Sunday, November 30, 2014

Healthy Holiday Tip #8- STAY ACTIVE

Healthy Holiday Tip #8-


TOMORROW is December 1st!!  Did you know that the percentage of people who exercise regularly is lower in December than any other time of the year.  Even though we do get "busy" this time of year it does not count as being "active."  Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise 4-6 times a week

I know the holidays can be very stressful and a workout might be the last thing you want to do.  But we all know that workouts can make you feel better, relieve stress and boost your mood almost 100% of the time

If you really need some guidance and daily motivation, you can hop on over to my local fitness friend, @jillkfitness (on instagram) who I have teamed up with to bring you the December FitBlast Challenge, go check it out and get signed up!!  Sign up HERE  She is ready to send out your very first email to get you started!  

Saturday Goal Met!

What a fun and very challenging week.  Trying to keep a fitness plan around a Holiday and lack of sleep due to late night shenanigans of shopping was a test for sure.  I truly feel had I not made a commitment/goal I would have slacked off this week a few times.

If you did this challenge be so proud of yourself!!!

I'm so thankful for each and every one of you who reach out to me, even if it's just to simply push that 'like' button.

I can't wait for the fun giveaway I have for you in a week or so (on instagram only)!!  It will be like an early Xmas present from me to you and your friend.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I'm off for the last and final day of the 500 calorie burn challenge!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Goal Complete


We are 1 day away from having this challenge DONE!!!  

I am off to get my shopping on,

SHOPPING burns calories right?!

Healthy Holiday Tip #7- Keep on Drinking

Healthy Holiday Tip #7-


H2O that is!!!  Crazy to think but getting dehydrated can be more of a risk in cooler temperatures and for people at higher elevations.  The air we breath is drier and that makes our lungs work harder to humidify the air and warm it up.  So the harder our bodies work the more we need to drink.

I know it's hard to want to keep drinking water when the temps outside are not like the hot Summers but staying hydrated through this time of year is just as important.  For holiday party purposes, water is going to naturally help you avoid overeating if you try to drink a large glass 20-30 minutes before your big dinner.  Water will also help you burn fat more efficiently.  Sometimes we confuse hunger for dehydration so lets be sure to drink water all day long so we are certain when we are actually hungry. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Goal Met

I knew I was going to spending 1 1/2 hours at the gym today so I went in there like that turkey on that wrecking ball ready to work!

1000 Calories was my goal.



Healthy Holiday Tip #6-


Allow yourself a taste of anything you want to try, but only eat more than a bite of things you really LOVE!  If you taste something that is just "okay" then stop there and eat something that is more like "how can I have just one bite of this?!"  Sometimes I find myself eating something simply because it is there.  Or I find myself eating a couple of store bought cookies that I can eat any time of the year, UGH!! I hate when I do that.  I would so much rather save room for the calories that are in a DELICIOUS pumpkin roll that I only get once a year…… (hint hint @marisaduncan ;))

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


HIGH KNEE RUN:  One of the BEST cardio for your abs.  As you bring your knees to your chest you are recruiting major ab muscles, especially those lower abs.

I love to throw in cardio after lifting exercises, because why?  I say WHY NOT?!  You made it to the gym (or your home workout) so you might as well WORK and make it worth your time.

High knee run in place, I LOVE.
High knees actually running, I LOOOOVE!!!

This is just a basic high knee run.  And on the way back I switched it up with a High Knee Lateral Run. If you got space, do it.  If not, high knees in place are fabulous too.   

Add a few round of these to help you reach your #500calorieburn challenge

Wednesday Goal Met

the #500calorieburn challenge is complete for Wednesday.

Today I did Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps with some active rest.  I am so ready for Thursday's workout!

And to go along with my Healthy Holiday Tip #5 this workout was complete with just that.  I have pretty amazing friends and a fabulous sister to workout with and make days like today happen.

Healthy Holiday Tip #5- Buddy Up

                                                          Healthy Holiday Tip- #5


This is actually a tip I recommend ALWAYS!!  I know first hand that when someone is counting on you to show up, you GET up!  I'm not perfect about always wanting to workout.  I have my days for sure.  There have been mornings that had a buddy not been meeting me for a workout, I am 100% positive I would have bagged the workout.  Having a workout buddy increases your chances of sticking with a program.  


This time of year is hard.  It's cold, snowy and your bed is nice and warm…..I know we do not want to get up.  But nothing is better than a workout to cure things mentally and naturally, even if it's for a brief moment.  Plus, the holidays can be stressful.  Endorphins kick in when we are working out and acts as a great stress reliever.  Then get a double dose of happy and forget about the stress while having fun working out and talking with friends! The time flies by

If you are blessed already with amazing workout buddies who have saved you from missing a workout or two be sure to tell them so they know you are forever grateful for their motivation.  

'Tis the season  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


GOBLET SQUATS:  Great exercise for beginner squatters.  I especially love it for teaching resistance against forward collapse.  Lots of different variations to this move.  But I do mine this way every time

You can use a Kettlebell holding it by the horns….or holding a DB (DBs are easier for me to hold) like so in my hands and close to my body, THEN I squat down loooow and I get my body and feet situated while I am down there making sure my elbows hit the insides of my knees.  To make that happen, your feet need to be a slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly out.  Once you got the position down, you are set.  Keeping it light in your toes and all the weight in your heels, push up in your heels and that's it.  Squat back down with a goal to have your elbows touch your inner legs

You can keep the DB light to start and work your way up once you feel you've got it down.   In this video I am holding a 50lb Dumbbell.  My reps are 10-12

P.S. You do not want your chest to fall forward or your back to round.  And if you find your heels coming off the ground during the squat that means your stance is still too narrow. 

Tuesday Goal Met

The #500calorieburn Challenge was met for Tuesday!  

Today was all about them weights and active rest.  It's so cool to see so many of you tagging me in the challenge!

Who's ready for Wednesday?!?

Healthy Holiday Tip #4 - Eat A Pre-Party Snack

Healthy Holiday Tip #4-


If you go to a party feeling on the verge of starving, you are more than likely to eat too much and too much of the wrong stuff.  If you feel at all like you are already hungry and it's not even time to leave for the party, then have yourself a light snack before you go.  Choose for a snack that contains Fiber and Protein.  For example: a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit with a string cheese or Greek yogurt, even light popcorn is enough to settle your stomach before you go and keep you from over-eating.

Monday, November 24, 2014

BUTT-OLOGY on the Cable Machine

BUTT-OLOGY on the Cable Machine:

If you have access to an ankle strap, that is a better option.  But when your gym has none you make whatever work.  I am using a single grip handle or the nylon single grip works too.

The first exercise is a basic cable glute kickback.  Place your shoe inside the attachment.  Facing the weight stack and standing a few few back hold on to the machine for support.  Kick the working leg back reaching a height behind you that is comfortable.  You can keep your leg entirely straight during the whole move or a little bend in the knee as I am doing.  I do 15-20 reps on each leg.

The second exercise is a standing side leg raise.  Works the glutes, at the back of your hips and abductors, at the outside of your thigh.  I am tapping my toe behind me and lifting my leg back and away as opposed to a traditional side raise that is done directly to your side.  Target more BUTT.  15-20 reps on each leg should have you burn in'  

You can search the hashtag:
On Instagram to see all videos I have posted.



500 Calorie burn challenge is complete for day one!  
click here to see that challenge.

I took my own advice from HOLIDAY TIP #1 and woke up 10 minutes earlier today to make sure I met my goal.  On Mondays I like to sweat it out…. cardio in a sweatshirt!!  Doesn't that sound dreadful?!  It is but it isn't.  You just got to tell your mind and body what to do.  I sweat a lot.  Like when I get home I can literally ring out my sports bra with sweat.  I know, so gross!  But thank goodness we are fortunate enough to have showers when we need them.

Now it's time to bring on the weights for the rest of the week- I'm so excited!

If you are not having fun, you're doing it wrong!  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

500 Calorie Burn Challenge

Back in May I set a goal to wear my Polar Watch to every workout for the entire week and burn at least 500+ calories each workout.  Total burn for the week = 3,533!  I said it will be definitely something I do again.  It was very motivating and fun to push myself.

Thanksgiving is this week and what a great week to do the 500 calorie challenge!  Which means I have committed to workouts on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday…(Shopping burns calories right? So it totally counts ;))    

Join in on this challenge with me!  I picked 500 calories because I know I had a good workout when I burn 500+.  Remember height, weight, and your current condition affect this number.  Someone shorter than me, lighter than me etc, will have a different burn.  Maybe a 300-400 burn is your challenge.  You know what a great calorie burn is for you, REACH IT!!  If you don't have a heart rate monitor, put it on your XMAS list.  For the challenge, those without a monitor be sure to push yourself more than you normally would in a workout.  Make this week really count

***Did you know according to studies, the average Thanksgiving dinner can carry around 3,000+  calories?!  That is with turkey and all the trimmings.  That is equal to: 12 Turkey sandwiches, 15 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, 29 Reeses PB cups,  15 KIND bars, 17 servings of Guac, 11 Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks, or 18 Tacos from Taco Bell…..Who's Hungry?

Healthy Holiday Tip #3- Try a Healthier Recipe

Healthy Holiday Tip #3-


Substitute more calorie friendly ingredients where you can.  Swap oil, butter, or sugar for unsweetened applesauce.  And yes, some recipes we can't just do without the butter especially in baked goods but to keep saturated fat in check you can use olive oil in place of 1/2 the butter as much as possible.  Substitute whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour in baked goods for 12 more grams of fiber per cup.  Swap chocolate chips for cacao nibs.  Swap flour tortillas for corn tortillas.  Greek yogurt can replace sour cream.  Avocado in place of mayonnaise for a sandwich spread.  Try egg whites in place of whole eggs.  2 egg whites can be used in place of one whole egg.  Right there you just cut 5g of fat and 38 calories by using one egg white.  And no, I am not against egg yolks.  They are healthy for you in moderation.  I eat a whole egg almost every day.  I am talking about a recipe that may call for a large quantity of eggs, try to balance the count of whole eggs and egg whites

Pumpkin Pie is my favorite holiday pie!  There are millions of options out there to make a healthier pumpkin pie.  My girl @kitchenabsbynicole posted a sugar free pumpkin pie not too long ago that looks to die for!  Go check it out 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Healthy Holiday Tip #2- CELEBRATE & INDULGE

Healthy Holiday Tip #2-


The Holidays are all about this right?  Celebration and indulgence- BOTH of which are VERY essential in living a healthy lifestyle!

Yes, too much sugar can pack on the pounds but on the other hand depriving yourself is NOT healthy either.  This is really a time to live that rule of the "80/20 lifestyle" you hear so much about.  It's actually how I try and live my life 365 days a year

Allowing yourself some indulgence room 20% of the time and get 100% better results both mentally and physically.  I believe that with all my fitness heart! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Healthy Holiday Tip #1- SWEAT MORE

Starting off my "tips for a healthier holiday" with my favorite tip- Healthy Holiday Tip #1-


Adding just 10 more minutes to your workout any chance you get can help keep off the holiday fluff.  10 minutes doesn't sound like much right?  But if you think about it that could really be almost 3 more miles on a bike OR 1 more mile if you are running and 2 more lifting sets on that trouble area.  If you have to wake up an extra 10 minutes early to plan for it DO IT!  Or work faster in your workout to get in 10 extra minutes of stuff that you didn't have planned for

I will do my best to keep bringing you different workouts and videos to try and keep you busy.  I also have written a 12 Week Training Program that can be found on my blog for $20- upper right hand corner.  You will have a workout to follow 5 days a week for the next 12 weeks.  Along with 15+ HIIT workouts for treadmill, elliptical or stair master, food list guide from all food groups, grocery shopping tips, how to calculate your BMR and more.  This program could come in handy come January :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Side Leg Press

SIDE LEG PRESS: Be prepared for the center of each butt cheek to be feeling it the day after these!

On a 45 Degree leg press machine, get seated and release the safety, then situate yourself so you are sitting on your side.  The leg on top is doing the work and the other leg is used to support you if needed.  Push in your heels.  Do about 10-12 reps on each side.  We kept it light this day and added no weight

Follow that up with a set of something active.  Here I am doing a basic box/bench jump.  But you could do body weight squat jumps, lunge jumps, frog jumps etc.


The Holidays are fast approaching with Thanksgiving being one week away from TODAY and then Christmas will be here and gone before we know it!  Then all of sudden we will be sitting in 2015 and hopefully poolside!  

I always say the Holidays only come around once a year so we must be sure to ENJOY them.  You have the rest of the year to kick butt and take names!  We can however try our best to have a healthier holiday by keeping these daily tips in mind that I will have coming your way from now until the first of December.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Benefits of Jumping Rope

There are so many awesome benefits of jump roping.  I have been adding a little jump rope here and there into my workouts for a year now (this video is almost a year old) and I can tell a difference now in the firmness of my legs (less jiggle) versus looking at them in this video…..maybe it's just those pants?!?  Not the most flattering….

PUSH PLAY> click the link:

I carry a jump rope in my gym bag and whip it out a couple times a week to throw in with my workouts and I think it's paying off


--- AWESOME for your cardiovascular system.  Your heart LOVES it

--- Working muscles in your legs and engages your core at the same time

--- It can be a lower impact activity compared to jogging if done correctly (stay high on your toes)

--- UPPER BODY is being worked too.  I know that when I jump rope, my shoulders get set on fire
--- So basically, it is a GREAT full body workout

and it's an inexpensive investment that you can take with you almost anywhere and use anywhere.  I got my jump rope at Target for under $10.  Burn lots of calories while having fun!! 

Super HD- MY LOVE!!!!

Super HD powder, my love!!  Tastes so delicious, mixes with water (strawberry lemonade is my favorite) HD boosts metabolism, increases energy & focus, and plays tricks on my appetite!  I think @cellucor really needs to add "Makes moms really really happy" to the list- I'm not kidding

I am currently off SuperHD at this time and boy do I miss it.  But as instructions state to take for 8 weeks and discontinue use for a minimum of 4 weeks.  However, when I do take HD, I take it very minimally but it still does the job.  I don't take HD every day like it says and I do not take it 2-3x per day like it says you can do.  I take one scoop for my boost in the mornings to get me going before a workout about every other day.  I always take HD on my straight cardio days because it makes my core temperature rise and I get nice a sweaty

I love this stuff to get me off and going come the New Year.  And then I love to supplement again with it come Summer when I am hitting my workouts harder

Get some at and at checkout you can use code: HALEYA for 25% off and not checking out as a guest will get your shipping FREE.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Before the Workout……………After the Workout

This is just too funny and so true!!!  As my sister, friends and I left the gym this morning this picture looked just like us.  Sorry guys but it did :)

Even on the days when I secretly want to avoid a sweat, which would be the workout following freshly washed hair, I usually end up like those poor animals……. there is just no way around it -thank goodness for Dry Shampoo)  It's especially hard when you are addicted to sweat.  At least I am admitting I have a problem.  At least it's a healthy addiction.  Could be worse right?! Why do I feel like I am trying to convince myself that my sweat addiction is okay?  Admitting is the first step.  I hope I never recover.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Plie Squat


There are many different ways to do this exercise.  (Like a previous video I posted, I used a heavy DB and squatted down looooooow to target more of my glutes)  This day I wanted to target more of my inner thighs so I stood more up right and tall.

You will position your heels on two plates.  I like the 25lb plates because of their thickness.  I'm holding a 35lb plate.  You could also hold a heavy DB.  Put your heels on the plates with your toes pointing out.  Stay tall and squat down and up.  *REMEMBER- your knees should always go in the direction of your toes.

Follow this exercise with something active.  Here I am doing a step up on a bench keeping one leg on the bench at all times making it more of a lunge step up.  Don't forget the other leg.

I am also doing a step up with a curtsy.  Keeping one leg on the bench at all times, step up and on your way back down do a curtsy to each side.  Don't forget the other leg! 

Looking for an upper body workout?

If you are looking for workouts to do for your upper body this week, these workouts are old ones that I love and use from time to time.  There is a workout for your Tricep, Back, Shoulders and Biceps.  Each workout contains Ab work and ACTIVE REST too

You could always combine any two of these workouts as well.  They may be hard to see in this picture but you can click: 
and will find it in full view and instructions for each exercise.

Stay Strong guys.  We are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Run YOUR day

Here I am on a Sunday night already trying to show Monday who's boss!!!  

I believe in this so much.  If the day runs us, then we are at the mercy of anything that pops up…traffic jams, flat tire, a sick kid, realizing you run out of milk etc.  These things can throw us off but it's all about how we choose to handle these things that can run us off track.  You can still run the day with "things" popping up.  It's called:


Don't start pouting and give up.  

Have a plan.  Here I am planning a workout WILL happen.  Then I will get my kids off to school. Run a few errands.  Pick up my pre-schooler.  Lunch time.  Organize and de-junk freaking toys to make room for more since X-mas is just around the corner (seriously, can you even believe it?!?!!!)  

RUN the day don't let the day run you!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I just felt like running…...

Although my shirt says "I hate running" it's actually not true!  I LOVE a good run.  Today was a day where I just felt lie running.  7 Miles done.  I'll take it, considering I am not a daily runner.  It's to just test the waters and see how my how my cardiovascular system is doing.  I know my system can hang when I put it through HIIT cardio and intervals and such but running constantly takes a different mindset. 

 The routine I picked off my "RING OF WORKOUTS" is one I pick when I really want a challenge.  It takes you through all kinds speeds starting out at 6.0 reaching all the way to 10.0…. it's a KILLER!  It's definitely not easy so I am glad to see I made it.  Even with sore freaking butt cheeks from yesterdays LEG WORKOUT 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video of 30 Minute Shoulders & Abs

Here are the exercises for the 30 Minute Shoulders and Abs that I previously posted.  On the original post you will also find the details of how this 7-minute per circuit; 30 minute workout is done.

@haleya_fit_happens <<push play

For each circuit, I started out with the weight I have listed ( I lift more weight when I do these exercises standing. Sitting down vs. standing is no joke!!!) as the time got around 5 minutes or so I could have dropped my weight, my shoulders were on FIRE.  If keeping a little bend in the elbows will help you on all of these exercises then do it.

CIRCUIT ONE: Seated DB Front Raise.  I used 10lbs.  Sit down on the bench/chair holding DBs at your side.  Raise them up in front of you to shoulder height with palms facing down.

CIRCUIT TWO: Seated Alternating Shoulder Press.  I used 15lbs.  Sit down on bench/chair holding DBs in hands with arms bent at 90* and palms facing forward.

CIRCUIT THREE: Seated DB lateral raise.  I used 10lbs.  Sit down on the bench/chair holding DBs at your side.  Raise them up to the side of you to shoulder height keeping your palms facing down.

CIRCUIT FOUR:  Incline DB rear felt raise.  I used 10lbs.  Holding the DBs in both hands straddle an incline bench with your feet apart to support you and place your chest against the bench.  With your palms facing each other, raise the DBs out to side and stop when elbows hit shoulder height and arms are about parallel to the floor. 

30 Minute Shoulders and Abs

A workout dedicated just to shoulders…….awww my favorite!  Grab a mat for abs and all the dumbbells you will need for the 4 shoulder exercises so we aren't waisting time after a completed circuit to get another set of dumbbells.  Then get yourself a chair/bench that inclines- you will use the incline for the Rear Delt Raises: >>> I have videos of all 4 exercises coming soon.

You should be able to lift heavier on those Alternating Shoulder Presses as opposed to the seated front and lateral raises.  Don't forget that all the exercises except the rear delt raise are done SITTING down.  It makes a huge difference when you sit vs. when you stand.

Set those timers and do Circuit one- front raise right into bicycle crunches.  Repeat both exercises right away back to back over and over for as many rounds as you can in 7 minutes.  When 7 minutes is up, rest for 30 Seconds…. and on to Circuit Two.  #fithappens

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Forward Lunge to Wide Leg Deadlift

Forward Lunge to Wide Stiff Leg Deadlift:

I am holding 20lb dumbbells.  Forward lunge taking a big step out there keeping both knees at 90* angles.  Front leg parallel to the ground without letting your knee go past your toes. Push yourself back up with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.  Dumbbells go to the front of your body and do a stiff leg deadlift.  The key to the DL is keeping your back flat (don't round it) chest up and head up.  Stick your butt back there.  Then forward lunge on the other leg.  That is 1 rep.  I did 10-12 for 3 rounds.

Go right into a round of Lunge Knee Hops.  Lunge back touching the floor.  Bring the knee up with you and hop.  I do about 10-12, then switch legs.  Make it hurt so good……… 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Goodness of Full Body Workouts

I love throwing in a full body workout from time to time.  They can be very challenging and definitely test your mental toughness.  I LOVE FBW because they maximize calorie burn and fat loss.

A FBW is it's a great tool to keep your body guessing.  Those biceps might have thought they were off the hook for the rest of the week since you just trained them a few days ago but then you do a FBW and they don't know what to think is coming next.  It's nice to catch your muscles off guard sometimes.

FBW are also great because it can give your muscles a little break.  That sounds weird right?  Normally when you train a muscle you do more than just a couple exercises.  Maybe 4-6 exercises.  That is a lot of work for one muscle to do.  During a FBW you can expect to hit your muscles with 1-2 exercises and that is usually it.  Especially if you are short on time.  And if you are someone who can only get to the gym 2-3 times a week, full body workouts can really be used to your advantage.

Have you ever completed a FBW that rocked your world and left you wondering how in the heck you were going to get out to your car??  My 4th of July FBW post this year does exactly that for me.  Every. Single. Time.  Try a FBW this week!  I have posted several and I have a new one coming your way soon.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Curtsy to Squat to Curtsy



Curtsy to Squat to Curtsy:

The barbell I am using is 50lbs.  Take a big step back crossing your leg behind your other leg as if you are about to do a 'curtsy.''  As you lunge/squat, you want your front thigh parallel to the floor and both knees at 90 degrees.  As you push yourself back up, go right into a basic squat.  Stick your butt back and get low.  Remember to keep your weight in your heels and be light in your toes.  Then curtsy the other way and back to another squat.  That is one rep.  I did 10-12 reps for 3 rounds. 

This exercise gets your heart rate up there but don't stop there!  Go right into 5 squat jumps with 5 pulses; repeat until you feel a good burn or want to cry OR do basic squat jumps, either way you'll end up in endorphin la-la-land. 

How I Feel…...

This is how I feel when I write up a new workout and post it……..

OR when I come to the gym to meet my workout friends with something up my sleeves!  Have you ever seen this movie?  Well I hope so or this post will not be that creepy to you.  Although, I promise I'm not creepy…... #THESHINING #heresjohnny #jacknicholson 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fight The Holiday Fluff!

Let's do our best to keep on top of our fitness throughout the Holiday season.  This training program will keep you busy for 12 weeks.  If started soon, it will help keep you on track past New Years and through January!  You will already be MANY steps ahead of those New Years Gym Goers.   

This is something worth having and keeping!!!  It is a great program and super easy to follow.  I want more people to get their hands on it and love it as much as I do and as much as others who have tried it.   After the 3 months, you will have tons of knowledge about weight training and will LOVE seeing how your body has changed.  I promise you will not want to stop!  Hang on to the program and do it again, anytime!  

When this program is followed, it will have you swimsuit, vacation, bikini, summer, birthday, wedding, LIFE …….etc., whatever you want to call it- READY!  



The program is 42 pages. The program is NOT just 12 weeks worth of workouts randomly thrown at you.  It will guide you through 3 specific muscle building phases.  Each phase is 4 weeks long.  Each phase has you lifting specified sets/reps (I never suggest the amount of weight to use because we are all on different fitness levels).  Each phase has it's own purpose to make your body react and prepare it for the next phase.  A weight training program is to be done in a certain process.  Phase 1 differs from phase 2, and phase 2 differs from phase 3.  It all comes together nicely at the end to have you _________ READY! 


You.  Your best friend.  Sister.  Aunt.  Mother.  Brother.  I have spent most of my training days doing it on my own.  I have friends pop in here and there and train with me.  Either way I am happy.  If weight training is new to you, grab a buddy and split the cost and do this together!  You will have tons of fun and someone to hold you accountable.  This program is perfect if you are just getting started and learning your way around the weight room!  Nothing in the program is over the top and tricky.  All exercises are basic and it covers a lot of different moves.  No two workouts are the same!


YES, you will need access to a gym.  Although, I do most of my lifting with free weights (dumbbells, barbells) as opposed to machines.  I am sorry for those who like to workout from home.  For myself, there is nothing better than giving your body a good ol' squat with a smith machine/squat rack or the burn you get from a leg extension machine, cable machine or leg press and many more!  You can try to sub in things to target the same muscle from home, but you will get better/faster results with equipment that a training facility offers.


 On average, each workout is 1-hour.  I assembled this program for you to spend the least amount of time in the gym, yet still have effective workouts.  I recognize that people who actually find time to incorporate workouts in their busy life are serious about working out and just want to get in the gym and get out.  Especially for people like me, a mother!  I want to show you that you don’t have to live in the gym or workout for 2 hours to get a body that is right for you!


 Yes.  There is cardio.  After each weight training session there is a suggested cardio, duration,  and style- either HIIT (high intensity interval training) still don't understand what that is?  Don't worry, every term is explained in the program.  Or you will have steady state cardio.  No cardio is ever longer than 30 minutes.  


Every term or abbreviation in the program is defined for you.  You will understand what a SUPERSET is or what DB (dumbbell) means because I explain it for you.  When  you are not sure what a 'Single Arm Tricep Extension' is or any other exercise, I have made sure each move can be found on or Google search.  And also keep in mind, you don't ever have to do what the exercise is asking.  If you are asked to do lateral raises or jumping jacks and either of these moves are things you don't like, you can always do something different as a substitute: shoulder press or jog in place.  You can even email me or text me anytime and I would be more than happy to help you out!  Even better, you are more than welcome to tag along with me at the gym.  


Many different HIIT routines (15+)  you can choose from using a treadmill, elliptical, or stair master.  A complete recommended food list guide from all food groups, a basic nutritional guide to follow, 2 day sample meal plan, recommended supplements that we should all be taking everyday, tips for grocery store shopping, how to calculate your BMR to know how many calories you should be eating per day to gain, lose or maintain weight, other fitness tips, and ways to stay motivated.  


You will purchase the training program right here on my blog.  In the upper right hand corner is a green 'BUY NOW' button (if you do not see it, make sure you are viewing my blog as a the full website and not the 'mobile device' view).  The process is done through paypal.  You do not have to have a paypal account to purchase.  The 42 page document will be emailed right to you directly after your purchase is made.  This makes it available for you to save to your computer and print off when you are ready.  Or the email makes it available right to your phone for easy screen shots.

I want this program to change your life and that your fitness journey doesn’t end when the 12 weeks is up.  I hope you learn a lot about your body over the 12-week program and that it becomes your new everyday lifestyle.  Give this program 100% effort and you will be amazed at the transformation your body will make.  The goal is to shape your body and build beautiful lean muscles.  And above all, to become physically fit and healthy.  It is going to take hard work, consistency, dedication, determination, discipline and most importantly PATIENCE!  There is no magic pill you can take to get your body to transform.  It is going to take breaking a sweat and smart eating to get you where you want to be.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


You still have until Sunday night to get your HEADBAND for $2.00 off.  Just use the code: HALEYA when you checkout.

-machine washable
-'no slip' grip option
-different patterns/fabrics
-everyday wear
-workout wear
-go another day with unwashed hair ;) LOL

These would make a great X-MAS gift for a friend, teacher, sister, gym instructor, daughter etc. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Be the Good

Sometimes I ask myself why I dedicate so much time and effort to this Instagram account.  First of all, my family is the most important thing to me EVER and this IG does not benefit my family at all and secondly, I do not get paid to run this instagram…… Even though I treat it like a small part time job.

It's things like these comments from complete strangers and many other people who reach out to me that make me feel like I am doing some good.  If sharing my LOVE for fitness can help anyone physically, which will most definitely lead to happiness mentally, and that cycle repeats itself- then that is EXACTLY why I do it. #BETHEGOOD

Have a great weekend and be sure to treat yourself!  Don't forget your headbands from @islagraceandco for your $2 discount with my code: HALEYA until Sunday. 

Leg Cardio

Here is the cardio I did at the end of my leg workout this morning:

-Incline: 15%

-Speed: 2.0mph

-1minute Right

-1 minute Left

Stay low and take big strides pushing off in that leg.  Repeat over and over until you feel those legs burning!!



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cursty Lunge/Squat on the Smith Machine

Curtsy Lunges on the Smith Machine:

Almost like the Reverse Lunge video I posted a few weeks back but instead of taking your leg straight back behind you, you are going to do a Curtsy Lunge.  I know it is hard to tell in this video but I am taking a big step back crossing it behind the other leg as if I am about to do a 'curtsy.''  As you lunge/squat, you want your front thigh parallel to the floor and both knees are bent at 90 degrees.  When you are on your back up to starting position, you can throw in a 'knee up' for a little extra core work.

 Follow that exercise immediately with a set of Lunge Jumps with a Knee.  As you have probably       
figured out, I'm a BIG fan of body weight exercises following lifting exercises for a little cardio burst (Active Rest) and a good burnout for the legs.  I usually don't have a set number of these body weight exercises that I do.  I just go until I am really uncomfortable and I feel DONE or need air!!!  

Push Play on my INSTAGRAM


6 Weeks of Progress or No Progress…...

 I walked past the mirror yesterday and it reminded me about the post I was ranting and raving over the 'ULTIMATE' yoga leggings by PINK. --I am still OBSESSED with them by the way and would recommend them in a heart beat) I was in about the same pair so I thought I would take a pic and compare them side by side……. 6 Weeks ago to now!

(I wish I wasn't flexing my butt so hard in the previous pic but I can't change that now, LOL!).  Not a huge difference but I know my body best to see the small changes in my waist and legs (I have been loving those body weight 'active rest' exercises following a leg exercise) and I have no clue what I weigh.  Slow progress is better than no progress.  My point is,  you have to keep going! Just because drastic changes don't happen in 3 or 6 months, doesn't mean just throw in the towel and give up.  If you had a flat tire would you fix the flat one and keep driving?  Or slash the other 3 tires and walk?  Forget looks, think of the healthy goodness you are doing for your heart and those muscles!

Why do I workout so hard?  The same reasons you put on eye cream at night? I honestly do it because I want to keep up with life as I get older.  I want to be fit.  I want to have a strong heart and get all the muscle I can get before aging starts taking that muscle away from me wether I like it or not.  Yes, I do it too so I can look good and feel good about myself.  But now as I am getting older, I am realizing that staying fit and getting stronger is WAY more important to me.  My body doesn't respond like it did in my 20s. And I am sure that when I reach my 40s I am wishing I had the body that I had in my 30s.  Funny thing though….. I am pretty sure that today at 32 I could kick my 25 year old A$$. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Headbands by Isla Grace and Co.

The sweet Natalie over at Isla Grace and Co. on Instagram sent me a couple of her headbands to try out.  These are perfect for a workout or one of those days at home when we should probably wash our hair but it is now past the point……. what's one more day of unwashed hair right?!  Come on, I know we all do it.  These make that unwashed hair look fab!

She makes these handmade headbands in all different patters and fabrics.  Some even have a 'no slip grip' sewn in the inside to keep it in place.  I also LOVE that these are machine washable too which makes it okay to sweat in!  

She is offering you all $2.00 OFF these headbands with the code: HALEYA starting today until Sunday the 9th.

and P.S. believe it or not the holidays are just around the corner and these could make for a cute gift for your friend, a teacher at school, your favorite gym instructor, workout buddy, sister, daughter etc….. Head on over to to see more designs and the link to her etsy shop is in her bio.  
Email her if you have any other questions:   

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Barbell Squat to Side Leg Raise

Barbbell Squat to Side Leg Raise:

Load up a barbell on your back.  I am using a 40lb BB in the video.  I went with a lighter weight so I was able to make this a deeper squat and to go at a fairly fast pace ( extra cardio ) so the lighter weight allows me to do this.

With your feet shoulder width apart and all your weight in your heels, squat down as low as you can go without letting your knees pass the front toes.  Stand back up with all the weight in your heels and go right into a side leg raise.  Great exercise for your abductors.

When you finish one set of BB squats, I usually do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps, go right into body weight squat jumps or lunge jumps for some added cardio and a good burnout for your legs. 

Fasted Cardio…….

Fasted Cardio:  There are so many different views, opinions and reasons for people to do fasted cardio. Some people LOVE it and some people absolutely HATE it.  Some just can't do it due to training on empty bellies makes them nauseous and some just think it is so stupid for muscle loss purposes.

Keeping it basic, our bodies get its energy first from Glycogen (carbohydrates) then from fat and then from protein.   When your cells have a lot of Glycogen to spare this is where your body will get its energy from first.

Fasted cardio is cardio performed after a "fast" (aka sleep).  So while you were sleeping, your body uses much of its glycogen stores.  So people believe by performing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, the idea is that you tap into your 2nd energy source, FAT to fuel your workout.  I don't think it's smart to do HIIT cardio (high intensity) fasted but a low to moderate steady cardio is ideal.

Muscle Loss is the main concern during fasted cardio and a big reason some people think it is stupid to train fasted.  Supplementing with 5-10g of BCAAs before your cardio will ensure your body has sufficient supply of amino acids and won't have to start breaking down muscle tissue to get it.  BCAAs are needed in high amounts under conditions of stress or exercise.  And unlike most amino acids that first must go through the liver, BCAAs are sent directly to the muscles.

I have never had a problem doing fasted cardio.  I don't get nauseous or feel less energy when I do it.  I do supplement with BCAAs each time to help aid and protect lean muscle and less fatigue during my workout.  I choose to do it because of the science behind it- tapping into fat stores.  My dang outer thighs! is where I get my BCAAs.  All flavors taste like jolly ranchers.  Watermelon is my favorite.  HALEYA is the discount code for 25% off and free shipping.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Squats with plates under heels

Squats in general are one of the best overall exercises because it involves almost every muscle in the body.  The best advice I can give you when it comes to squats is always have your knees and toes going in the same direction.  When you squat down, keep your knees behind the toes the best you can.  AND to keep your weight in your heels.  Your toes should be able to wiggle around in your shoes.

Squats on a Smith Machine with plates ( I like to use the 10lb plates for their thickness ) under the heels helps with learning the feel of keeping your weight in your heels.  This is a good beginner squat exercise.  I don't like to go heavy with these (I have on a 25 lb plate on each side in the video) since I am trying to go as low to the ground as possible.  My feet are out in front of me barely to where my body is on a slight angle.  My feet are just a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and toes SLIGHTLY turned out (NOT a sumo/plie).  Squat down keeping all your weight in your heels and your knees and toes going in the same direction during the entire movement.

The active rest is just like Lunge Jumps but try them from time to time on a bench or a box.  I like this one because it allows for you to do a deep lunge. 

Sweat it OUT- Results/Recap

Not a bad calorie burn in 48 minutes for a few cardio bursts and some abs.

I ran my 2- minute runs at 6.5 mph.

I ran my 1-minute sprints at 10.5 mph.

I walked my 3- minute no hands, 15% incline walk at 4.0 mph.

You can find the whole workout HERE