Friday, November 28, 2014

Healthy Holiday Tip #7- Keep on Drinking

Healthy Holiday Tip #7-


H2O that is!!!  Crazy to think but getting dehydrated can be more of a risk in cooler temperatures and for people at higher elevations.  The air we breath is drier and that makes our lungs work harder to humidify the air and warm it up.  So the harder our bodies work the more we need to drink.

I know it's hard to want to keep drinking water when the temps outside are not like the hot Summers but staying hydrated through this time of year is just as important.  For holiday party purposes, water is going to naturally help you avoid overeating if you try to drink a large glass 20-30 minutes before your big dinner.  Water will also help you burn fat more efficiently.  Sometimes we confuse hunger for dehydration so lets be sure to drink water all day long so we are certain when we are actually hungry. 

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