Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cursty Lunge/Squat on the Smith Machine

Curtsy Lunges on the Smith Machine:

Almost like the Reverse Lunge video I posted a few weeks back but instead of taking your leg straight back behind you, you are going to do a Curtsy Lunge.  I know it is hard to tell in this video but I am taking a big step back crossing it behind the other leg as if I am about to do a 'curtsy.''  As you lunge/squat, you want your front thigh parallel to the floor and both knees are bent at 90 degrees.  When you are on your back up to starting position, you can throw in a 'knee up' for a little extra core work.

 Follow that exercise immediately with a set of Lunge Jumps with a Knee.  As you have probably       
figured out, I'm a BIG fan of body weight exercises following lifting exercises for a little cardio burst (Active Rest) and a good burnout for the legs.  I usually don't have a set number of these body weight exercises that I do.  I just go until I am really uncomfortable and I feel DONE or need air!!!  

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