Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's the First of the Month

Well I'll be damned………. 
A Monday AND the first of a brand new month all at the SAME TIME!!!  It's a sign that this month will be the BEST one yet.

In regards to the picture, no I don't mean starting over, like as in all the hard work we have done up to now was a waste.  And we should never keep "starting over" or starting new only a Monday ( but hey, sometimes it happens and that's okay).

It's just how I like to push myself within this lifestyle.  I like to take every Monday as a chance to be better than I was last week.  A NEW month gives me 4 weeks to reach NEW goals and results….. it just means new progress and a chance for a new mindset to be better where I can be better.

As much as this instagram account is for others, it's also my instagram and how I motivate myself. 

Testing my skillzzz



Working on my tan

Testing out my ninja running skillzzz by jumping railroad ties because:

ADRENALINE [ uh-dren-l-in ] a substance that is released in the body of a person who is feeling a strong emotion ( such as excitement or fear ) and that causes the heart to beat faster and gives the person more energy by increasing blood flow to the muscles and oxygen to the lungs.  
AKA- Don't let that train getcha! 

Week 4 Winner

         HEY THERE, @CHANGING4ALIFE you are WEEK FOUR #fithappensinsummer Winner.  
                     Thank you, thank you for giving my workouts a try in these past few weeks.  
                                         Wishing you the best of luck in your future training.

Enjoy a pair of @bombbassocks

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Friday, May 29, 2015

4 Ingredient Booster Bites

I call these little gems:

If ya need a dose of some energy or something pretty delicious and EASY to whip up, try these.

4 Ingredient Booster Bites: serves 2….I recommend doubling so you will actually share

1/2 Cup raw, old-fashioned oats

1 ripe banana- makes for easier mixing

2 TBS peanut butter of choice- I used Almond Butter

2 TBS Dark Chocoloate Chips or Cacao Nibs


Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees

Combine all 4 ingredients in a bowl and mix well.  I used an old school hand mixer and it worked just fine

Spoon into balls onto a greased baking sheet- I used a TBS for each ball

Bake for 15 minutes.  THAT'S IT!  ENJOY, especially right out of the oven when warm,  MMMmmmmmm 

35- Minute 'BEACHIN' Treadmill Workout

Here is another routine to add to your Sweaty Saturday.  This is week 4 of our #fithappensinsummer Sweaty Saturday which is mañana.

35- Minute 'BEACHIN' Treadmill Workout:

Adjust the speeds if needed.  Just make sure there is a difference between your run/jog and the sprints.  It should be a steady/comfortable run/jog and then a BURST to get your heart rate to climb.

On the warm up: you are incline walking, NO HANDS.  Set the incline at 10.0% and your speed fast enough that it gets your heart pumping, yet slow enough that you are able to do it without holding on.  The rest of the workout is done at 1.0% incline.  


Thursday, May 28, 2015


My Body Fat Testing Results:

I wanted to make this a learning experience.  I will point out numbers that stand out to me.

First the FAT FREE MASS number.  That 128.372 lbs is what I would weigh without an ounce of fat on me…a number I will probably NEVER see.  That is the weight of my muscle, water, bones, and internal organs inside my 5'9" body.  Ok, I could probably reach 130 lbs if I stopped weight training and let my muscles shrink.  BUT, if I did that I'm sure fat would start piling on around my shrinking muscles.  I would have to basically starve myself as well to get there.  So I won't go there.

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn.  MUSCLE is the "metabolic engine" of the body that burns calories ( fat ) and plays an important role in maintaining strength and energy.

Which we would all like to have zero fat right?  But a certain amount of fat is absolutely necessary for good health.  Fat plays an important role in protecting internal organs, providing energy, and regulating hormones.  The MINIMUM amount of "essential fat" is approx. 3-5% for men, and 12-15% for women.  Even though I feel like I am not at my best self, I still landed in the "Ultra Lean" at 17% BF which is only 2 away from reaching the minimum…. so I got to happy about that.  

The other number is my BMR ( calories I burn sitting on the couch all day not moving a finger or thinking…just breathing ) I burn 1550 calories just being alive everyday.

Based on my 'Daily Activity Level' I fall in the "Active" category because I workout 6 days a week.  The tech at BYU told me "Very Active" people are your major athletes.  The number 2697 is the calories I can eat per day to MAINTAIN my current weight.  I eat no where near that yet, I struggle to lose weight and why?  Because I don't eat enough and so my body clings to fat to protect itself.  To lose weight I would aim to eat about 500 cals under my maintenance number.  So I could lose weight if I ate 2197 cals…. I really try to eat that much because I believe in the science behind it all but I do not hit those numbers every day.  Again, I am eating UNDER the number to lose weight effectively so my body clings to fat trying to protect itself.  We are our own worst enemies, right?!

If you don't believe Eat More to Lose More, then you will struggle your whole life getting rid of "stubborn fat"  I believe it 100%.  My struggle is preparing enough healthy foods I need and apparently I need whole lot of it.  
If I only had a damn chef!

Body Fat Testing

It's been 10 years and 2 kids later since I last had my Body Fat tested.  The last reading I had done was on a return trip one year after graduating from Syracuse, NY to visit friends and coaches.

I went back to say hello and had one year of hard work under my belt getting rid of the "Freshman 15"........and then some, that I had gained while I was there.  Being a pitcher for the SU softball team, I had all the campus food I could want paid for.  I was like an unsupervised kid at a birthday party eating away my emotions and making my homesickness worse, GAG!!! 

Anyways, I was there visiting while the team was doing some conditioning and getting their BF% taken so I had the trainer do mine while they were at it.

My body is slightly different now, if you have had a couple kids you know what I mean by the small changes that do occur.  So I do not expect to see numbers today here at BYU that I saw when I was kid-less, wild and free at 24 years young.  I wonder if I can add a % or 4 in consideration to the added weight from varicose veins and a bladder sling..... 
Here goes nothin'  

Legs on Thursday

Leg Day on a Thursday….. These legs are my workout buddy's!   Sometimes it's workout buddies that get me out of bed and through hard workouts and sometimes It's the-
 Bow to the Wow, 
creepin' and crawlin, 
yiggy yes y'allin, 
Snoop Doggy Doggin!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Natural Nut Butter Tip

Do you love natural nut butters but hate the oily mess?!  I have super easy method that I use to keep it blended that works every time.  Not even sure where I learned this trick but I'll go ahead and give credit to my sis.

And maybe you already know this tip but maybe you are still out there stirring that jar every time you open it up getting oil all over your hands and down the side of the jar, making a mess…..yes, that use to be me too.

I store my nut butter ( I prefer almond butter.  Good ol' Costco Kirkland brand ) in the refrigerator first of all, that is where it should be kept, WHY??  because once opened nut butters, especially the ones without added sugar, salt or preservatives are very able to go rancid on you.  The healthy unsaturated oils in nuts are also the ones that oxidize quickly when exposed to heat, light and air causing bad smell and taste.  Unless you eat a jar in a week then a week in the cupboard isn't going to hurt.

Ok, on to the trick of the no messy oil all over the place.  Place it in the fridge with the lid nice and tight UPSIDE DOWN.  That's it.  The oil that puddles at the top of the jar will work its way to the bottom.  It basically mixes itself.  You will have creamy smooth nut butter up until those last few bites.  THEN, you have a prefect opportunity for some overnight oats! 

No Equipment: Cardio and Ab Circuit

No Equipment: Cardio and Ab Circuit

Great for a quick at Home Workout.  Or add this on to the end of your lifting workout in the gym.



15- ABS


Pretty easy to remember.  Go straight down the list.  The goal is to shoot for 3 rounds.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back + Abs + Active Rest

Back + Abs + Active Rest done 7- Minute Circuit Style

Do each circuit as many times as you can in 7 minutes.  Rest as little as possible.  Take a breather after the circuit is finished.

Circuit 1, 2 and 3 are all done on the cable machines.  I have shown all exercises by video.  If needing a tag let me know.

Weights are done for 12 reps.

Abs are done for 15 reps.

I let the active rest be your choice.  Whatever you choose: mtn. climbers, jump rope, squat jumps, high knees, jumping jacks, Lunge Jumps…..etc., do 30 of them.

Just to give you an idea:

 I did this workout with 2 friends.  We each took a circuit and did it for 7 mins.  When 7 is up, we caught our breath, grabbed a drink and then we each rotated to a different circuit.  We were able to do about 3 rounds in each circuit.  AND for circuit 4, at the gym I use the Hyperextension machine is by the treadmills.  So we took our DBs with us for that circuit to do the Renegade Rows and used the treadmill to do sprints for Active Rest.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to you all.  I hope you enjoy your day off from whatever it may be!  Of course I started my day off with a good sweat… reason to miss, even on a Holiday.  And especially a holiday that allows us to be Festive.

Today I joined in on the #runinblue for the fallen, for the fighting and for the families.  I did a 2 mile run before my workout and was sure to #wearblue today.

Always remember how important it is to support and recognize our heroes.  Whether it be someone in your own family or a person unknown, there are plenty to celebrate this day.

Lets be ready to start off the #FITHAPPENSINSUMMER 'Back & Abs' Circuit Workout coming tomorrow.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Next Month

 Can you believe that #fithappensinsummer is down to the last week already!?!  
CRAZY how time flies.  

This is really how I view living a fit lifestyle….. next month will go by just like this month did whether we worked out or not, so you MIGHT AS WELL feel good about yourself and be happy as the days go by.  

Yes, I know you can be happy without working out, but I also KNOW you can be even happier when you take care of yourself.

You'll say you will start tomorrow the rest of your life if you don't just start now!  A workout or a healthy meal is such a small part of your day.
Make it Count! 


ENJOY @LRTMSH you are my Week Three #fithappensinsummer winner.  Thanks for giving the "Cardio to Muscle" workout a try last week.  And all the other workouts too.  Your support is very much appreciated.

Enjoy an Old Navy Active Go-Dry Tank

1 Pair of @bombassocks

EOS Lip Balm

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BRING ON WEEK FOUR.  Last Week of the #fithappensinsummer May Challenge.  I'll be sharing a "Back and Abs" Circuit, a "No Equipment- Cardio and Ab" Circuit and a totally Beachin' Treadmill Workout….and more.

Show me you are getting fit.  Get HEALTHY.  Be HAPPY. #FITHAPPENS or #SHITHAPPENS you decide.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

……the CARDIO continues

……..and the CARDIO continues!  I totally count shopping as cardio.  Looking, walking, taking clothes off and putting clothes on, THEN decision making!!  Killer.

These are my favorite sport bras to workout in.  Any of the front close bras from VSX SPORT do a great job of holding my TA TAs in place.  This one is the 'Incredible Front-Close'.  I also like the 'Knockout Secret Front-Close'  They are expensive but worth it!  

However, through Monday for Angel Card Holders they are $35 which I also hoarded a couple coupons and got this for $10.  HAPPY DAY.  HAPPY DAY.   

The Features are:

Maximum Support

Locking-Zip front closure

Breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry

Concealed wire for cushioned support

Adjustable straps

Super Soft elastic band for comfort and movement

Body-Wick keeps you cool and dry

Thank Goodness for Hats

Thank goodness for hats!  Hair is being washed TODAY.

My polar says 509 calories burned, however I started my watch and then took 5 mins to take a STEALTHIE- (noun): the act of very discreetly taking a selfie while at the gym.

So give or take I burned 509 in 38:00 mins after the "Hot and Roasty" treadmill workout.  You can find this workout posted yesterday in my feed.  I absolutely LOVE this one.

The hardest part about this workout should be those two 5 minute incline walks!  If you do it right, incline walking is no joke.  You need to go at a pace that takes everything you got, WITHOUT holding on to the treadmill.  I do my walks between 3.8 - 4.0mph but I am also 5'9" ….Get uncomfortable.

Happy Long Weekend to You All!  Go get your #sweatysaturday on. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Snack Shack

I brought my own Snack Shack!  I have been loving this flavor…. 
PB Fruit Nut from G2GBAR 

the 'HOT and ROASTY' how you like it Treadmill Workout

WOOT WOOT for Friday, which brings us to Sweaty Saturday workout number 3 that I would love for you to try sometime tomorrow or in the future.

the 'HOT and ROASTY' - how YOU like it
Treadmill Workout:

Who doesn't love a good S'more in the Summer Time?  I do.  I like to go the extra mile though and instead of plain chocolate on my S'more, I throw on a Reeses PB cup. Game Changer.

THIS WORKOUT IS MADE TO YOUR LIKING! ….. like a s'more, we all love our Mallows cooked differently.  I like mine a little burnt, with black on them! …. For this workout, I provide you the time and incline you decide your pace and speed.

STEP ONE: run YOUR mile.  Your pace.  Your enjoyment.  Just RUN.

STEP TWO:  you are going to SPRINT for 45 seconds and then with your feet to the sides of the treadmill, REST for 15 secs. At the top of every minute, you repeat that cycle.  AND, maybe you want 40/20 OR 30/30 OR 20/40 on those sprints/rest.  Just be sure to begin the next sprint at the top of every minute.  Total time for step 2 is 10 minutes

STEP THREE:  Set the incline to 15.0% at a WALK you can handle without holding on. Stay there for 5 mins.  THEN, with no incline, JOG it out for 5 mins.  REPEAT that 1 more time.  Total time for step 3 is 20 mins.

Depending on your mile run, add that time to 30 mins and that is how long this workout will take. 



I post a lot of treadmill workouts that are all over the place.  I will never hop on a treadmill and just run at a constant pace for "X" minutes and call it a workout…… I like to switch it up to keep myself burning fat at a faster rate, making myself a better runner and it keeps me entertained so the time flies by.  However, I'm so ready for some track workouts ( I hope you are too).  I'm going to kick the tracks rubber…..or polyurethane.

Most of my workouts involve incline walking, jogging, running and sprinting.  Week 3's "S'MORES"  #SWEATYSATURDAY posts involves all of the above.  *I'll be posting it in just a few.  LOVE this one.  You get to decide your speeds.

This video is showing the difference in me doing a JOG (5.0 mph) - RUN (7.0 mph ) - SPRINT (11.0 mph).  Please don't mind all of the jiggle. 


Thursday, May 21, 2015



Last Friday I had to whip me up a dinner and something fast.  I had just finished up hair and makeup for my 7 yr olds dance concert and needed to be out the door shortly.  So eggs are always easy and Harmons fresh pico is just delicious.  The Kodiak Cakes 'Minute Muffins' only takes a minute ;)   This flavor was Apple Cinnamon Oat and a glass of Suja Mighty Greens.

As I was eating I noticed my surroundings and laughed.  When I am in the "ZONE" ( I had a great week of workouts and eating so far ), it's amazing how things just don't even tempt you.

I could have easily grabbed a couple donuts and called it good, BUT I knew I would have just been hungry moments later since a donut is considered empty calories ( high in calories, low in nutrients ) and also a simple carb ( quicker digestion ).  Since I was going to be gone for a good 5-6 hours that wouldn't have done the job.

You know what they say, "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips" And that poor lonely sweet potato in the basket will be eaten soon.

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes


1/4 C. Dark Choc. Chips
1 C. Unsweetened Almond Milk
2 TBS. Unsweetened Cocoa
1/4 C. Slivered Almonds
1 C. Kodiak Cakes Protein Mix
1 TBS. Vanilla
1 Egg
1 Scoop Choc. Protein Powder- Cellucor

Cook like regular pancakes and use Toppings of Choice.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My most FAVORITE meal

Salmon is my most favorite that I don't get AT ALL nearly enough!  To me there is nothing better than freshly caught Kokanee Salmon right out of Flaming Gorge by my own personal fisherman.

My hubby caught some beauties over the last weekend in a fishing derby out there.  I could send him away to fish every weekend and not be mad about it.  I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to the idea either.

He does all the fish preparing, seasoning and cooks them on the BBQ which cooking takes under 15 mins.  The broccoli was sprayed with olive oil, sprinkle of lemon pepper and roasted in the oven.  We then sprinkled on fresh grated parmesan cheese when they were done. 

Chocolate Chip Protein Shake

Remember that banana we set aside in the freezer from our Parfait last week?  I used that one today for this Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Shake-- Eat Any Time.  If you aren't convinced you're drinking a chocolate milkshake then I don't know what to tell ya.

In a blender, I use a Vitamix:

1 Cup of Ice

1 Cup unsweetened Almond Milk

1tbsp. Almond Butter or peanut butter preference

1 Scoop of Vanilla OR Chocolate protein powder ( I went with Vanilla to tone it down on the chocolate flavor since chocolate is added )  Cellucor is the brand I use.  Whey is the type of protein powder.  Fast absorbing.

1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tbsp. dark chocolate chips OR cacoa nibs

1 banana

1 sugar-free sweetener.  I used 1 packet of Stevia


Get 25% off your total purchase at with my code: HALEYA and sign in ( provide email/password for faster future purchases) to get your order shipped FREE!

Hamstrings and Glutes

Hamstrings and Glutes:

Work your hamstrings and glutes with an Exercise ball.  No weights are needed.  The TIP with this one is to try and keep your butt as high off the ground as you can during the entire move.  This really gets your buns burnin' but your hamstrings are doing the work.

You can do a single leg curl ( which is a little tougher and harder to keep your butt up there ) or the kind with both legs on the ball.  Either way, place the entire back of your foot/heel on the ball then lift your body up with the help of your arms to keep you steady.  Pull the ball in and out.  3X15.

Uneven Squat to Narrow Squat:

I used an aerobic step bench with 4 Risers to give me the height I needed.  With my feet a little wider than shoulder width apart you do a basic squat with one foot elevated on the bench.  Then step off the bench with your feet together and do a Narrow Squat.  These are tough form-wise but be sure to keep your weight in your heels and your knees behind your toes the best you can on those narrows.

I am using a 50lb bar.  3x10 on each leg for squats.

Push Play HERE

You can also search the hashtag
for all videos I have made.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Since it is #TacoTuesday, lets TACO BOUT a simple way to help us in the kitchen.  Maybe you don't season your meat with a taco seasoning but I do.  AND when I season most any food I eat I usually go with MRS. DASH.  That lady has several flavors to go with just about anything you are cooking up.  If you aren't familiar with Mrs. Dash, all of their seasonings, blends, marinades etc… are always  SALT FREE!

Today at Target I looked at the difference between the taco seasonings of: McCormick, Mrs. Dash and 'reduced sodium' Market Pantry ( Target brand ) in the nutrition facts.  All are very much the same everywhere except a big difference in the sodium.  You aren't going to notice much of a difference taste wise but your body will thank you for it.  Plus, where you can cut out sodium in your diet, do it.

McCormick = 380mg

Mrs. Dash = 0mg

Target Reduced Sodium = 260mg


Apples and PB.  Always a good combo.

I like to mix up:

1 TBS of PB2-powdered peanut butter

1 TBS of almond butter with almond milk to my desired consistency.

I dip apple slices in the PB mix.

And no my string cheese does not have mold on it…… that is Weight Watchers jalapeño String Cheese and it is my favorite kind of String Cheese.  I also go for Sargento Lite string cheese if I am at a different store.  I have only been able to find the Weight Watchers Jalapeño at Walmart.

The apple and string cheese combo is almost a daily snack for me.  I usually have it on-the-go.  The PB is just extra if I am home and have the time.

What is PB2??  It's the delicious PB flavor that I love without the calories and fat.  I am definitely not a girl against calories and fat, it's just nice sometimes to get the flavor without all the extra sometimes.  Other ways to use it: mix with plain greek yogurt and use it to dip fruit.  Mix with water or almond milk and drizzle over pancakes or waffles.  Throw it in your protein shakes.  
MMMmmmmm good!

The at "HOMER" Workout

The at "HOMER" Workout:  
GLUTES, ABS and CARDIO with a bit of ARMS

Which this can also be done in the gym, just add some DBs or BB to all the Squat exercises.  AND, if you workout from home and can add some resistance do.  If not, this workout will rock your world using just your Body Weight.

Go straight down the list doing each exercise for 60 secs.  When you finish repeat the list but this time do each exercise for 45 seconds.  Then FINALLY, do each exercise for 30 seconds.  THAT'S IT!

SO, all you need is a timer and a bench/chair/step/couch for Tricep Dips.

The only thing to be worried about is doing dips and push-ups for "X" amount of time.  I realize 60 secs can get a little rough!  SO HERE IS A TIP FOR THE DIPS--- when you do dips, the farther your feet are away from you, the harder they will be.  So start with the most challenging form for you…..then as the exercise becomes too much, bring those feet in closer to your body, this will lighten it up a bit.

HERE IS A TIP FOR THE PUSH-UPS….. IF you can, start out your push-ups doing them the good ol' "man" style way.  THEN, as it gets too tough, drop to your knees and finish it out doing "girl" style push-ups.  To get easier than that, you can do push-ups from your knees with your hands against a chair/couch or even stand and do them against the wall.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chicken Salad Sandwich

LUNCH.  Easy Easy.  Super quick to throw together.  Meals like this will help us get ready for Summer.  And the Circuit Workout I posted this morning will help you in the gym.  Remember, you are ENTIRELY up to you.

Chicken Salad Sandwich:

Canned Chicken Breast -Costco. Kirkland Brand

Sandwich Thin:  Brand is Oroweat.  100% Whole Wheat


Sliced Grapes

Chopped carrots, celery, onion- these were already chopped for me all in the same container.  Bought in the Target produce section.

Mixed with Greek Yogurt

The CARDIO to MUSCLE Treadmill Workout

Let's get those legs burnin' and working.  I love to work the leg muscles, then run it out.  With this one you'll be doing just that.

The Cardio to Muscle Treadmill Workout:

IF YOU WANT, you can hang on to some dumbbells for the muscle exercises.  IF NOT, no biggie,  Body Weight is just fabulous.


Do the specified RUN, then hop off the treadmill to the floor and do the lower body exercise for the 'X' amount of reps.  Repeat that circuit for a total of 3x and THEN move on to the next circuit.

Don't forget on all the lunges, it is 10 reps for EACH leg.

GET AFTER THOSE SPRINTS.   Remember that post….CRANK IT UP??? Find your "8" They are ONLY 1 minute!  Feel free to add an incline for more of a challenge.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a workout that can be done at home or the gym.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Babe Ruth

Despite all the Homeruns you hit last week…. whether you had fabulous workouts, nailed it in the kitchen, was "Mom of the Year" ( in a good way ) for sure all of that made us a better person but this game doesn't end!  Tomorrow you get to step back up to the plate.

There is always room for improvements!


              .......for you, @taleramichele you are my WEEK TWO #fithappensinsummer winner.  
                                 Thanks for giving my "Push" Circuit workout a try this week.

Enjoy 2 pairs of @vspink Knee Socks

Aladdin Mason Tumbler

EOS Lip Balm

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Try ANY workout I post this week and let me know how it goes.  Either tag me, post it, share it, comment on my post, do whatever to let me know how it went.

P.S. If your account is set to private, I can't see your post..... I can't see it even if you tag me in it.  So direct message me (that little white square box at the top right corner of your IG feed).

Show me you are getting fit.  Get HEALTHY.  Be HAPPY. #FITHAPPENS or #SHITHAPPENS you decide.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sweaty Saturday and Protein Pancakes

Good Morning from Mr. PannyCake!  #SWEATYSATURDAY is done and Protein Pancakes with a side of turkey bacon X2 were ate. 

I'll be sharing the pancake recipe soon in the next few days and I know you can't see them but there are CHOCOLATE CHIPS in there…..your kiddos will love them and when they are protein packed they won't be asking for snacks in the next 17 minutes.  Protein keeps us satisfied.

You can see the full version of that "Get Your Intervals On- then take a walk" treadmill workout posted yesterday on my IG page.  It looks kind of scary but honestly it's actually a very mild/low key workout but as you can see it got the job done for me with 562 calories burned in 45 mins.  

And my Mothers Day gift has been the BEST THING EVER!  I love that I am now a wireless music goer!  Snoop Dog and his friends never sounded so good.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Pretzel Crisps and JALAPENO Yogurt Dip

Now, I'm not saying to go to Costco and buy this combo NOR am I saying it's healthy!  It can be made healthy if you can stick to the serving size, I just can't ( just being honest )….. but if you decide to purchase, proceed with caution.  

The choice is yours.  
Either way you won't be let down, with or without it.  

It has been making a good option for a spread though on wraps/sandwiches/mixing and such.

the 'Get your Intervals on- then take a walk' Treadmill Workout

Here is #sweatysaturday workout number two- Remember all the fabulous benefits of Interval Training I told you about last Friday?! Tomorrow try this one out.  AND- these are MY speeds….make it work to YOUR level.  The time segments are there to guide you.  OR, be a "one-upper" and show me how it's done.

the 'Get Your Intervals On- then take a walk' Treadmill Workout:

3 INTERVALS.  Each interval is 10 mins long.  You will run for 1 minute then walk for 1 minute repeating that cycle for 10 mins.  I recommend putting your incline b/w 0.5% - 2.0% to be more like the outdoors.

Here is the Low down on the INTERVALS-  Interval one will be your slowest run but fastest walk.  As the workout goes on, your intervals will +increase on the run speed and -slow down your walk speed.  Adjust the speeds if needed.

AFTER each 10 minute interval you will 'TAKE A WALK' for 5 minutes.  Starting with the highest incline in the workout of 15% and slowest speed.  As the workout goes on, your 'take a walk' sections will have your incline coming down and your walking speed will go up by 0.5mph 
Adjust the speed if needed.  Goal is no hands.

The total time on this workout is: 45 minutes.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Toasted Turkey, Avocado and Cheese Sandwich

My sandwich got photo bombed by my RugRat.

Eating healthy DOES NOT have to be fancy and gourmet.  Sometimes I see these lavish meals  posted on IG and it just makes me want to eat a donut…. I ain't got those kind of cooking skills.  I don't want to live in the kitchen.  Most of my meals take only minutes to make and require few ingredients.  Maybe if I knew what I was doing in the kitchen it would be different.  But for now this stuff is working.

I am sure you have all seen a Turkey Sandwich before.  This is more of a reminder that SIMPLE meals like this CAN totally help you reach your goals.  Includes: PROTEIN. CARB. FAT.

Toasted Turkey, Avocado and Cheese Sandwich:

I toasted two slices of Dave's Killer Bread.  I also like to use Ezekiel bread

Threw down some mustard and spinach leaves

3 slices/3oz. of natural turkey breast deli meat topped with a bit of pepper

1/4 avocado

Feta Cheese

If I had a Tomato……. but I didn't

And that's Suja- "Mighty Greens" in the mug

I like to have my bigger carbs sources such as bread, oats, bananas, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc., in the first part of my day.  I keep them light as the evening comes around and stick with veggies. 

Choose the Right Weight

Choose the Right Weight:

Sometimes, and especially when you are new, it can be difficult to figure out how much weight to lift.  If you are not experienced in the weight room, the easiest way to know and usually right away is to grab a weight with which you can perform 10 reps.  
If you can do more than 10, that is your sign too add a few more lbs.  
If you can't get 10, go for lighter weight.  That would be your 10-rep max.

Then use that info to determine what weight to use for the reps in your workout.


If you can lift 15 pounds for your 10-rep max doing a bicep curl and your workout calls for 8-10 reps per set, just take 60-80% of your 10 rep weight.  For this example, you would use between 9-12 pounds.  Round to nearest weight available if needed.

THEN, set a goal to increase the weight as you progress down the road.  Our bodies are very smart and will adapt if you let it.  If you let it adapt, then not much change will occur.  So force your body to work beyond what it is capable of.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

EASY LUNCH.  Another EASY meal to help us as we make efforts to change our health..  I posted a "PUSH" Circuit and a "PULL" Circuit Workout already this week to help us in the gym department.  So be sure to fuel your bodies.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos:

2 Corn Tortillas

Jalapeño Greek Yogurt Dip: ( Costco.  Brand is Skotidakis ) spread desired amount on tortilla.

Shredded White Chicken in Buffalo Sauce: ( Costco. Brand is Harvest Creek. Comes in a can like Tuna but bigger )  warm up in microwave.  I used half the can.  MEAL PREP for tomorrow DONE.

A little lime

Bit of Shredded Cheese

Avocado Slices



The ONLY occasions my Yogurtland spoons will see fruit.  They prefer to be handled with reeses PB cups and brownie bites.


Make this your breakfast, lunch, mid-day BOOST or when you are just craving a bit of sweetness.


in a bowl MIX up:

3/4 cup or 6 oz. of Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt

sugar-free/sweetener substitute of choice.  I used 1 packet of Stevia

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

THEN, slice a small banana or half one bigger sized banana and peel the other half and place it in the freezer…… I will be using that frozen banana for a Protein Shake recipe that I will be sharing soon

slice your strawberries.  I sliced up 3

add in sliced almonds.  I probably did a little less than 1/4 Cup

add in raw, old fashioned oats.  1/4 Cup of those

That's it!  Pick, dip and choose how you would like each bite or just mix it all together and see what you get.  On things like this, I like to have a bit of each thing in every bite so it helps me to place them like so.  


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer PULL Circuit

Here is a PULL CIRCUIT:  Back, Biceps and Active Rest

You will need DBs and BBs.  You will also need a timer or be near a clock for your Active Rest Sets.  I have shown videos of all Active Rest Sets.  I can tag you if needed.

I will be posting a Video in a few of the DB Pullovers ( great for Lats ) and the Good Mornings.  Good Mornings are an exercise I like to use for my lower back.  HOWEVER, you will also be working your Hamstrings and Glutes as well.  
**Ye have been WARNED.

AND, if you are unsure of what 21's are I have a "HOW TO" post back in my feed, I can tag you if needed.  Google is also a great place to look up exercises for explanation.

Complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving to the next.  Start out with the heaviest weight you can manage with good form.  By round 3, if you need to go down a couple pounds you can.

These are great workouts if you challenge yourself.  Move quickly from one exercise to the next will little rest.  ENJOY!!!  

PHOTO CRED: @shanwest00 that's my sis taking the pic and her son @gagewest_22 in the yellow shades fishing Deer Creek in Utah.

Here is the video to go along with the "PULL" workout I posted this morning.

Watch it HERE

Works the lower back AND your hamstrings/Glutes.  It's a great exercise for lots of areas. 

You want to start with your feet about shoulder width apart or a little wider.  Your first move is to bend at the hips, pushing your butt back.  When you do this, also keep your back arched/straight, NEVER rounded.  This also keeps the bar from rolling up unto your neck.  Keep your head and chest up.  On your motion back to start, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE your glutes, especially at the end of the movement.  I used a 50lb BB. 


for your lats-- the back "bra-bulge" area.  Place your upper back/shoulders on a bench.  Yes, your head should be hanging off a bit.  Grab the dumbbell with your palms on the underside of the DB and a slight bend in your arms.  You will lower the DB slowly in an arc behind your head until you feel a stretch in your lats and your chest (your chest will be working too).  Raise the DB back up until it is over your chest.  I used a 35lb DB.

AND, while you're in that position, there is no better time than to SQUEEEEEEZE your glutes some more!  I keep mine flexed during the ENTIRE move. 

P.S. My videos are sped up to show more reps.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Flyes and Kickbacks

Here is the video that goes along with the "PUSH CIRCUIT" I posted earlier this morning.  I have shown other exercises from this workout if you just search the hashtag on Instagram=  #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS they are there.  I am happy to tag you as well.

Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes ( shoulders ):  sitting at the end of a bench/chair, bend over at the waist as low as you can while still keeping your back straight.  I also like to take the DBs behind my legs during the entire move.  With a slight bend in your arms lift the DBs out to the sides until they are parallel to the floor. Then lower the DBs back down behind your legs.

DB Flyes ( chest ):  You can do this laying a bench or exercise ball like I am doing.  But if you are going to use a ball then be sure you are squeezing those buns during the entire move.  Your palms are facing each other on the grip.  With a slight bend in your elbows, lower the DBs out to the side until you feel a stretch in the chest then raise them back up.

Tricep Kickbacks ( back of arms ):  Most of you have seen this exercise.  I prefer to do it using a bench and one arm at a time.  If you are short on time, you can always do it standing, bent over at the waist with both arms working at the same time.  I am showing both ways in the video.  *The main point of this exercise is to keep your upper arm STILL and close to your side.  The only part of the arm that should be moving is the forearm.

Summer PUSH Circuit


Here is a PUSH CIRCUIT:  Shoulders. Triceps. Chest and Active Rest

You will need DBs for most everything and a BB for front raises, skull crushers and incline tricep extensions.  I have shown videos of these exercises on my instagram.  I'm happy to tag you!  You will also need a 
timer or be near a clock for your Active Rest Sets.

I have another video on the way showing Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes, Tricep Kickbacks and Chest Flyes.

Complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving to the next.  Start out with the heaviest weight you can manage with good form.  By round 3, if you need to go down a couple pounds you can.

These are great workouts if you challenge yourself.  Move quickly from one exercise to the next will little rest.  

Tomorrow I will be bringing you the PULL Circuit with a Video for that as well. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

You are ENTIRELY up to you.

Did you try 1 of the 3 workouts I posted last week?  Have you put forth an effort to getting yourself more healthy and fit?  I am doing all that I can to motivate and help anyone who is looking for it, but I CAN NOT make you do it.

You are
up to

Week 2 of #fithappensinsummer starts tomorrow in the AM and I'm ready to rock and roll it to ya!  I hope you're ready, willing and wanting to CHANGE!  It DOES work, you just have to try and trust the process.

And I hope all the mamas out there got spoiled today, you deserve it! XO 

The DL on Weight Training

Just a friendly reminder about them weights:

The easiest way to understand muscle movements is by the motion you must make to target and work that particular muscle or muscle group.  All weight lifting movements/motions are either called "PULL" or "PUSH" movements. "Pull" muscles contract as weight is pulled TOWARD your body.  "Push" muscles contract as weight is pushed AWAY from the body.

It is always smart to work the "pull" muscles on the same day and the "push" muscles on the same day because some movements complement one another.  For example: a bent over row will also use help from the bicep to perform the pull movement.  And a bench press will use help from the shoulders and triceps for the push movement. 

These are your "PUSH" muscles:

These are your "PULL" muscles:

I bet you can guess what kind of workout is coming mañana….. Yes, a PUSH Circuit.  And a  PULL Circuit to come Tuesday morning with Videos for both.  So this week I will be providing circuit workouts for you to try.  Tag your friends/post your workouts/tag me!  Get after it.

Week One: Winner-Winner

SURPRISE, SURPRISE @sassbucket you are my WEEK ONE #fithappensinsummer winner.  I randomly chose you to have this fun stuff!  Just my way to say Thank You for giving my workout a go but mostly for the support.

Enjoy a pair of @bombbassocks

Aladdin Mason Tumbler

EOS Lip Balm

iTunes Gift Card

Please email me your address:


Try ANY workout I post this week and let me know how it goes.  Either tag me, post it, share it, comment on my post, do whatever to let me know how it went.  

And P.S. Did you know that if your account is set to private, I can't see your post..... I can't see it even if you tag me in it.  So direct message me (that little white square box at the top right corner of your IG feed).

Show me you are getting fit.  Get HEALTHY.  Be HAPPY. #FITHAPPENS or #SHITHAPPENS you decide.

Friday, May 8, 2015

the "Hang Up Your Flops" 30-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout

Here is the first #sweatysaturday workout. See previous post for all the details.

the "Hang Up Your Flops" 
30-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout:

Who is fan of Flip Flops in the Summer?!?  My shoe collection is pretty much Flip Flops and Brooks.

So this workout might not seem like no big deal but doing HIIT/INTERVALS….. going from steady to a BURST is most effective for fat loss and fighting belly fat.


Your body will continue to burn calories after your workout has ended.  It's fighting to bring your body back to a normal state.  You just had it guessing on and off if you were going to cool down or amp it up.  BURN MORE CALORIES

You condition your heart to become bigger and stronger and able to take on sudden intense challenges.  Which is best for real world situations.

Your lungs become bigger and more powerful.  BUILD ENDURANCE

Interval training will make you a FASTER, STRONGER and BETTER runner.

and the BEST reason for me is that intervals are interactive and NOT BORING.  Time goes by much quicker.

So hang up your flops and try this workout.  You're running at a steady comfortable pace for 2 mins, THEN SPRINT as fast as you can for 1 min.  Do that cycle 8x.  AND reap all the benefits of Interval Training.