Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video of 30 Minute Shoulders & Abs

Here are the exercises for the 30 Minute Shoulders and Abs that I previously posted.  On the original post you will also find the details of how this 7-minute per circuit; 30 minute workout is done.

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For each circuit, I started out with the weight I have listed ( I lift more weight when I do these exercises standing. Sitting down vs. standing is no joke!!!) as the time got around 5 minutes or so I could have dropped my weight, my shoulders were on FIRE.  If keeping a little bend in the elbows will help you on all of these exercises then do it.

CIRCUIT ONE: Seated DB Front Raise.  I used 10lbs.  Sit down on the bench/chair holding DBs at your side.  Raise them up in front of you to shoulder height with palms facing down.

CIRCUIT TWO: Seated Alternating Shoulder Press.  I used 15lbs.  Sit down on bench/chair holding DBs in hands with arms bent at 90* and palms facing forward.

CIRCUIT THREE: Seated DB lateral raise.  I used 10lbs.  Sit down on the bench/chair holding DBs at your side.  Raise them up to the side of you to shoulder height keeping your palms facing down.

CIRCUIT FOUR:  Incline DB rear felt raise.  I used 10lbs.  Holding the DBs in both hands straddle an incline bench with your feet apart to support you and place your chest against the bench.  With your palms facing each other, raise the DBs out to side and stop when elbows hit shoulder height and arms are about parallel to the floor. 

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