Friday, May 22, 2015

the 'HOT and ROASTY' how you like it Treadmill Workout

WOOT WOOT for Friday, which brings us to Sweaty Saturday workout number 3 that I would love for you to try sometime tomorrow or in the future.

the 'HOT and ROASTY' - how YOU like it
Treadmill Workout:

Who doesn't love a good S'more in the Summer Time?  I do.  I like to go the extra mile though and instead of plain chocolate on my S'more, I throw on a Reeses PB cup. Game Changer.

THIS WORKOUT IS MADE TO YOUR LIKING! ….. like a s'more, we all love our Mallows cooked differently.  I like mine a little burnt, with black on them! …. For this workout, I provide you the time and incline you decide your pace and speed.

STEP ONE: run YOUR mile.  Your pace.  Your enjoyment.  Just RUN.

STEP TWO:  you are going to SPRINT for 45 seconds and then with your feet to the sides of the treadmill, REST for 15 secs. At the top of every minute, you repeat that cycle.  AND, maybe you want 40/20 OR 30/30 OR 20/40 on those sprints/rest.  Just be sure to begin the next sprint at the top of every minute.  Total time for step 2 is 10 minutes

STEP THREE:  Set the incline to 15.0% at a WALK you can handle without holding on. Stay there for 5 mins.  THEN, with no incline, JOG it out for 5 mins.  REPEAT that 1 more time.  Total time for step 3 is 20 mins.

Depending on your mile run, add that time to 30 mins and that is how long this workout will take. 

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