Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Track Workout #1

This Video goes along with the 'Take it to the TRACK' workout workout I posted this morning.  All the sets, reps and full detail are on that post.

These are the 6 exercises in this workout.  Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Covering 1 Mile like so:

Following LAP ONE you have Body Weight Squats

Following LAP TWO you have Stationary Lunges

Repeat for the sequence for LAP THREE and LAP FOUR.  Mile Done.


SPRINT the straightaway and walk back to let the heart rate come back down>>>if you get after those sprints, you WILL be feeling the soreness in your quads, promise!  Yesterday I was feeling it for sure.

After your walk, Jump Rope.  You can do something else if you don't have a jump rope.

After the Jump Rope, go right into a set of Lunge-Knee-Hops.

Catch your breath.  Repeat the Sprint, Jump Rope, Lunge-Knee-Hops.

THE FINISHER is the Lunge to Jump Squat Count Down.  I posted a full video of this last night on my instagram.  The 'HOW TO' is also explained in more detail from my post this morning.  Don't Skip This Part.  It will test your mental toughness for sure!  You have to get uncomfortable to make changes happen right?!  So get it done!!!

I will be doing this track workout this Friday at 6:15am at the MVHS track in Orem if anyone wants to join me and my workout friends. 

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