Monday, May 18, 2015

The CARDIO to MUSCLE Treadmill Workout

Let's get those legs burnin' and working.  I love to work the leg muscles, then run it out.  With this one you'll be doing just that.

The Cardio to Muscle Treadmill Workout:

IF YOU WANT, you can hang on to some dumbbells for the muscle exercises.  IF NOT, no biggie,  Body Weight is just fabulous.


Do the specified RUN, then hop off the treadmill to the floor and do the lower body exercise for the 'X' amount of reps.  Repeat that circuit for a total of 3x and THEN move on to the next circuit.

Don't forget on all the lunges, it is 10 reps for EACH leg.

GET AFTER THOSE SPRINTS.   Remember that post….CRANK IT UP??? Find your "8" They are ONLY 1 minute!  Feel free to add an incline for more of a challenge.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a workout that can be done at home or the gym.  

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