Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer PUSH Circuit


Here is a PUSH CIRCUIT:  Shoulders. Triceps. Chest and Active Rest

You will need DBs for most everything and a BB for front raises, skull crushers and incline tricep extensions.  I have shown videos of these exercises on my instagram.  I'm happy to tag you!  You will also need a 
timer or be near a clock for your Active Rest Sets.

I have another video on the way showing Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes, Tricep Kickbacks and Chest Flyes.

Complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving to the next.  Start out with the heaviest weight you can manage with good form.  By round 3, if you need to go down a couple pounds you can.

These are great workouts if you challenge yourself.  Move quickly from one exercise to the next will little rest.  

Tomorrow I will be bringing you the PULL Circuit with a Video for that as well. 

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