Thursday, May 7, 2015

Swing Lunges/Forward to Reverse Lunges

*From last Friday*  Try these ones out you guys-

Elevated Swing Lunges OR Forward to Reverse Lunges:

These were killer.  Swing Lunges are never easy.  This time I threw in a aerobic step with 5 risers to give me the height I needed.  A bench/chair would be higher and still could work if you can handle the height of it.

Get in a position that when you land on the bench your knee stays behind the toes and when you take your step back, do it far enough that your knee and toes do the same.  Your leg on the ground stays put and it gets HOTTTT!  You will also really experience the cardio on this one too.  I used a 50lb bar.  3x10- So a lunge forward to back is one rep.

Elevated Sumo Squat:

I prefer to use one Heavy DB ( 65lbs or so )  on this exercise but didn't feel like carrying it across the gym to where I was set up.  I went with a 45lb plate.  I had to hold the plate like so, so that it would fit between the two steps.

All you do is squat and the height of the steps allows you to squat past parallel….get loooow.  Another reason why a DB is better in this case, the plate kept me from that since it was about hitting the floor. You can also do this standing on two benches. 

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