Saturday, March 7, 2015

Do you got TWENTY minutes AND FORTY FIVE seconds?

Do you got TWENTY minutes and FORTY FIVE seconds?! 

Try this one.  I LOVE it.

This takes you through 3 different sprint segments.

1-minute sprints
45-second sprints
30-second sprints

Every sprint you do allows you one FULL minute of recovery time.

ADJUST the speeds of the RECOVERY and SPRINTS to fit your fitness levels if needed.  Bump up the incline between 0.5% -- 2.0% to be more similar to road running. 

P.S.  to see this post better…..Take a screen shot.  Then when you got it in your album, turn your phone sideways and make the image bigger with your fingers.  Then I place my phone on the treadmill. 

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