Thursday, June 25, 2015

Plyos + Legs

Plyos + Legs:

This workout should go by pretty quickly but your legs will be burnin' and your heart will be pumping.

I switched it up in how I like to follow an exercise with a body weight plyo move….THIS TIME, you will do a body weight plyo exercise, THEN follow it up with a weighted exercise.  Except for that last set, it is just Glute Focused.

Treat each set of exercises like a Superset.  Rest after the set.  Complete each set 2-3 times then move to the next set.  OR- just go straight down the list with little to no breaks.

I have shown most exercises under the hashtag #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on my instagram if you are unsure of some.  Ask in the comments there if you would like me to tag you.

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