Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just Look Down

This has always made me laugh…… Whenever I use this machine, I always just keep my head down and never make eye contact but in my mind…thanks to this meme, I'm saying "good girl, bad girl, good girl, bad girl" as I work!  And now you probably will too, you're welcome.

AND, just a tip when using this machine.  Never just sit up-right in the chair with light weight that is going to allow you to pump out rep after rep.  And I'm assuming when you use this you are trying to target your outer thigh/glutes.  All you're doing is using your muscle ( vastus lateralis ) that acts at the knee and not at the hip.  Not really doing yourself any good in those trouble areas.

I always put the pin in the bottom of the stack….yes, the whole weight stack!  No, I can not lift the whole stack sitting upright with my back against the chair.  SO, I inch myself forward a bit on the seat and bend over at the waist with my arms between my legs either holding on to my ankles, shoes or the machine itself in front of me.  This allows me to get my hips and outer glutes into the movement and my knees are not doing any of the work… me you'll feel it in all the right places and the burn will come in a hurry.

I'm using the entire weight stack which on this machine.  You don't have to do the whole stack but get close enough as you can.

As you can see, ( sorry, maybe a better angle would have helped ) my knees are barely on the pads since I have inched myself forward.  This puts the pads more on my outer legs/thighs/hips.  Bending over allows my me to push all that weight with my glutes/hips which I can't do sitting upright with my back against the seat….and sitting upright also puts a lot of pressure on the muscle that acts at the knee and not the hip. 

So just put your head down and NEVER make eye contact……good girl, bad girl, good girl, bad girl! I also do about 20 reps at a time for 3-4 sets.  You'll feel it this way, trust me!

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