Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This video goes along with the 'SUMMERTIME WORKOUT from Home' that I posted earlier this morning.

Since I have shown a video of almost every exercise in that workout previously on my IG ( search the hashtag-- #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS for all my videos ), I thought I would share the 'SKATERS' aka Speed Skaters since some of you may be unfamiliar with that one.

I also included 2 versions of how I like to do the, 'Leg Lift w/ Hip Thrust' for your abs.  The only difference b/w the 2 is: Legs stay straight the whole move AND/OR bring your knees in and out on the lower.

On the Skaters, you can also touch the floor with your hand after landing for more of a challenge.  The main goal is to push off and jump lateral as far as you can then cross the following leg behind you.  Don't forget to include your arms as you go.  

Watch it here:

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