Tuesday, March 10, 2015



The back of the arms that we all know about right?!  We need to keep putting up a fight and show them who is ALWAYS boss to keep them tucked in their place

That CLOSE GRIP BB BENCH PRESS is for the triceps even though you probably thought chest.  On this exercise, keep your hands close together and elbows close to your torso at all times so all the work is put in your triceps and not the chest.

ANNNND ladies, (without implants of course) we actually CAN help our boobs be a little more perky and boost them a bit by doing chest exercises.  I know we each fight our own battles when it comes to boobs…. some more glorious than others ( high fives to all those mamas out there who brought babies into this world and are just dealing with those Jublees as they are).

My favorite chest exercise are FLYES, they make me sore every time!  ENJOY!  Circuit 2 of the week is next. 

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