Tuesday, March 31, 2015


SURPRISE!!!!!! @willitrun

So, I asked anyone who worked out last Saturday to tag me in their own "SweatySaturday" post because I wanted to do something fun…….. WELL, I chose my favorite post who tagged me in their sweaty workout!  And it wasn't an easy choice since I LOVED seeing everyones posts!  But it was @willitrun post and caption that I LOVED:

She said, "It's as easy as simple math - Lace Up and Run"  @willitrun

I will have to agree with you!  Working out really can be a simple thing.  I swear 80% of it is showing up.

@willitrun PLEASE email me haleyfithappens@gmail.com so I can get your address and send you a SWEATY SATURDAY SURPRISE!  And since I hate choosing just 1 person, I would love @pgfitness_  and @geenabennett to also email me so I can mail ya a treat to say thanks for playing along and for all your support!  I loved your posts too. XO #SURPRISEGIVEAWAY

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