Saturday, November 15, 2014

I just felt like running…...

Although my shirt says "I hate running" it's actually not true!  I LOVE a good run.  Today was a day where I just felt lie running.  7 Miles done.  I'll take it, considering I am not a daily runner.  It's to just test the waters and see how my how my cardiovascular system is doing.  I know my system can hang when I put it through HIIT cardio and intervals and such but running constantly takes a different mindset. 

 The routine I picked off my "RING OF WORKOUTS" is one I pick when I really want a challenge.  It takes you through all kinds speeds starting out at 6.0 reaching all the way to 10.0…. it's a KILLER!  It's definitely not easy so I am glad to see I made it.  Even with sore freaking butt cheeks from yesterdays LEG WORKOUT 


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