "Dancing in the Dark" song ***TAP FOR SOUND HERE***   AND- the song "Towards the Sun" has a great message.  "Run To Me" is fun too.  You'll love it and so will the kids!  Now I just need to go see this movie! 


SURPRISE!!!!!! @willitrun

So, I asked anyone who worked out last Saturday to tag me in their own "SweatySaturday" post because I wanted to do something fun…….. WELL, I chose my favorite post who tagged me in their sweaty workout!  And it wasn't an easy choice since I LOVED seeing everyones posts!  But it was @willitrun post and caption that I LOVED:

She said, "It's as easy as simple math - Lace Up and Run"  @willitrun

I will have to agree with you!  Working out really can be a simple thing.  I swear 80% of it is showing up.

@willitrun PLEASE email me haleyfithappens@gmail.com so I can get your address and send you a SWEATY SATURDAY SURPRISE!  And since I hate choosing just 1 person, I would love @pgfitness_  and @geenabennett to also email me so I can mail ya a treat to say thanks for playing along and for all your support!  I loved your posts too. XO #SURPRISEGIVEAWAY

Monday, March 30, 2015

Current Ab Situation

Since it has been an Ab kind of day from me…… I trained abs today, I posted an ab workout, and a video of me doing my favorite abs all this morning.  Here is my current AB situation.  Minus the filter because without it I'm about as white as Olaf.

Speaking of my ab situation…… I do an ab targeting workout 1x per week.  A lot of the weight lifting exercises I do during the week involve my abs.  I like quick and dirty cardio, HIIT!  I don't neglect any one food group, I eat carbs.  I try to eat as decent as I can.  And I don't Party.  Instead, I like to party with Diet Coke and Yogurtland on the weekends #grandmastatus  We all choose how we like to indulge.


Good Morning!  3 TIMES THROUGH ABS:

on the 15 rep abs, remember it is a core exercise working both sides of your abdominals.  So, 15 on each side, 30 total.

You could do this ab workout with some cardio.

For example:

I would do a 2 minute fast run or 3 minute 15% no hands incline walking and then do this.  Round 2, repeat the cardio you just did or mix it up with some side shuffle walking/running 1 minute each side or treadmill lunges….. then do this.  Now you only have one more round left!  Have fun with it.

P.S. OR- you could do some back/chest exercises with this workout since those muscles do not belong in my ARM workout coming Wednesday.

These are a few of the ABS that are in the workout I posted this morning.  I know most everyone knows these exercises but maybe not sure about those "Up-Down Planks"  So here ya go.

You do those bad boys for 45 seconds.  One of my favorite ways to plank.

I also like to hold a weight plate or DB when I do the Russian Twists.  Just a suggestion.  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Little by Little

Even if you only get 3 workouts in this week….. take one day, one workout, one meal at a time because……

little by little, a LITTLE becomes A LOT!


Happy Sunday to you, Happy Rest Day for me.  I have 3 workouts ready to go that require the use of dumbbells only!  I know not everyone can get in the gym 5 days a week AND I know some of you workout from home, so this should accommodate anyone who wants it.

MONDAY will be ABS, which may be a good day for you to add in Back and Chest since I don't count those muscles as part of an arm workout.  Or you could throw them in on the in-between days.

WEDNESDAY will be ARMS.  Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps.

FRIDAY will be LEGS.  My workout friends and I did this workout a Friday or two ago to test it out- (I like to test out workouts before I post them).  We all ended up sore.  I was sore but not holding onto to things to sit down.  Not hobbling up stairs like an old grandma.  It was the perfect touch, FOR ME!  Everyone will have their own outcomes.  I am just telling you my feels.  It's done with dumbbells only! 

You'll LOVE it.  We did!  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sweaty Saturday

700 was a good number to call it quits on!


20:00 Incline Walk

20:00 Stairs

20:00 Bike


Friday, March 27, 2015


And I'm all in for a Saturday Morning Workout.


I don't care how you get your sweat on, just get it on….. actually maybe I do care!  Have it be Fitness related and TAG me on Instagram in your Sweaty Saturday posts, I want to do something FUN. 


Here is the full workout that I did with the Video I posted Wednesday morning.  And if you don't have access to a Hack Squat Machine, barbell step ups would be your next best option.

I called it the "Legs, Glutes and CARDIO" workout because it really does cover all three areas!  The exercises work your muscles and your heart!  They are mostly compound exercises meaning they need lots of help from multiple muscles to complete the task.  Your heart gets beatin' and trust me it LOVES it.

The Glute Bridges and Donkey Kicks will give you a bit of rest to catch your breath.  I am still throwing in those Swing Lunges 2x a week.  I can't get enough.

I have provided videos of all 6 exercises previously on my page!  You can search the hashtag> FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on Instagram for all videos I have posted!  Happy to tag you as well.  Go have yourself a Leg/Glute Day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I got these in the mail today from the friendly people @bombassocks to test out and give my thoughts.  Even some sent to share with my hubby.  I am super excited to give them a go and I can't think of a better day to do so than on SWEATY SATURDAY.

The Bombas team has done 2 years of research on what makes a great sock for an active lifestyle.  They have come up with these features an athletic sock MUST have:

Long Staple Pima Cotton- Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer with natural moisture wicking properties

Performance Footbed

Stay-up Technology

Blister Tab- I already LOVE this feature

Y-Stitched Heel

Honeycomb Support System- gives extra support and tightness in the arch where we need it

Invisitoe- no annoying bump from toe seams

I can't wait to slip my feet in these socks that are built for athletic performance and put them to the test.  And how cool is that the mantra, "BEE BETTER" is stitched into the inside of every pair of Bombas.  A friendly reminder as a way to approach every day.

How I Really Feel About Burpees

This is how I really feel about those dang Burpees!  Watch my video I posted earlier this morning on my INSTAGRAM……. and then tell me you wouldn't rather have a slurpee than burpee?!

Enjoy your day and I got a Lower Body Workout coming your way maƱana!  HOO-RAY for Friday.


and just because BURPEES SUCK, I will let you watch me torture myself!  They suck because they hurt but that must mean they work.

Why burpees are good:

Full Body Exercise
Burn Mega Calories
Make You Stronger
Great For Conditioning
No Equipment needed/Do them anywhere
They go good with any workout

I do these once in a blue moon and only if someone makes me!!!  I won't point any fingers but you know who you are……. Do burpees suck for you too? or am I just being a wuss

And just for fun, did you know the Burpee was named after Royal H. Burpee in the 1930s.  He created the "burpee" exercise as part of his PhD thesis as a quick and simple way to assess fitness.  Then it became popular when the US Armed Services adopted it to assess the fitness level of recruits when the US entered WWII. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Homemade Turkey Sandwich

You can't ever really go wrong with a Fresh, Homemade Deli Sandwich.  They are just so simple to prepare and no big messy clean up!   

and- Sometimes I put a little layer of Cottage Cheese on my sandwich in place of mayo or miracle whip so it won't be so dry.   


A Couple Clips from a Leg Day


Start with both feet at the back of the platform.  Keep one foot planted, take a step back with the other to the ground.  Your leg on the platform should reach a 90* angle and when it does you have gone far enough.  Push in the heel of the planted foot to perform your Step-Up.  

Driving your knee up to your chest at the end is optional….. I just like to incorporate abs wherever I can.

The Treadmill workout is what I call 'Side Step'n'  I have shown it before.  
We added a few sets of these on to the end of our leg workout:

Incline: 15%

Speed: 2.0mph

1- Minute Each Side

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Getting out of my Mom Jeans

**All 4 pics were taken within the same week**

There is something about getting out of my Mom Jeans and going to the gym each morning to push myself physically and mentally that just makes ME HAPPY.  I like to train for fun and for my health.  The endorphins that come with it are pretty cool too.  Grumpy to Happy in .06 seconds.

It's kind of crazy to see pictures of myself mid-exercise (bottom pictures) when the blood is flowing and muscles are pumped.  Then to see me standing there relaxed, at home, back in my mom jeans (top pictures) and knowing that under my layers, I have 11 years worth of making ME  HAPPY to show for it.  It's crazy what you build when you do something you love.  Fitness or Not.

I joined my first gym in 2004.  Muscles don't appear over night.  Yes, I could have gotten there faster, be bigger or be smaller, but every workout has been just for fun.  I don't have someone coaching me and I don't compete.  I don't have someone telling me what to eat.  I'm just rolling with it and whatever happens happens.  I do what makes ME HAPPY.  I do what I feel like doing and I sharing what I do.

AND---I feel comfortable and that you can TRUST me sharing workouts and training tips on social media, since I am ISSA Certified to do so! 

Monday, March 23, 2015


Cellucor Super HD back in stock!!!  Both Flavors:  Strawberry Lemonade (my favorite) and Peach Mango.

Voted by bodybuilding.com as Fat Loss Supplement of the Year!

Save 25% off your purchase and option for FREE shipping if you want to sign in (provide email address) with my discount code: HALEYA

I posted a couple posts back more info about this Supplement and how/why I like and use it.  

ONE Arm Lat PullDowns

ONE Arm Lat Pull-Downs:

Working the Lats, the back BRA BULGE area.

Hook an appropriate attachment to a high cable.  Your palm will start facing away from you.  Pull the handle down to your side along with your elbow while rotating your wrist.  OR- you can pull the handle down with no wrist rotation.  It's all what you prefer and what feels best to you.  I do 12-15 reps. on each arm.  3 times.

When you finish a set of these how about some Lunge-Knee-Hops to spike your heart rate?!  I showed this plyo move last week.  It's a goodie!


Back & Biceps

Back & Biceps are good muscle groups to pair together since they are both "PULL" moves.

BICEPS:  A ZOTTMAN CURL AKA bicep curl going up and reverse curl going down.  Hold 2 DBs at your side and perform a regular bicep curl, palms facing up.  When your DBs reach your shoulders, ROTATE  your wrists so palms are facing down and slowly bring the DBs back down to the starting position.  I am holding 15lb DBs.  12 reps.  3 times.

MIDDLE BACK:  REVERSE GRIP BENT OVER ROWS.  With your feet apart and bent over at the waist (stick that butt out there)…. keep your back flat, DON'T round your back or hang your head!  Keep your head up.

Grab a BB with palms facing up/reverse grip.  Pull the BB towards your body, keeping elbows close to  your body and squeeze the back muscles when you reach full contraction and hold for a second.  DON'T squeeze the bar or your forearms will burn.  I am holding a 40lb BB.  10-12 reps.  3 times.



Multi-Tasking and A NEW FAVE!!!

Back & Biceps like to work together.  I think of them like boyfriend girlfriend!  On this move the back (the boy) takes the bicep (the girl) out on a date!  Ok, I'll stop now!  I like to entertain myself while I lift.

Lay your chest against an inclined bench with your feet apart on the ground.  Holding DBs with your arms straight down and palms facing each other, do a DB row- pull the DBs and elbows to your sides and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Lower the DBs back down so your arms are straight and go right into a hammer curl.  Lift the DBs with palms still facing each other towards your shoulders and lower the DBs back to down to starting position.  That is one rep.  I am holding 15lb DBs.  10-12 reps.  3 times.

I really LOVE this one! By a 3rd set your biceps will tire out faster than your back and when that happens just perform as many rows as you can without the biceps to burn out the back.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Strong is the new SKINNY


That's why I'm gonna attack your Back and Biceps tomorrow and share a new FAVORITE on my INSTAGRAM with a video. The move came to me in bed one night as I was writing up a workout for the next morning.

Well….. it ended up ROCKING my world!  Plus 3 other moves to share with it that you can add to your Back and Bicep workout that you should do this week….. wink, wink!

 Get Motivated!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


BEFORE…..tired. ornery. biotch

AFTER…..ENDORPHINS. HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY with a side of wrinkly forehead.

Today I did two rounds of my "The 5 then 5" workout and one round of my "20:45" workout.  I was on the treadmill for 45 mins and I sat in the sauna for 10 mins.

I LOVE that "5 then 5" workout.  It's only 10 minutes long.  It's a great mix of walking on an incline and running at no incline.  Can be a quickie or repeat until your happy. 


Friday, March 20, 2015

Because. Weights.

Because. Weights.

Because Weights burn fat.

Because Weights get you fit.

Because Weights give you curves.

Because Weights give you energy.

Because Weights improve your sleep.

Because Weights are good for your heart.

Because Weights are good for your bones.

Because Weights burn more calories at rest.

Because Weights make your clothes fit better.

Because Weights give you CONFIDENCE.

Workout Done, which that wraps up the weights for the week. Bring on Sweaty Saturday.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hands to the SKY!!!


First of all, sitting down on any shoulder exercise that you can is the way to go.  When you are standing your legs are helping you lift the weight.  When you are seated, the work is all kept in your arms.  Try it,  Do a set of front/side raises standing and then try them sitting.  You will find that sitting is a lot tougher.

So these are my FAVORITE type of "shoulder press" that I do.  When you do a shoulder press, the other muscle used to help the shoulders are the triceps.  So I like keeping one arm above my head during the whole move to keep it in my shoulders and take as much work out of the triceps as I can.

HOW TO: Start out by holding your dumbbells above your head.  Keeping one DB there, lower the other until your arm comes to a 90* angle or just below.  Then push it back up to the starting position.  Then repeat for the other arm.  Shoot for 20-24 total/10-12 on each arm.  Do it, you'll LOVE it!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tomorrow, I GET TO workout

A little Mid-Week Inspiration////Motivation////REMINDER……. THIS, is how we need to look at our health and fitness.  We all GET TO, not HAVE TO workout.

It's all fun and games and often taken for granted until you are dealing with an injury, sickness, or see someone who physically CAN NOT workout but you know they would give anything to GET TO.

So lets all workout tomorrow because we GET TO and not because we HAVE TO.

Big Breakfast

You have seen a few of my breakfast meals and it's no secret that they are very filling.  I do this on purpose.  I try to have bigger meals in the first part of my day so I can keep dinner on the light end….if possible!  It also just helps me be less of a munch gut all day long.

I love Breakfast food 24/7.  I try not to leave any food group out.


Turkey Bacon


Dave's Killer Bread


Suja Mighty Greens
Chopped onions, green pepper, tomatoes, etc… PICO


Almond Butter

SWEETS: just because

Drizzle of Honey 



I don't do these enough!  They are such a good plyo move for your core, lower body and your heart.  I like to throw these in after a weighted exercise to spike the heart rate.

Get down like you are about to take off in a race on the track.  Speaking of the track, I CAN NOT wait to start up my track workouts.  Does anyone else love to do track workouts?  Running stairs, sprints, grapevines, high knees, laps etc….. Ok, back to Lunge-Knee-Hops:

Once you are in starting position--LUNGE--bring that back extended leg up with a knee drive--KNEE--as you jump off the ground--HOP.  That's it. Enjoy


I like to do 10-15 reps and then repeat on the other leg. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Forgotten how to wear jeans

You know you wear workout clothes too much when you're sitting in your car and look down to see you have forgotten how to wear jeans.

Sorry Walmart.  
Sorry Bank. 
 Sorry Rumbi Island Grill.  
Sorry to my daughters Art class.  
See ya next time!

Glute Kickbacks


Lots of kickback variations going on here.  The first is a basic squat and when you stand you lift your leg up behind you.  Then squat again and repeat a kickback with the other leg.

Nothing to it really.  On your squats, go as deep as you can doing your best to not let your knees pass your toes.  Always try and stay light in your toes and push in your heels when you stand.  That really puts the work in those glutes.  I did 12-15 reps of this exercise 3x.

The Second KickBack exercise is a Step-Up.  I am keeping my entire foot planted on a bench during the whole exercise.  Stepping up on the bench with my weight in my heels and performing a kickback with my other leg.  I did all 10-12 reps on one leg before switching to the other.  3x.

I am holding a 40lb bar in both exercises.  SQUEEEEEEEZE your glutes on all the kickbacks

My Trouble Area

Working on that Stubborn Fat:

Anyone have that stubborn outer thigh "saddle bag" issue going on?! Which happens to be my trouble area that I fight day in and day out.  Maybe it doesn't help that I can't make a "healthy" version of Yogurtland to save my life……I just can't do it!  The reeses, brownie bites, cheesecake bites, cookie dough are always calling my name when I get to the topping section.  All the fruit and healthy eats just sits there all rude like and seems to be too cool for me. 

Anyway, I came across this move and think I should give it a go a few times a week and see if there is any improvements made.  It seemed to be effective yet effortless which is great for most anyone.

I am standing on a slight angle holding on to a machine.  Use a wall, a pole, anything.  Then place a weight against your upper leg, I am using a 25lb plate.  Then lift your leg out to the side and back down.  I did it until I was burning and uncomfortable.  Three times. 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Do Your Thing

My, 'I want to DIE'  sweaty mug is reality.  I literally just got done with a shoulder exercise and that image was the last clip.  I still had a grip on those DBs because it felt like my arms were trying to float away.  I was feeling the burn right there in that moment.  I was uncomfortable.  I was making improvements.  Doing what it takes.

I lift on the open gym floor and not tucked away in the SMALL 'Womens Only' room of my gym.  Weights are far and in-between in there.  If you're shy about lifting in the open weight section because of the dudes or whatever reason, DON'T BE!!  I know it's easier said than done.  But if you've never even tried then how do you know?!  And to be honest, the dudes would actually make room for you I promise.

I don't care who I am working out next to.  I'm there for my self improvement not theirs.



Because all things just taste better when you wrap them up like a burrito

LaTortilla Factory-High Fiber-Low Carb Tortilla

Almond Butter

Yogurt Chips




Sprinkle of Cinnamon






Like the Badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

You Will Thank Yourself

and in 3 months from now, it is officially Summer Time…….

If you have already been dedicating yourself to getting healthy, take it up a notch.  In all areas.

If you know you could do better, then do better.  Because…. if you kinda sorta try, you get kinda sorta results.

Prepare NOW, to Thank Yourself! 



Let me say these are all MY opinions and MY experiences with using both gadgets.  Feel free to add your own experience, opinions, agree/disagree over on my INSTAGRAM cause you are only going to add more helpful info to someone looking to purchase one of these.  The more experiences shared the better.

First I will say the Fitbit is trying to kill me (brings out my competitive side) and the Polar is trying to save me (lets me know when my heart is about to explode).  They balance out nicely! LOL.

They each serve their own purpose for me.  The Polar is my go to when I want a good workout.  I find it super motivating because based off past "polar workouts" I know what I am capable of as far as burning calories during a workout.  I know my max heart rate and min. heart rate.  So to have that number staring back at me during a workout lets me know if I need to kick it up a notch when time is running out.  I have better workouts when I wear my Polar.  

I find the Polar is a lot more accurate with calculating calories burned as well.  I never rely on my fitbit or cardio machines to calculate my calories.  A lot more info goes into figuring out calories burned than simply asking for your weight like cardio machines do.  Your heart rate, height, weight, male, female etc., all play a role.  

For example:  A treadmill once told me that I burned 542 cals at the end of my workout and my Polar told me I burned 394.  That's a 148 calorie difference.  That's too big of a difference to let slide when someone is tracking food intake based off calories burned in a workout.  This treadmill didn't know my heart rate once during the workout but I was wearing a heart rate monitor around my chest for the Polar……you decide which one was more accurate.  A person could be a daily runner which made for my run a breeze (low heart rate, minimal effort) OR they could be someone who hasn't ran a day in years (high heart rate, lots of effort) doing the same workout but the treadmill is going to give the same number to both people.  I'm pretty sure the daily runner would have the lower calorie burn.

I also like the Polar for the actual heart rate that is provides.  I like to see when I am at my max heart rate and my minimum which is perfect for how I like to train.  HIIT, Intervals….. spiking the heart rate and letting it come back down.  The Polar lets me see those numbers.  It tells me when to stop and when it's safe to start.

This Polar FT4 that I own, does require you to wear a chest strap.  No, it doesn't bug me.  I can't even tell it is there.  I wear it around the same place that my sport bra band is or slightly higher.  I put the strap on first, snap the battery to the front (this is the actual monitor part.  It snaps on and off.  And a tip I learned is to always take the battery off the strap when you're not using the polar to save battery life) and then I put my sport bra on over.

The FITBIT flex, which is the one I have.  I find the fitbit more for everyday use since it is a pedometer.  Best for walking, running and not so much for cycling, rowing, swimming etc.  I never use the Fitbit for calories or the "active minutes." Once I did a 1-hour/700+ leg day calorie burn according to my Polar and my Fitbit told me I had 23 active minutes….. that bugs me!  I may have been doing seated exercises or in place leg exercises, so it doesn't count as being "active" since I wasn't actually stepping but my heart rate was through the roof!  To me, that was being active.   

The fitbit is great to wear all day to motivate you to stay active.  I tell you what, when bedtime is near and you haven't hit your goal for daily steps you find yourself doing all sorts of crazy last minute stuff to reach it.  The fitbit is more of a fun tool for me.  Like the time I took it to Disneyland to see how many steps I took during a full day at the park, that was fun!  When I put on my Polar, I feel like it's time to get serious.  

The fitbit is also great for people who have behind the desk jobs.  It gives you that little reminder to get up and move around every once in a while.  I once had a client use it for that purpose.  Also, wearing it around the house, it can keep you busy.  If you just need that daily reminder to get moving then the fitbit is great.

The fitbit does get used more since you can wear it all day long and even sleep with it since it has a sleep function to show you your "restless" and "awake" minutes at night.  Which is really cool.  I like that function a lot.  Not that I do anything about it, I just like to see how I slept.  I only use my polar when I am working out.

The only thing that kind of rubbed me the wrong way about my fitbit is: Once I was driving my car and turning the steering wheel, my fitbit alerted me of reaching my 10,000 steps for the day……… Ummmmm, I was sitting on my butt at the moment.  But since my wrist was hitting the steering wheel or being bumped it was logging steps.  When that happened it kind of burst my bubble of fun I was having with the fitbit.  BUT, with my Polar, I have been mid workout and bumped my chest strap which will cause your heart rate to be lost.  Then you have to re-start your workout.  But at least it was being honest with me and not carrying on counting calories burned that weren't earned.  When that happens with my Polar, I just add the calories before to the new.

Another thing I like about the Polar is the battery lasts forever.  I have gone an entire year without having to change the battery but keep in mind I only use it when I workout (the battery can be bought  at any store and replaced yourself).  With the Fitbit, it requires a charge when the battery dies.  So you do take it off and charge it like you would your phone.  The charge usually lasts about 5 days. 

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal goals for which you would like more.  If you are just jumping into an active lifestyle the fitbit might be the motivation to get you going and build up some cardiovascular strength before taking it up another level.  Or if you're looking for something to keep you active throughout your day, the fitbit is good.  OR- go have an awesome workout that totally pushes you and take note of your calorie burn wearing a Polar…..then you know what you are capable of.  The polar will keep you from getting lazy and going through the motions during your workouts.  It also monitors your heart rate during your workouts which is always a good thing.  

SO, based off their uses and my own personal goals…… If I had to choose one over the other, the Polar Watch would be my choice.

Now go share any experiences or advice you may have in the comments on my INSTAGRAM          

Saturday, March 14, 2015

20-20-20 for SWEATY SATURDAY

20-20-20 for Sweaty Saturday!  

20 mins on the treadmill

20 mins on the stairs

20 mins on the bike

751 Calories Later

Summer is on the way

Spring is less than one week away which means in the blink of an eye Summer will be here!  I like to put forth more effort with my diet and kick my training up a notch with some help of SUPER HD.

SuperHD is a thermogenic (raises your core temperature), suppresses your appetite, boost metabolism (which is the thermogenic), gives focus and I actually use this for my pre-workout.  It does contain caffeine which is where the energy comes in.  It does in some weird way make me happy.  I am a nicer mom when I have taken HD.

There are capsules and powder.  They both are the same.  I prefer the powder because it allows me to control the dosage.  Sometimes I just really need a big heaping scoop.  And sometimes a pick me up 1/2 scoop mid day.  Upon waking in the morning just before my workout,, it is so nice to have something yummy to drink.  Strawberry Lemonade is my favorite flavor.

The pictures are Mid Summer in 2013 and 2014 both pics I was supplementing with SuperHD.

www.cellucor.com is where you can get  it.  You can use the code: HALEYA for 25% off and not checking out as guest will also give you FREE shipping

Friday, March 13, 2015


Lower Body days are always a good day to have yourself a few more calories!  Today I burned 600+ calories doing Glute Work and Oats sounded good for my 2nd Breakfast.  I haven't had this mix for a long time anyway and was due:

1/3 C Oats

1/2 Scoop- Cellucor Molten Chocolate Whey

1 Egg

2 Egg Whites

1 TBS Chia Seeds

Drizzle of SF Syrup

Dash of Cinnamon

Calorie Burner

I'm hooked on this "THE 20:45" workout!  You could throw this onto the end of one of your lifting workouts!  It goes by way too fast but does some damage!  It goes by so quickly for me that when I finished, I challenged myself for a ROUND 2.  

Here are two pics of my Calorie Burn after 1x thru and then after 2x thru.  It's a great, quick 20-minute workout that leaves you with a good sweat and a decent calorie burn.

If you need little more cardio, you could do this 2x through.  AND, since you are already warmed up when it comes to round 2, you could skip the 0:00-5:00 warm up and just start at the first SPRINT.  That will make 2 rounds of this take about 37 mins.

I posted "THE 20:45" last Saturday if you want to see the full thing.  So far I have had awesome feedback from ladies who have given it a shot.

Thursday, March 12, 2015



So I may have not been very nice on this workout and gave you SUPERSETS (doing two exercises back to back with no rest between the two moves) that will get your legs BURNING…….but remember when we get uncomfortable, that's when the magic happens.  Change Happens.

PLYOS, are so so so good for the legs.  They are great cardio and leaning out exercises and are all done with body weight.  They really get burning when you pair it with a weighted exercise.  I do recommend holding weight on the swing lunges though.

You can go straight down the list 3x or do each superset 3x and then move to the next.

I have also shown every single exercise and superset via video in this workout! Hashtag Search>  "FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS" on INSTAGRAM 

If you can't find them ask in the comments on my IG and I'll help you out!  

BOILING EGGS….soft or hard


Place eggs in pan & cover with at least 2 inches of water

Add 1 tbsp. of Salt

Place pan on high heat

When water reaches a rapid boil, remove pan from heat & cover with lid.  Let eggs sit for 13 mins >for large eggs

Place eggs in an ice water bath & let them sit for 5 minutes.  EASY TO PEEL. ENJOY!

Hard Boiled eggs are great for snacks.  Keep them in a covered container in the fridge.  Eat within 3-5 days.  Peeled or Shelled can affect how long they store.


Bring salted (1 tbsp.) water to a boil

Carefully place your eggs in the boiling water

*Cook eggs for 6-9 mins depending on how runny you want the yolk

Immediately put eggs in ice cold water for about 1 minute

Remove shell.  ENJOY!

Soft Boiled eggs are great for eating NOW!  Mash in a bowl or plate.  Dip your toast in them or whatever floats your boat! 


Do you ever feel this way walking out of the gym in the Winter?!  I know it doesn't help that I sweat like crazy.  Being sweaty and then walking out in the cold is the worst!  At least that Seal can rock a sweaty stache…. me on the other hand, needs to go visit the brow spa

I can't wait for Summer, when I can roll down the windows and let the air blow dry my hair so I don't have to blow it dry when I get home…. TMI?!  I admit it, I only wash my hair 2x a week…. maybe 3 if my husband is lucky.  ANYWAYS, good thing Spring starts next week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



You made it to circuit TWO of the week.  For this workout, you may want a mat close by you to do your abs on and a clock or the timer on your phones for the *ACTIVE REST*
Ok, here is how you do this workout:

Do 12 reps of each exercise in the circuit.  Do the circuit 3x total.  THEN, before you move on to the next circuit, choose one *ACTIVE REST* from the choices in the bottom left corner.  OR feel free to incorporate your own.  Whatever the active rest is, you are being active for 1-minute. #fithappens #shoulderworkout #abworkout #circuitworkout

GOOGLE, exercises you are unsure of so you're ready to work when you start your workout.  However, you will not find those "FRONT TO BACK BURNOUTS W/ PLATES" since it's a made up name by me! I am happy to tag you in my videos on my INSTAGRAM as well as the "CAR DRIVERS"  Just ask in comments over on my IG page.  



Thanks @g2gbar for my delivery of your amazing protein bars!  I love to have these on hand for when I need a "treat" or a snack (they really do taste like eating a treat).  I store them in my freezer and they keep for up to 8 months.  I currently have 11 boxes stored away.  But they will be flying off the shelf here quickly now that Spring/Summer is just around the corner and I spend more time outside and on the go.

These are my favorite protein bar!  I would rather have one of these over the infamous Quest Bars any day!  I guarantee many of my local friends will back me up on that.

My favorite flavor is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Fruit Nut

www.g2gbar.com or found in Utah County at Good Earth, Harmons, Macey's, Real Food, Whole Foods, Ridleys, Dan's and BYU campus


STRAIGHT-ARM plank or FOREARM plank:  Which plank is more for the core?

BOTH are great to challenge your core but the Forearm plank is the way to go.  The closer you are to the ground, the harder the position is to maintain.  You're fighting gravity.  The F-plank will target those abs more effectively.

The Straight-arm plank recruits shoulders and triceps instead of straight focus on the core. SA-planks  can be a great full body workout… that is why some believe that a SA-plank is harder because it gets your shoulders and arms burning.  But if your main focus when you plank is abs, then take the burn out of the arms and Forearm plank to target abs.

Regardless of how you plank, keep it up!  Planks can be done anywhere and they're so good for strengthening your core without having to do a single sit-up and they are safer.  Always keep a straight line b/w your shoulders and ankles, don't stick your butt in the air and don't collapse the lower back.

And is this not INSANE?!?  the World Record Plank Hold is: 4 hrs 26 mins.  Thats like watching Titanic AND THEN listening to the entire Soundtrack…. sounds like a BLAST!  NOT!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015



The back of the arms that we all know about right?!  We need to keep putting up a fight and show them who is ALWAYS boss to keep them tucked in their place

That CLOSE GRIP BB BENCH PRESS is for the triceps even though you probably thought chest.  On this exercise, keep your hands close together and elbows close to your torso at all times so all the work is put in your triceps and not the chest.

ANNNND ladies, (without implants of course) we actually CAN help our boobs be a little more perky and boost them a bit by doing chest exercises.  I know we each fight our own battles when it comes to boobs…. some more glorious than others ( high fives to all those mamas out there who brought babies into this world and are just dealing with those Jublees as they are).

My favorite chest exercise are FLYES, they make me sore every time!  ENJOY!  Circuit 2 of the week is next. 



Blend all ingredients until smooth:

1/2 C.  Oatmeal
1/2 C. Cottage Cheese
1 tsp. Vanilla
4 Egg Whites
1/2 Banana

Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and spray lightly with cooking spray

Pour the batter onto pan and cook 2-3 mins or until bubbles form on the edges.  Flip.  Cook other side


The other 1/2 of the banana
SF Syrup
1 tbsp. Almond Butter

Before this meal, I had a post workout "Cinnamon Roll" Protein Shake.


This has been going down every THURSDAY morning for the last month!!  The routine has been different each week too.  The class is a total full body workout involving weights and CARDIO all in one hour.  What more could you need?!  It's a GREAT start to the morning!

And if you just aren't a morning person, I tell you what…… Once you go mornings, you'll never go back!  The workout is done, over with and you still have your whole day....workout free.

UNIVERSITY VASA FITNESS in Orem on THURSDAYS @ 6:00AM.  WEIGHTS + CARDIO and you are out the door by 7:00AM.  The class is taught by @meliss0904 and she is LEGIT!!  Fabulous.  Amazing at what she does.

And guess what?!….. All Power Pump Classes are FREE this week.  No gym pass needed!

Na Na Na come on! SEE YOU THURSDAY!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015



Don't be afraid to lift HEAVY on your Back exercises.  I don't think I can list 5 instances where someone has caught my eye in the gym, at the pool, a magazine, or in a tank top at the grocery store OR anywhere for that matter and thought…."WOW, she has a big back!" --in a "I don't want to get bulky" point of view that some women get when it comes to muscles.

I have seen very fit women in all those places with amazing arms, shoulders etc…. but a back definitely gets overlooked and rarely gets labeled as "bulky" compared to how arms and legs can get that rap.  So get after it on the backs exercises and challenge yourself.  You are STRONGER than you think.

In this workout you will hit many areas of the back.  Lats, middle back and lower (P.S. those hyperextensions will also hit your glutes & hamstrings, you have been warned). 

If you aren't sure what an exercise is, they can ALL be found on Google with videos or images.  I can tag you in seated cable rows, reverse grip pulldowns and hyperextensions if you are unsure of those, just ask in comments on my INSTAGRAM  Get familiar with the exercises you don't know tonight so that tomorrow you can get right to work.

Taco Monday

Who says you have to eat Tacos on a Tuesday?

LaTortilla Factory--High Fiber--Low Carb Tortilla

Deer/Elk meat--- it doesn't get leaner than wild game!  Did you know, in general, Wild Game is leaner than domesticated animals, because animals in the wild are typically more active

Mounds and Mounds of Pico!  Harmon's sells my favorite Pico

Greek Yogurt for the spread

Suja "Mighty Greens"  (not pictured, it's in my belly).