Thursday, March 12, 2015

BOILING EGGS….soft or hard


Place eggs in pan & cover with at least 2 inches of water

Add 1 tbsp. of Salt

Place pan on high heat

When water reaches a rapid boil, remove pan from heat & cover with lid.  Let eggs sit for 13 mins >for large eggs

Place eggs in an ice water bath & let them sit for 5 minutes.  EASY TO PEEL. ENJOY!

Hard Boiled eggs are great for snacks.  Keep them in a covered container in the fridge.  Eat within 3-5 days.  Peeled or Shelled can affect how long they store.


Bring salted (1 tbsp.) water to a boil

Carefully place your eggs in the boiling water

*Cook eggs for 6-9 mins depending on how runny you want the yolk

Immediately put eggs in ice cold water for about 1 minute

Remove shell.  ENJOY!

Soft Boiled eggs are great for eating NOW!  Mash in a bowl or plate.  Dip your toast in them or whatever floats your boat! 

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