Monday, March 30, 2015


Good Morning!  3 TIMES THROUGH ABS:

on the 15 rep abs, remember it is a core exercise working both sides of your abdominals.  So, 15 on each side, 30 total.

You could do this ab workout with some cardio.

For example:

I would do a 2 minute fast run or 3 minute 15% no hands incline walking and then do this.  Round 2, repeat the cardio you just did or mix it up with some side shuffle walking/running 1 minute each side or treadmill lunges….. then do this.  Now you only have one more round left!  Have fun with it.

P.S. OR- you could do some back/chest exercises with this workout since those muscles do not belong in my ARM workout coming Wednesday.

These are a few of the ABS that are in the workout I posted this morning.  I know most everyone knows these exercises but maybe not sure about those "Up-Down Planks"  So here ya go.

You do those bad boys for 45 seconds.  One of my favorite ways to plank.

I also like to hold a weight plate or DB when I do the Russian Twists.  Just a suggestion.  

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