Thursday, May 28, 2015

Body Fat Testing

It's been 10 years and 2 kids later since I last had my Body Fat tested.  The last reading I had done was on a return trip one year after graduating from Syracuse, NY to visit friends and coaches.

I went back to say hello and had one year of hard work under my belt getting rid of the "Freshman 15"........and then some, that I had gained while I was there.  Being a pitcher for the SU softball team, I had all the campus food I could want paid for.  I was like an unsupervised kid at a birthday party eating away my emotions and making my homesickness worse, GAG!!! 

Anyways, I was there visiting while the team was doing some conditioning and getting their BF% taken so I had the trainer do mine while they were at it.

My body is slightly different now, if you have had a couple kids you know what I mean by the small changes that do occur.  So I do not expect to see numbers today here at BYU that I saw when I was kid-less, wild and free at 24 years young.  I wonder if I can add a % or 4 in consideration to the added weight from varicose veins and a bladder sling..... 
Here goes nothin'  

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