Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Styrofoam 101

Just before I got in trouble for taking my water in the water.

Heading to the pool?  Stop at any drive up on your way for the largest Ice Water they offer.  In my case, my favorite 44oz. water comes in a Styrofoam cup from @sodalicious and costs me .37 cents.  Might as well grab yourself a Scotcharoo there while you're at it.  I also fill up my 32oz. water bottle at home and take that too but the ice doesn't last long on hot days.

I drink from my water bottle first.  Then the styrofoam cup water comes in handy since ice lasts longer in styrofoam compared to plastic or paper cups.  Since styrofoam is made of thermal insulation that traps air in order to keep ice from melting faster.  


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