Friday, July 31, 2015

Shot Gun Rider

My Shot Gun Rider for the next few hours……. until it starts to annoy me. @g2gbars are the best protein bar hands down! 


Happy #FLEX_FRIDAY from the TRACK!

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Packing for a quick trip…….it's just a shame when I realized:

and only one pair of boobs!
Maybe I'm not normal, but working out while on vacation, >insert Nacho Libre voice>>> "is my favorite thing to do...Every, Day!" 

A Beautiful Kind of Pain

999...…………..1000 standin' in the flames, it's a Beautiful Kind of Pain…. LEG DAY

I can feel the heat rising
everything is on fire.
Today is a painful reminder of why
we can only get Brighter.

Reaching a 1000 calorie burn never happens for me in a workout since I don't spend hours in the gym.  Leg day is such a physical and MENTAL day of the week.  It tests your limits and takes all you got!  This day did just that.  And despite it all, it magically keeps you going back for more.
 Tap for Eminem Tunes on my INSTAGRAM and watch the video.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Styrofoam 101

Just before I got in trouble for taking my water in the water.

Heading to the pool?  Stop at any drive up on your way for the largest Ice Water they offer.  In my case, my favorite 44oz. water comes in a Styrofoam cup from @sodalicious and costs me .37 cents.  Might as well grab yourself a Scotcharoo there while you're at it.  I also fill up my 32oz. water bottle at home and take that too but the ice doesn't last long on hot days.

I drink from my water bottle first.  Then the styrofoam cup water comes in handy since ice lasts longer in styrofoam compared to plastic or paper cups.  Since styrofoam is made of thermal insulation that traps air in order to keep ice from melting faster.  


the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 8

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 8:

WARM UP-- run one lap

Uneven Alternating Squat Climb, Up Stairs
10 Decline Push ups
Uneven Alternating Squats, Down Stairs
15 Full Climber/Runner Lunge
3 SETS of the ABOVE
Run 1 Lap
Sprint Straightaway
Going back: Walking Lunges 1/2 way
High Knee Run the other 1/2
Climbing Lunge Jumps, Up Stairs
15 Elevated Plank Jacks
Climbing Lunge Jumps, Down Stairs
15 Bleacher Tricep Dips
3 SETS of the ABOVE
Run 1 Lap
Sprint Straightaway
Going Back: Reverse Walking Lunges 1/2 way
Backwards Jog the other 1/2
In/Out Squat Jumps, Up Stairs
50 Toe Taps
In/Out Squat Jumps, Down Stairs
30 Jumping Jacks
3 SETS of the ABOVE
Run one side of Stadium Stairs
Lateral Lane Hops, Right & Left x2 sets
Repeat Stairs going back & Lateral Lane Hops
As Many Rounds as you have the time for
VIDEO of 8 Exercises in this workout can be seen HERE

This Video goes along with the 'Take it to the TRACK' Workout 8 that I posted this morning.  The exercises are short and goes by quickly.  Should take you about 1 hour or less.  Anyone can join me on these track workouts!  MVHS in Orem, Friday at 6AM.

Here are 8 exercises involved in the workout.  See my previous post for the full workout.

Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Uneven Alternating Squat Climb 

Decline Push-Ups and Elevated Plank Jacks

Climbing Lunge Jumps, Up and Down

Reverse Walking Lunges and Toe Taps

Climbing Wide to Narrow Squat Jumps, Up and Down

Lateral Lane Hops

All other Exercises not shown here for workout 8 have been posted in previous TRACK workouts.  Search Hashtag> #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on INSTAGRAM or I am happy to tag you! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ab Workout in Under 10:00

This should take you less than TEN minute to complete.  Just have yourself a timer and you're set.

I have also shown all exercises under the hashtag-- #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on INSTAGRAM

And here is a little AB info that I wanted to share:

ABS ARE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER MUSCLE IN OUR BODY!  Would you train your biceps good and hard and then train them again the next day and the next? NO.  Your abs also need time to recover.  Training them constantly leaves them overworked and prevents results from happening.
Compound Exercises like: deadlifts, squats, walking lunges engage your core.  So don't forget to include them in your workouts.
Save your ab training for the end of your workout.  Your abs play a role in everything you do in the gym.  So tiring them out before you squat or deadlift puts you at risk for injury.
Diet is crucial to visible abs. Get your diet in check and lower your body fat.  Your abs are there, but you have to eat the right things to let them shine through.  Thousands of sit-ups is not how you do it.
Training your abs Post Workout 2-3 times per week is ideal.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I know it ain't pretty

I know this does not look pretty, but at least my view here in the backyard is…..those shoes.

Workout done and now enjoying some breakfast before the household is awake.

1/2 C. Oats
1 Egg
3 Egg Whites
1/2 Scoop Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl Whey Protein Powder
Sprinkle of PB2
A few Dark Choc. Chips >> because I did 60 burpees and 105 push-ups today

42g Carbs>> 36g Protein>> Calories 411

Key to Results

Do you have plan for this week?  A big key to getting results is having a plan!  Don't just get in your workout gear then wander around the gym or wherever you are working out with no plan of what to do.  Have a plan and get it done.  Prepare the night before or for your entire week.

Here is an idea of something you could make a plan out of:

Monday: Back and Abs
Tuesday: Triceps, Chest, HIIT Cardio
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders, Steady State Cardio
Friday: Biceps and Abs
Saturday: Just Be Active.  Go hiking, run outside, swimming, HIIT cardio etc.
Sunday: Rest

Based on your fitness level, you can choose 2-4 exercises per muscle group and do 2-4+ sets. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

100% Mental

Our bodies are more than willing to take on a challenge no matter your fitness level or situation you are in.  So admire it and tell yourself you CAN because I believe a HUGE part of fitness is 100% MENTAL.

Your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it.

After what @ironcowboyjames pulled off over the last 50 days, this statement speaks for itself….. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Track Date with my LOVES

Saturday Morning Run date with my LOVES….. @brooksrunning shoes.

They wanted to jump some Tracks for #sweatysaturday today, I always do what they want! 

These are the Brooks Ghost8 Running Shoes


BIG Ironman number 50 for @ironcowboyjames is TODAY!  I can't even imagine accomplishing something like this!  50 FULL Ironmans, 50 States, in 50 days…… I'm pumped if I run 26 miles for the whole week.  Can you imagine running 26 miles every single day for FIFTY days straight?! AND, biking and swimming… Just Incredible.

He will wrap up this journey of mental and physical toughness today, right here in Utah with his 50th.  You can come support and cheer him home with the Swim, Bike or the 5K Run.  Even if you don't want to participate in the races, you could at least bring the guy some bandaids and neosporin maybe or  donate some money so he can go get himself a nice pedicure. Wink, Wink...

Swim is happening at Deer Creek Reservoir
Bike is starting at the Riverwoods Shops in Provo
5K Run is at Electric Park- Thanksgiving Point

Get more info on start times for group meet ups at

Friday, July 24, 2015

Indian Run

These ladies let me live my College Days all over again and did an 'INDAIN RUN' with me!  We added these in at the end of ' 'take it to the TRACK' workout #7 

The person in the back of the line SPRINTS to the front of the line and you just keep that going!  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just Look Down

This has always made me laugh…… Whenever I use this machine, I always just keep my head down and never make eye contact but in my mind…thanks to this meme, I'm saying "good girl, bad girl, good girl, bad girl" as I work!  And now you probably will too, you're welcome.

AND, just a tip when using this machine.  Never just sit up-right in the chair with light weight that is going to allow you to pump out rep after rep.  And I'm assuming when you use this you are trying to target your outer thigh/glutes.  All you're doing is using your muscle ( vastus lateralis ) that acts at the knee and not at the hip.  Not really doing yourself any good in those trouble areas.

I always put the pin in the bottom of the stack….yes, the whole weight stack!  No, I can not lift the whole stack sitting upright with my back against the chair.  SO, I inch myself forward a bit on the seat and bend over at the waist with my arms between my legs either holding on to my ankles, shoes or the machine itself in front of me.  This allows me to get my hips and outer glutes into the movement and my knees are not doing any of the work… me you'll feel it in all the right places and the burn will come in a hurry.

I'm using the entire weight stack which on this machine.  You don't have to do the whole stack but get close enough as you can.

As you can see, ( sorry, maybe a better angle would have helped ) my knees are barely on the pads since I have inched myself forward.  This puts the pads more on my outer legs/thighs/hips.  Bending over allows my me to push all that weight with my glutes/hips which I can't do sitting upright with my back against the seat….and sitting upright also puts a lot of pressure on the muscle that acts at the knee and not the hip. 

So just put your head down and NEVER make eye contact……good girl, bad girl, good girl, bad girl! I also do about 20 reps at a time for 3-4 sets.  You'll feel it this way, trust me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

take it to the TRACK #7

the 'take it to the TRACK' workout 7:

SA= StraightawayS, C= CurveS


Be sure to do the lap exercises for BOTH straightaways and curves

SA: High Skips
C: Walking Lunges
Run both sides of Stadium Stairs
SA: Grapevines
C: Side Shuffles
Run both sides of Stadium Stairs
SA: High Knee Run
C: Frog Jumps
Run both sides of Stadium Stairs
SA: Sprint
C: Walk
Run both sides of Stadium Stairs
Diagonal Lunges Up Bleachers
10- 180 Squat Jumps: Front to Back = 1
Diagonal Squat Climb Down.  Switch leading leg each at ea. set
10- 3 Pulse Lunge Jumps: ea. leg
15- Plank Thrusters
15- Bleacher Tricep Dips
15- Bleacher Push Ups

This video and all past TRACK Workouts can be found HERE

This Video goes along with the 'Take it to the TRACK' Workout 7 that I posted this morning.  The exercises are short and goes by quickly.  Should take you about 1 hour or less. 

Here are 6 exercises involved in the workout

Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Diagonal Lunges Up Bleachers

180 Squat Jumps

Diagonal Squats Down Bleachers

Plank Thrusters…. you can do these with a 3-5 second hold at each position ( plank and squat ) or just go from one to the next with no pause between.  I am showing a hold at each.

3 Pulse Lunge Jumps

Stair Run.  BOTH sides of the stadium.  If you only have one side to the stadium, do it twice!

P.S. Video of High Skips, Grapevines and Side Shuffles are found in TRACK Workout 2 and Frog Jumps are found in TRACK Workout 6 on my INSTAGRAM 


Tuesday, July 21, 2015


DEADlifts: 3 different variations.  FABULOUS exercise for the entire body, especially the glutes.

STIFF LEG DL's-  feet together, slight bend in knee AND back stays FLAT, do not round.  Stick your butt back.

TRADITIONAL DL's- feet shoulder width apart, sit back into a squat like position, keep back flat, keep bar close to legs, drive through your heels AND SQUEEEEZE your buns on standing

SUMO DL's- WIDE stance, toes turned slightly out, arms directly below shoulders inside the legs, keep bar close to legs, push up through your heels AND when you stand SQUEEEEZE your glutes and drive the bar into your hips.

P.S. I am using light weight here to show proper form. #fithappens #fithappensworkouts #deadlifts

Monday, July 20, 2015

Busy Week Ahead

I've got a busy busy week in front of me with lots of pools, baseball and traveling but I'm ready for it.  All things easy to grab and go, except the Unsweetened Almond Milk and Cereal….you just never know when you are going to crave some cereal.

All items came from Walmart:

Weight Watchers Jalapeño String Cheese
Jack Links Individual Beef Jerky
Baby Dill Pickles…..ya, I don't know
Bumble Bee Lemon & Pepper Tuna w/ Crackers
Lightly Salted Rice Cakes
Snack Packs of Walnuts & Almonds
Wheat Thins
Justin's Almond Butter Packs

My favorite on the go snack is already at home.... I'm fully stocked with @g2gbar
#fithappens #snacks #snackonthego


You had yourself a weekend and are all fueled and rested up, so I suggest you get moving and give this PLYO COUNTDOWN a go:

6 Exercises

10 Reps of each, THEN 9 Reps of each, THEN 8 Reps of each, Then…… you got the idea.

This is awesome done anywhere.  At home, the park, the gym…..which sometimes I like to do this after a lifting workout to top it all off.  Move as quickly as you can from one exercise to the next.  Catch your breath before you start on the next countdown.  HAVE FUN!  Most exercises have been shown under hashtag FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS ON INSTAGRAM

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fall in Love

We all go through ruts sometimes…even me.  I notice that when my workouts start feeling blah and I go through the motions and I stop having fun, it affects my efforts in eating the right things, I get lazy, and I stop seeing progress.

Don't continue to settle for the same day in and day out thing that you aren't thrilled about because you're only getting mediocre results out of it.

Change it up and find a process that you LOVE and the results you are expecting will come.  Fitness can be so much fun but you gotta work to find the joy in it…..nothing is just handed to you.   #mondaymotivation

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I need a hair cut.

(that first light that hits the eye)

When you wake up before your alarm on your only day of the week to sleep in because you are excited/passionate about something…… #SWEATYSATURDAY I'm coming for ya!

If you're not having fun with your fit life, then you're doing it wrong!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Couldn't LOVE my Friday Track Workouts More...

I don't think I could love my Friday workouts more!  Great start to the weekend with the HOTTEST gals ever.  

Take it to the TRACK #6 is donzo!

Ice Bath in the Provo River Post Workout

Push Play HERE to see these gals kickin' some butt!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

On a date

I had a date with a long lost love of mine this morning……these stairs know how to get me all hot and BOTHERED in a hurry!  There is just no way to be in control here…… 


Cooling My A$$

I'm so very thankful for that fan feature in my SUV after a sweaty workout on a hot day.  Nothing like a nice breeze blowing out of my seat to cool my A$$. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

the 'take it to the TRACK' Workout #6

'take it to the TRACK' workout 6

WARM UP: RUN 1 LAP, then

Bleacher Hops up
Travel Squats across
Bleacher Hops down
Travel Squats across
Bleacher Plank Toe Taps x12 ea. leg
Run 1 Lap
Sprint Straightaway
walk curve
Sprint Straightaway
walk curve
Lunges w/ Kick Backs up
Side Shuffle across
Scissor Run down
Side Shuffle across
Bleacher Plank Knees to Elbows x12 ea. leg
Run 1 Lap
Sprint Straightaway
walk curve
Sprint Straightaway
walk curve

FINISH: 2-3 Rounds
15 Abs of Choice
10 Lateral Lunges to Jump Jack ea. leg
15 Pushups
10 Frog Jumps w/ 2 pulses
15 Pushups
100 Jump Ropes

This Video goes along with the 'Take it to the TRACK' Workout 6 that I posted this morning.  Yes, the workout looks never-ending....but the exercises are short and goes by quickly.  Should take you about 1 hour. 

Here are 6 exercises involved in the workout

Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

This is your 1st set.  You are making a Square on one sections of bleachers.  Up, Across, Down, Across; 

bleacher hops up, traveling squats across, bleacher hops down, traveling squats across…this set will burn your legs like you have never felt before…...just sayin'

Bleacher Plank Toe Taps

This is your 2nd set.  Making a square on one section of bleachers; 
Lunges w/ Kickbacks up, Side Shuffles across, Scissor Run down, Side Shuffles across

Bleacher Plank Knees to Elbows

Lateral Lunges w/ a Jumping Jack

Frog Jumps w/ 2 pulses

Pre-Workout not Necessary

Getting halfway through leg day and realizing that taking a pre-workout this mooring wasn't necessary!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Snack Preppin'

SNACK PREPPING…… especially no mess, On-the-Go type snacks.  The kind you can just grab and go.  Usually it's when we are out and about that has us pulling into a gas station or caving for those nachos at the ball park (guilty ).

Here is a very simple High Protein Snack Pack

In a Zip-lock bag I have:

2 Weight Watchers Jalapeño String Cheese Sticks

1 Turkey Jerky Pack

and a 100 Calorie Pack of Natural Almonds and Walnuts

According to the MyFitnessPal app, each Ziplock contains 270 Calories and 27g of Protein.

You can prep these bags for the week and keep them in the fridge for when you are flying out the door.  I have taken this little snack to Lagoon, the Movies, the pool and the ball park so far.    



The first 3 exercises are 4 sets of 8.  Since the reps are only 8, hopefully you can challenge yourself a bit on the weight.  Even if you can start out with a heavier weight for your first 2 sets and come the 3rd and 4th set, if you have to drop the weight down you can.

When you finish all 3 exercises 4 times, then move on to the 2 exercises which are a SUPERSET:

2 exercises back to back with no rest between.  Take a rest after you have done each exercise.  Then complete the Superset 2 more times. 3 times total on the Superset.

FINALLY, the BURNOUT SET:  L-Raises ( I have posted a video of these on my INSTAGRAM ).  1 set and just go until you are BURNING! ENJOY!!! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Morning Wake Up

Monday Morning Wake Up:

Monday we LOVE you……right?!  Well, you might as well start your week off on the right foot and lift your spirit by producing a little sweat.

Do this before the fam wakes up at home, outside, the park, anywhere.  ENJOY!!! 
And don't forget to stretch when you get done.
 Little by little, a little becomes A LOT!  

Sunday, July 12, 2015


You ARE important!  Just as important as your kids, spouse, sibling, parents, etc.  I see so many, especially mothers out there, putting themselves on the back burner…but guess what?! Your health depends on YOU and THEY depend on you, so your health needs to happen first in order for you to give them your best self.

Drink more water, do some cardio, lift some weights, eat a carb…WHATEVER it may be.  
Take care of yourself first and don't feel selfish about it one bit!

Sunday Night Ice Bath

A little Sunday Night Ice Bath in the Provo River…….  

Making sure my body is ready for what I got coming its way this week!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Muscles & Mascara

Muscles & Mascara:

I actually haven't worn mascara in almost 2 years!  I wish it said, "Muscles & Lipstick" this was just a fun tank I picked up at Target….. But anyways, who is rockin' out the 'take it to the TRACK' Workout tomorrow?!  I posted it and a video on Wednesday.

Better yet, who is coming to do it with me???  MVHS 6:00AM Football Stadium.  

Shake on the Go

Sometimes after a workout I don't have time to make my usual fancy protein shake in my Vitamix blender.  There are times I walk in the door and only have time for a shaker cup that allows me to mix it as I'm driving.

In this shake:
Almond Milk
and the only thing measured out this morning was the protein powder since to get the powder you use the scooper provided anyway.

You can get any Cellucor Supp from their site with a 25% discount with my code: HALEYA

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the 'take it to the TRACK' Workout #5

the 'take it to the TRACK' Workout 5:

Run 1 Side of Stadium Stairs
FIFTY Walking Lunges(25 ea. leg)/50 Jumping Jacks
1-Minute Plank

Run 1 Side of Stadium Stairs
FORTY Prisoner Squats/40 FULL Climbers/Runner Lunge
45-Second Side Plank Right

Run 1 Side of Stadium Stairs
THIRTY Bulgarian Split Squats/30 Tricep Dips
45-Second Plank Up/Downs

Run 1 Side of Stadium Stairs
TWENTY Swing Lunges (ea. leg)/20 Push-Ups
45-Second Side Plank Left

Run 1 Side of Stadium Stairs
TEN Step Ups (ea. leg)/10 Bench Jumps
45-Second Plank Shoulder Taps

FINISH: Sprint the Straightaway
50 Walking Lunges
40 Prisoner Squats
Sprint the Straightaway
30 Bulgarian Split Squats
20 Swing lunges
Sprint the Straightaway
10 Step ups
10 Bench Jumps
Sprint the Straightaway

Watch the VIDEO HERE


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back & Biceps SUPERSET Workout


SUPERSET = 2 exercises performed back to back with no rest/break between the two moves.

Rest after you finish the 2 exercises.  Repeat the Superset 3x total.  THEN, move on to the next set of SUPERSETS. 

Video of all exercises have been posted on my INSTAGRAM under hashtag>> FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS and a video of 21's is on the way since I get asked about that one the most.  I am happy to tag you as well. 

PUSH PLAY HERE to see how 21s are done.

21's are part of the Back and Bicep SUPERSET workout  I posted this morning.  I get asked the most on what 21's are, so here ya go:

21's are a high rep exercise and a great burnout set following a bicep workout….

SO WHAT ARE 21's  TWENTY-ONES:  refer to the number of total reps you do in one set.  THIS exercise is divided into three 7-rep segments that target the entire bicep = 21.

1st 7 reps: bottom of movement to half way point- arms at 90 degree angle and hands at elbow level.

2nd 7 reps: halfway point to top of bicep curl- hands up near shoulder level.

3rd 7 reps:  start at bottom of movement and perform a full range of motion bicep curl.

Monday, July 6, 2015


SHOULDERS:  an area of the body that we can train to help make your whole body look more balanced, more feminine and create an illusion of a smaller waist and hips.

My favorite shoulder routine is this:


With Dumbbells: 15lbs, 12lbs, 10lbs

10lb // 8 reps
no rest
12 lb // 8 reps
no rest
15lb // 8 reps
no rest,  now work your way back down to the lightest lbs.

12 lb // 8 reps
no rest
10 lb // 8 reps
NOW you can REST

THAT'S IT!  One set is 40 reps.  REPEAT for 3x total.  **AND these are weights I use.  Please adjust if needed.  You could do 5s, 8s, 10s OR 8s, 10s, 12s OR if you need heavier 12s, 15s, 20s etc.  ENJOY THE BURN!!! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Accurate Direction is more important than Speed

Don't waste your time looking for the quickest route to having the "look" you are after.

Having 30 day goals that build up to a 1 year plan is great.  Just don't try to force your 1 year plan to happen in 30 days.

Understand the difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss.  One can happen in literally 24 hours (too good to be true), the other takes a little more time and effort, but the little effort gets you closer to your BIG plan.

Going about achieving your "look" with accurate direction is MORE important than speed.  And taking your time just might land you finding your reason to be fit vs. achieving that "look."

Gorillas on the Provo Canyon trail

This was THE highlight of my 4th of July.

My sister @shanwest00 and @marisaduncan were enjoying themselves a morning Sweaty Saturday  run down the Provo Canyon until this "son of bitch" Gorilla jumped out at them off the trail.

I love that my sisters first reaction was to stop her Garmin. It reminded me of that runner quote, "if you see me collapse, pause my Garmin"  Love you ladies.  I don't get even, I get ahead... so don't even think about it!!!!!!!  and @sfloyd22 I give you an A++  on your video skills. 

Watch it HERE

Friday, July 3, 2015

Provo River-Ice Bath

I have the BEST workout friends to support all my crazy ideas!!!

This is a Post Track Workout- ICE BATH in the Provo River….. Can't you tell they just loved me today?!

They loved it!  Don't let them fool you.