Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coming Your Way

And here are our results after the 'Firecracker' Full Body Workout.

I like to put my workouts to the test  before I put them out there……..I think we approved!  The workout is coming your way soon (details are in my previous post from this morning).  

The FIRECRACKER Full Body Workout

A holiday is this wknd and if you have been following me for a while then you know I love to post a good sweaty, Full Body workout on a Holiday!  The way I look at it, a holiday is a good reason to make a workout EXTRA sweaty before all the festivities begin.  When I have a great workout, I feel better about enjoying whatever I want with my family and friends.

For me, when it comes to eating clean vs. having fun- the fun always wins out, I am human.  I don't pretend to be perfect..… So I train hard to eat hard.  The 4th of July is one of my favorites too.  BBQ and S'mores PLEASE.

Seriously, get away from the every day chicken/turkey/fish/veggies etc…..they will be there the next meal/day.  Enjoy a good ol' hot dog or a cheeseburger WITH bacon damnmit!  Enjoy life.  Live the 80/20 lifestyle.  It's way more convenient.

This Friday AM, I will be posting the "FIRECRACKER" Full Body Workout for you to rock out at your convenience that day or on the actual 4th.  I'm telling you this now in case anyone would like to plan their workouts this week for it.   6 Video clips will also be posted to help you as well. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Forever Reason to be fit

Get strong, then allow yourself to be amazed by mental transformation and self confidence you find along the way.

I've tried to be skinnier, smaller, tried to lose those last 5 pounds, wished I looked like so and so…… but somewhere along the way I fell in love with the feeling of being fit.

It had nothing to do with my pants fitting, what the scale said or how I looked or didn't look and had EVERYTHING to do with HOW I FEEL.  Discovering that feeling will be my forever reason to stay fit.

Have you found your forever reason?


HAHA ok, last NACHO meme from me…. maybe, but after a weekend and a Sunday of complete rest with extra carbs……. I AM feeling very Nachooooooooo like on this Monday Morning!  Anyone else feel this way on Mondays?

P.S. I Love this movie!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Allow enough time for something to start working for you.  That is the real tester with this fitness life.  We get impatient when we aren't seeing immediate progress and jump the gun to start trying something else when a change could have been just around the corner.  Stick with a concept and ride it out long enough to see any change.  If you feel you have given it an honest long hard effort, then find a new way…
Don't just give up.

Don't forget….. it's not always about how we look on the outside.  Be sure to recognize the changes that are happening on the inside. 

The dress that ruined the shoes

I think the saying is,

"the wrong shoes can totally ruin a good outfit!"

 -WELL,  I just so happen to disagree….. I think that this dress totally ruined the shoes! #FITGIRLPROBLEMS #brooksforlife 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Track Workout #3 in the books

the 'Take it to the TRACK' Workout 3 is in the books.  All these ladies ROCKED it but I think it's because they all were wearing @brooksrunning shoes.

Today we busted out:

9 Laps
6 Straightaway Sprints
30 Burpees
150 Walking Lunges
60 Squat Jumps
45 Push Ups
60 Lunge Jumps
60 Plank Jacks
150 Abs
3 mins of Planking
3 Sets of Running the stadium stairs


Killin it VS Getting Killed


????Do you ever eat rice, potatoes, breads, pastas etc,…. Not for EVERY meal but do you EVER even allow it?  REAL carbs and not just carbs from lettuce and veggies?  There is a difference in the energy you get from rice vs energy you get from broccoli.  Both are carbs, but one packs a punch!  

I put a low carb/no carb day to the test.  Along with a few other meals, I ate these 2 meals on different days at about 6pm.  Similar, although meal on the left contained ONLY chicken, lettuce and veggies.  Meal on the right also contained chicken, lettuce, veggies AND a portion of rice, black beans AND 2 small tortillas…… My workout to follow the next morning on both days was a WORKOUT: weight lifting, HIIT cardio, Active Rest!  I wasn't just going for a walk around the neighborhood.


The workout with NO carbs was the death of me, it OWNED me.  I had little energy.  I was glad when it was over.  Enough said!  The workout WITH carbs, didn't stand a chance!  I wanted more.  I could have kept going.  I was having fun.  I would much rather workout feeling alive vs feeling dead, I truly believe the carbs and extra calories fueled my winning workout.

Carbs are FUEL for your body.  Carbs must be present to burn fat.  Carbs here and there are NOT going to make you fat….they will give you the energy you NEED to actually burn MORE fat.  Carbs will make your workouts more enjoyable.  
THE END!    

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Me and my Blades

My hubs took the kids to a park while he coached hitting lessons and my blades started calling my name.  We cruised from the bottom of Provo Canyon to South Fork and back down.  It was a perfect night although still low 90s, however, I was kid-less; AKA mini-vacay.

I am very blessed to live surrounded by all this beauty!  Alright, who is up for a roller bladin' workout?!  

Plyos + Legs

Plyos + Legs:

This workout should go by pretty quickly but your legs will be burnin' and your heart will be pumping.

I switched it up in how I like to follow an exercise with a body weight plyo move….THIS TIME, you will do a body weight plyo exercise, THEN follow it up with a weighted exercise.  Except for that last set, it is just Glute Focused.

Treat each set of exercises like a Superset.  Rest after the set.  Complete each set 2-3 times then move to the next set.  OR- just go straight down the list with little to no breaks.

I have shown most exercises under the hashtag #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on my instagram if you are unsure of some.  Ask in the comments there if you would like me to tag you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Harmons is my most favorite place to Grocery shop.  They sell my favorite salsa/pico.  They also sell my favorite store bought Sushi.  We hit up Harmons at least once a week.

They also have a fabulous salad/soup/sushi here and there Bar which makes for a perfect meal customized to your liking.

Here is my lunch from last week, which I created and my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. However, it is always a great feeling knowing that I do NOT in fact have Prader-Willi Syndrome (chronic feeling of hunger, insatiable appetite, desire to eat constantly because they never feel full). LOL!

Take it to the TRACK Workout #3

Take it to the TRACK Workout 3:

Run 1 Lap
10 Burpees
25 Walking Lunges ea. Leg
25 Abs of Choice

Run 1 Lap
20 Squat Jumps
15 Push-Ups
25 Abs of Choice

Run 1 Lap
10 Lunge Jumps ea. Leg
20 Plank Jacks
25 Abs of Choice

Sprint the Straightaway
Walk the Curve
Sprint the Straightaway
Walk the Curve

REPEAT the above for a TOTAL of 3 Rounds
Then you can say you ran a 5K, YAY!
4 Laps around a standard track = 1 mile. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Smoke Vault

I wanted to share my Lunch from today--Which was Left-Overs but not:

Ready to Serve- Minute Brown Rice

1 Tomato 

Fresh caught Salmon: then prepared and smoked in our smoker from the other day.

Smoked Salmon is absolutely DIVINE!!!  I have turned many fish haters into salmon lovers with my fisherman's homemade smoked salmon.  We keep it on hand as much as possible in the fridge.  No heating required once it is smoked.  Then you can just eat pieces like you would jerky. 

I could go into detail about all the health benefits from Salmon.  
But I'll just sum it up and say:

Only one food has the reputation from being a "brain food" and that is fish.  
Salmon is considered one of the World's Healthiest Foods packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.  

Shoulders and Triceps SUPERSET

Shoulders and Triceps SUPERSET Workout:

Two exercises performed back to back with no rest/break between the two moves.

Rest after you finish the 2 exercises.  Repeat the Superset 3x total.  THEN, move on to the next set of SUPERSETS.  Do that set 3x then move on to the next set of SUPERSETS.


Monday, June 22, 2015


There is stretching and then there is ROLLING, which is on a whole other level.  I have posted previously all the benefits of using a Foam Roller and a Stick>>  Here is the link to that post: FOAM ROLLING 101

The Basics:

Roll AFTER a workout.  This helps muscles return to their proper length and start the recovery process w/o letting scar tissue build up.  When you roll, your muscles relax to absorb all that fresh flowing blood to your sore muscles or soon to be sore muscles.  Speeds up recovery.

Here are pictures breaking down a few foam rolling exercises:

1) Quads-  Roller is above the knee around quad area.  For less pressure you can always go to your hands instead of elbows.

2) Hip/IT Band- the most painful stretch of the 4 shown. This stretch is a MUST for runners.  Most knee pain is associated with IT bands being too tight.  Roll up and down the side of your leg.  This will keep that band long and flexible.  Take the roller higher for hips.  In the picture I have one leg in front of my body.  For more pressure, stack your legs on top of each other.

3) Hamstrings/Glutes- Roller is under hammys.  You can stack one leg over the other for more pressure or leave the trailing leg to the side for a bit of support like I am in the pic.  For the Glutes, you are basically sitting on the roller.  If stretching left glute, bend left leg slightly and cross the right leg over the bent knee.

4) Calves- Roller goes under calf.  Stack your other leg over for more pressure or leave it trailing to the side.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Make Sure YOU Win

YOU decide……What will YOU do for YOU this week

Will YOU make time for a few workouts

Will YOU turn off the alarm and get up instead of hitting snooze

Will YOU push yourself 5 extra minutes on your cardio

Will YOU lift a few more reps when you are absolutely burning

Will YOU drink 8 extra ounces of water

It's YOU vs. YOU, 
make sure YOU win.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Workouts are COMPLETE!!!

Well, I beat the Sun……. "So you're telling me there's a chance?!" 
At least I fee like a Million Bucks!

...and isn't Saturday is the Best Day Ever?!  Waking up and knowing that in just one more workout I am done with all my planned workouts.  Checking off the entire list has me feeling like Nacho on that Mountain top……or hill rather.

Have a plan.  Get it done.  Even if you can give 30 mins a day, you WILL feel Amazing!  Happy Saturday and ENJOY the Weekend and be sure to LOVE on those Dads!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Track Workout #2 Done!

What a fun morning!  It's much better to sweat with friends, don't ya think?!  AND- there was even a Boom Box today.

I would love more shoes inside this circle!

Friday 6AM at the MVHS Football Stadium.  Next Fridays workout is already mapped out and I will be posting it next week….If it looks like something you want to try out, please feel free to come!

I take my Aminos Very Serious

As you can see, I take my Aminos very seriously!  They don't last long around this place so the fear of running out scares me, therefore, I stock up!

Never workout feeling dehydrated again.

www.CELLUCOR.com the CODE: HALEYA for 25% off.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Snack at the Pool

I know if you have ever had a G2GBAR you don't go to the pool without one.  Today I also packed some popcorn, string cheese ( nice and warm, YUM!), Veggie straws…hey there are better than nothing or my kids currently eating ice cream cones, if the sun will let them, Turkey Jerky and LOTS and LOTS of Water! 

What I ate and the Diet Industry

šŸ“What I ate for a day this week:

1) Banana Split Protein Shake
2) A few glasses of Suja -Mighty Greens
3) 2 eggs, 2 egg whites w/ tomatoes and spinach
4) Cafe Fresh Turkey Avo Wrap
5) 2 JalapeƱo String Cheese- Weight Watchers
6) Rice Cakes w/tuna mixed with Mrs. Dash and mustard
7) Greek Yogurt with slivered almonds and honey
8) Yogurtland
9) Good2Go Bar
10) JalapeƱo white cheddar popcorn and Salt 'n Vinegar almonds
and 128oz. of water

That is a lot of food!  And I am still not where I should be…… All that food without counting the Yogurtland Treatmeal was about 1850 calories.  60g of Fat.  160g of Carbs.  160g of Protein.  I also burned 600+ calories during my workout this morning. 

I know you all hear it……. 1200 calorie diets seem to be the magic.  It may be for some but it no way can be for ALL.  It's definitely not for my 5'9" frame working out 6 days a week.  Trust me, I have been on that 1200 calorie diet and all it did was allow me to gain weight right back and keep my stubborn fat more stubborn.

Lately I am trying for that second analogy…. 1200 calories, oh you mean Breakfast?! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Heat makes things expand

I'm totally rolling with this today…..it was TOASTY!

Quick Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Even though the track workouts are called "Track Workouts" we are still engaging our muscles at those workouts with body weight movements.

I am also not neglecting the weights.  I am lifting weights in a gym 4-5 days a week.

Here is a 'QUICK UPPER BODY' Dumbbell Workout.  Do as many rounds as needed.  I have a post explaining '21s' if you need a little help understanding.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Take it to the TRACK Workout #2

Take it to the TRACK workout # 2:

10 Swing Lunges ( 10 front/10 back = 20 total ) ea. leg
10 Curtsy Lunges ea. leg
( 1 set )

10 Squats w/ alt. Glute Kickbacks
3 'Around the World' Jump Squats ( 12 total jumps ).
10 Lunge Jumps
( 2 sets )

GET TO WORK: on 1 set of stairs
Lunge Up the stairs
Run Down the stairs
Sprint Up the stairs
( 3 sets )

Side Shuffle.  SWITCH sides at 1/2 way
Jog Back
( 3 sets )

High Skips 1/2 way
High Knee Run the other 1/2
( 3 sets )

Grapevine. SWITCH sides at 1/2 way
Jog Back
Lateral High Knee Run. SWITCH sides at 1/2 way
Backwards Run back
( 3 sets )

Finish with some laps/stairs/bleachers if you have the time.  ENJOY!!  Watch the VIDEO of me #sweatingmyassoff on my INSTAGRAM.

These are the 6 exercises in the workout.  Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Swing Lunges
Curtsy Lunges

Side Shuffle L and R

Squats w/ Glute Kickbacks
Around the World Jump Squats
Lunge Jumps

High Skips
High Knee Run
Jogging Backwards

Lunge up the stairs
Jog down the stairs
SPRINT up the stairs

Grapevine L and R
Lateral High Knee Run
Jogging Backwards

Go get a tan and ENJOY!!

Monday, June 15, 2015


Well, preparing that dinner was fun….NOT! 
 However, they sure looked Beautiful!

Kabobs of all kinds:

BBQ Chicken


Chicken + Pineapple


and Veggies>> Mushrooms, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Red Onion

T-Shirt to Workout Tank

T-Shirt to Workout Tank in a few Snips!  Pretty self explanatory on 'how to' in the pic.

Then, you can tie it on the side or in the back depending on how baggy you prefer your tanks.  OR you can cut a slit from the bottom going up the seam a little ways on the side and you have a homemade tie…. kind of like that Forever21 red tank I posted a while back.  
OR, just let it be.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Feel Good

I am guilty of this.

I have those stubborn areas that I constantly focus on and fight workout after workout which obsessing over leaves me forgetting how GREAT I actually feel.

We spend all this time trying to perfect the outside that we forget how we feel inside.

I honestly feel good.  I feel confident.  I feel strong.  I feel I could handle any hard obstacle physically placed in front of me.  I feel I have a strong heart and body that I've conditioned that carries me through day after day.  I feel that I am in shape.

I need to be better about remembering these things.  Those things are so much more rewarding than the looking good. 

My 10 Commandments

Bringing you some Sunday Morning Services #FITNESSSTYLE

THE 10 Commandments of Weight Loss.

I agree with Every. Single. One.  LIVE IT and you'll get it.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Get in my belly Sodalicious Diet Coke with Fresh Lime!  I also had myself one of their Scotcharoos.

That cow show my true feelings when I break my weekly Diet Coke fast with a good one.

But the Dying part is worth it

Well maybe not Every Time…… But yesterdays workout on the track had me feeling like so at some points!

Friday, June 12, 2015


YOU GUYS!!!!!!  This is AMAZING!  Put your stubborn ways aside and SUPPORT and FOLLOW this man.  I PROMISE, you will get the chills following his journey as he performs FIFTY FULL IRONMANS in FIFTY STATES over the next FIFTY days……consecutively.  YES, you read that right.

He started in Hawaii and is currently in Flagstaff, AZ.  He has already knocked out OR, WA, NV, CA.   I will not be surprised if this story starts making it to the news.  INCREDIBLE.  Go check out his recent posts about his journey, you will be totally inspired.

@ironcowboyjames  is from Utah and will end his 50th there, my home state.  I am sure he will have a thousands of supporters cheering him in on that final FIFTY!  He may be coming through your state soon!

 #ironcowboy #fightthefight #505050

Can't Decide

When you can't decide which color of the new #Ghost8 you want to rock first……You just wear one of each and #runhappy  @brooksrunning 

And all these fabulous ladies rocked a track workout with me this morning!
It's defientely better working out with friends :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015



Thank you @ashley.horner for creating this perfect fit.  I live for a good Baseball Tee!!! 
 I LOVE it.

Sweaty Saturday just got even SWEATIER.

You can find the baseball tee on ashleyhorner.co

Stay Hydrated

Staying Hydrated during workouts is very important.  Your body runs a lot better when you are hydrated.

I like to stay EXTRA hydrated with Cellucor Alpha Aminos in my water.  Alpha Aminos are like a Gatorade x1000 but without sugar and carbs. They offer all the benefits of BCAAs ( 14 amino acids ) but contain a hydration blend.  They help with endurance, muscle recovery and prevent muscle breakdown.

Alpha Aminos are naturally powered by chia seeds and raw coconut containing electrolytes and minerals.

This flavor is so YUM too, it is Blue Raspberry.  There are 5 flavors to choose from on the Cellucor Site.

Alpha Aminos contain no stimulants so they are safe for anyone, even your kiddos on hot summer days.  They are amazing at quenching your thirst.

Try some out.  I promise you won't be disappointed. Save 25% with my code: HALEYA on www.cellucor.com and if you want, sign in ( provide email ) for FREE shipping!  And P.S. this was amino water bottle number. I drank one already at the track with aminos.  Can't get enough.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Track Workout #1

This Video goes along with the 'Take it to the TRACK' workout workout I posted this morning.  All the sets, reps and full detail are on that post.

These are the 6 exercises in this workout.  Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Covering 1 Mile like so:

Following LAP ONE you have Body Weight Squats

Following LAP TWO you have Stationary Lunges

Repeat for the sequence for LAP THREE and LAP FOUR.  Mile Done.


SPRINT the straightaway and walk back to let the heart rate come back down>>>if you get after those sprints, you WILL be feeling the soreness in your quads, promise!  Yesterday I was feeling it for sure.

After your walk, Jump Rope.  You can do something else if you don't have a jump rope.

After the Jump Rope, go right into a set of Lunge-Knee-Hops.

Catch your breath.  Repeat the Sprint, Jump Rope, Lunge-Knee-Hops.

THE FINISHER is the Lunge to Jump Squat Count Down.  I posted a full video of this last night on my instagram.  The 'HOW TO' is also explained in more detail from my post this morning.  Don't Skip This Part.  It will test your mental toughness for sure!  You have to get uncomfortable to make changes happen right?!  So get it done!!!

I will be doing this track workout this Friday at 6:15am at the MVHS track in Orem if anyone wants to join me and my workout friends. 

take it to the TRACK workout

Take it to the TRACK Workout:

1) Run 1 lap
15 body weight squats

2) Run 1 lap
10 stationary lunges ea. leg

3) Run 1 lap
15 body weight squats

4) Run 1 lap
10 stationary lunges ea. leg
AND you just ran a mile and didn't even know it

5) Sprint the Straightaway
walk back
45 second Jump Rope
10 Lunge-Knee-Hops ea. leg
( 4 sets )

6) Down the Straightaway: Lunges=10 TOTAL, so each leg will get 5 lunges.

10 Jump Squats
10 walking Lunges
9 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
8 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
7 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
6 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
5 Jump Squats

That was the bit of my track workout.  I also did some "firewalks" (I have posted a video of those,  search hashtag> FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on my INSTAGRAM.  I also ran a few sets of bleachers/stairs.  Video is on the way.  And more track workouts coming soon. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lunge and Squat it out at the TRACK

Has anyone hit up the TRACK yet?!  I did for my first time on Monday and I will be posting the workout tomorrow with another video.  My quads are so soooore from Straightaway sprints.  I LOVE it.
BUT, I wanted to share this part of the workout.  K-I-L-L-E-R 
Especially since it was the final part to seal the deal.

The Lunges are 10 TOTAL, so 5 for each leg.  No stopping until you reach the final 1 Jump Squat:

10 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
9 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
8 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
7 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
6 Jump Squats
10 Walking Lunges
5 Jump Squats

Active vs Inactive Muscles

Fat cannot turn into muscle and muscle cannot turn into fat.  Muscle and fat are two separate and distinct tissues.

The best example I can give is when someone has to wear a cast on a broken bone.  When the cast is removed, the muscles in the unused arm or leg are smaller than they were prior to the injury.  If muscle could turn to fat, you should see a "fat ball" when you take the cast off.  Or did you really think that casted leg or arm lost weight but your other limbs didn't?!  Hmmmmmmm…. it's called muscle loss or atrophy.  The muscles inside that cast never got stimulated so it simply shrunk.

In reality, muscles take a "Use it or Lose it" approach.  If you don't use a muscle, it will literally waste away/shrink.  This is why it is so important to strength train and use your muscles while you can since as we age we become more vulnerable to muscle loss/atrophy due to limitations of being able to move like we use to.  

Muscle is your ally in the aging process.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Secret Formula

If I could figure out how to get my body to function properly on this, I totally would!  

Breakfast. Lunch. and Dinner.  

Ok, now in all seriousness.....The secret formula is ^^^THIS.

Make the decision.  Then,

Commitment + Consistency = Results with a remainder of never-ending Progress.

I am ready to re-commit myself to another week of progress.  How about you?


This is NOT a salad….. in fact I had a few non-salad related meals this week!  Enjoying "Treat Meals/Cheat Meals" whatever you choose to call them occasionally is something I encourage.  And it will actually HELP you progress.

Keep your treats under control by ENJOYING treats 1-2 times per week.  And not just something like this mini blizzard.  If you want pizza then eat 3 slices.  If you want lasagna have a couple bread sticks with it!  Just EAT IT and ENJOY it because it will not ruin your results as long as you can jump right back on the plan…..and how do you jump right back on to the plan?  It's simple……. by treating yourself 1-2 times per week will have you never feeling deprived!  

and P.S these mini blizzards are the perfect size.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A different kind of Sweaty Saturday

Today I took #sweatysaturday outside for a different kind of sweat.

I LOOOOOOVE me some roller bladin'  

Don't Miss Out

Have you taken advantage of the discount that @g2gbar is offering you guys?!  25% OFF of the most amazing protein bars you will ever eat.

You will be so glad you have them on hand this Summer.  They are perfect for vacations, the park, the baseball field, take one to the pool ( I do every time ).  I ordered 7 boxes + the sample pack ( free shipping over $100 ) and will store them in my spare freezer out in the garage.  This way I am always GOOD 2 GO.  No excuses.

Get them at www.g2gbar.com and the discount code is: SUMMER25

This deal ends tomorrow!  Don't miss out.

Friday, June 5, 2015

National Donut Day

…..and it's even a bigger deal that today is National Donut Day!

I think I'll go enjoy 3 ;)  
Good thing I burned 710 calories this morning during my workout.