Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's a GIRL!

It's a GIRL!!!!  Introducing the newest member of my running shoe family…… Brooks Ghost 7s from the "VIVID" collection.  If you looking for a great brand for running shoes, I highly recommend Brooks.  I have loved the Ghost line!  Great neutral support.

Friday, February 27, 2015


MUSCLES………. I'm sure some look at those pics of my arms when I am either flexing (bottom L, top R) or in when I am in the middle of an exercise (top L, bottom R) and say YIKES!!!  I know cause even sometimes I see myself when I am lifting and think… "Holy Shiz Haley!" haha.

But then I see my arm when it's relaxed (middle) and see my arms look like any normal persons.  However, I feel strong because I know there is some awesome stuff in there!  That "stuff" AKA "muscle" helps me:

BOOST my metabolism and BURN more calories throughout my day

I am less likely to get injured training, playing a sport, getting out of my car or playing with my kids

Gives me that "toned" look

Reduces my risk of heart disease

Muscles help me perform everyday tasks better with less oxygen making life easier on my heart

I KNOW that in later years, even now in my 30s, I will start to lose muscle mass, so while I can I am going to work for all the muscle I can get

Do I need to keep going?! because I can…… 

Thursday, February 26, 2015



Probably my favorite exercise for the low back…..and it also has a double bonus--- if you do them correctly you will also target your hamstrings and glutes!  When I do this exercise it gets most everything on my backside burning.

Push Play HERE

I am holding a 25lb plate.  Back in the day I did no weight, then added 5lbs, then eventually 10lbs, and now we are here.  Be smart!  You want the pad adjusted against your upper thighs but leaving room for you to bend at the waist without any restrictions.  With your back flat, bend forward at the waist until you feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings while squeezing your glutes.  NEVER round your back when you do this exercise.  
I do 3 sets of 15.


Do a regular hyperextension and then when you reach the top add a little twist in your torso.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Breakfast #2


2 eggs
2 egg whites
1 slice whole wheat toast

Suja Mighty Greens
2 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar mixed w/ Simply Orange + Mango


I had a 'Banana Split' protein shake (see post a few weeks back for recipe).  However, it contained Whey protein (fast absorbing) and a high glycemic carb.

 If you saw my ab videos yesterday and tried it out, this kind of meal will help bring out all that hard work!


Remember that fun Hotel workout I had when I should have been having a rest day?!  Well here ya go:


First, choose the distance for YOUR RUN:

1/4 (.25) of a mile
1/2 (.50) of a mile
1 (1.00) a mile


then, get off the treadmill or off the road and
40 Ab exercise of your choice
30 Squats
20 Donkey Kicks (on all 4's, add weight behind knee if needed)
15 Dips (I use the back of the treadmill)
10 Push Ups
REPEAT 4-6 times

Doing this workout 6x will give you:

1/4 (.25) = 1.5 Miles Total
1/2 (.50) = 3 Miles Total
1 (1.00) = 6 Miles Total

Doing this workout 4x will give you:

1/4 (.25) = 1 Mile Total
1/2 (.50) = 2 Miles Total
1 (1.00) = 4 Miles Total


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

AB Work on Exercise Ball

AB Work on Exercise Ball: full workout was posted this morning


Very basic but so good for your abs.  You can place hands behind your head, cross your arms in front of your chest or for a little extra challenge, hold a weight plate to your chest like I am doing in the video.  Adjust yourself on the ball where you will feel a good tension in your abs when your perform a basic sit up.  You can put your feet against a wall to keep your feet from sliding if needed.

Oblique Crunches:

Place your feet scissor like against the wall where the wall meets the floor.  On this move it is VERY IMPORTANT that the side you are exercising is the leg that is extended forward.  Otherwise you will be very unstable and have unwanted rolling.  Adjust your hip high up on the ball to where you feel tension in your obliques, stable and no rolling.  Cross your arms in front of your chest or place hands behind your head. 


To get into this position, I like to roll my entire body across the ball and walk out in push up position until the ball is at the lower part of my shins.  Then keeping your back completely straight and upper body still, pull your knees in towards your chest allowing the ball to roll under your ankles.  Then straighten your legs rolling the ball back to the starting position.


Lay flat on the ground like a snow angel with exercise ball in hands.  Bring both your legs and arms  above your stomach, transferring the ball from your hands to your feet.  Bring the ball to the floor with your feet and your hands to the floor above you.  Touch the ball briefly on the ground both ways when doing this move.  You can keep your back on the ground the entire move or add a little crunch on the transfer for a little extra challenge like I am doing in the video.

AB Work on Exercise Ball

AB Work on the Exercise Ball:  Love the exercise ball for abdominal exercises.  These are a few of my favorites.  I do various abdominal exercises once a week, sometimes 2x a week.  All week long, a lot of my lifting exercises that I do engage my abs that is why I don't specifically train abs very often.  Abs and VISIBLE abs are very dependent on our DIETS!  


Oblique Crunches

Pull Ins


I usually do 3 rounds of each exercise for 15-20 reps. Videos are on the way! 

Monday, February 23, 2015


You didn't come this far to start going through the motions or to quit now!


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sundays are a day of rest for me.  They are a VERY important part of the fitness process!  But when you give me the chance to workout in a new environment, I'm all over it!!

Hotel Gyms are my favorite (if they are decent) but since I was familiar with this Salt Lake hotel I wasn't about to miss out.  I forgot my make-up but I didn't forget my workout stuff.  I had the, "I don't know how my workout clothes and my running shoes got in my bag!" moment with my husband, he knows better!  AND- besides that LuLuLemon was just down street, so I was covered either way.

I can't wait to share with you what I did for my workout today.  I'm thinking of calling it the "CHOOSE YOUR DISTANCE" workout…..

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Even my sweat was telling me that it LVES my Sweaty Saturdays!  It's kind of difficult taking a picture of your back by yourself but I had to do it…….. I literally sweated out a heart on my back!

That is the run I did today.  50 minutes sounds long right?!  But it actually went by so fast and I really liked this one!  Try it out.  As always you can adjust the speeds to fit your fitness level. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


Last night I was about to get in bed and had no agenda for my Leg Day today.  From past experiences when I go to the gym with no game plan, my workouts always turn out to be SO-SO.  I decided to not be lazy and scroll through some of my old videos and chose exercises that get my heart rate up.  I'm so glad I took the 5 minutes to make a plan because my workout ended up being a total calorie killer and leg burner!

That is one of my top 5 tips about having a great workout…..HAVE A PLAN!  Don't waste time wandering and losing your drive to be there.

Here is what I did today:

BB Diagonal Lunges
BB Walking Lunges to Squats
DB Step ups to Reverse lunges

BB Curtsy lunges to Squats
Body Weight Squats
Pop Squats
Lunge Jumps

Stair Climber Step Ups
Swing Lunges
3 Treadmill Sprints at 10.0mph

Thursday, February 19, 2015


See post from this morning for full workout


Get yourself a weight lateral between your hands (holding it vertical will have the wt. hitting the ground stopping you from getting in a low squat)  I am using a 25lb plate.  Holding a DB lateral would work too.  I chose a plate because I like to do Overhead Walking Lunges w/ plates and that's the exercise you are super-setting following this exercise

There is nothing really to this exercise.  Squat and as you stand, bring your following leg to meet the traveling leg, then step out with the traveling leg and squat, repeat


Grab 2 DBs.  I am holding 20lb DBs.  Place your ENTIRE (don't let the heel hang off) foot on a bench/chair/box.  Get into a deep lunge where your chest and front thigh are near touching and knee is behind your toes.  Step up onto the bench keeping all the weight in your heel.  When you step off the bench, step back allowing you to get back into a deep lunge (chest to thigh) and step far enough back that your front knee stays behind your toes.  PUSH IN YOUR HEELS! 

WARNING: This workout might make you sore ;)

Lean Legs Workout


I'm posting this today because I think you need to have leg day mañana!  This workout has you doing SUPERSETS=2 exercises done back to back with no rest between the two.  Rest after you finish the superset.

Follow the arrows for what 2 exercises you are super-setting together.  Go down the list 3x or you can do each SUPERSET 3x before beginning the next combo….


SWING LUNGES: Video Posted (my FAVORITE these days).

LUNGE JUMPS: Video Posted

Hashtag Search 'FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS' on INSTAGRAM to see already posted videos.  I am more than happy to tag you in the video if you can't find it.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps

Here is just a good old fashioned arm workout using dumbbells.  Do one exercise and move on to the next.  3 Rounds Total.  Throw in a minute of Active Rest after a complete round if you feel like it.

For the Active Rest you could:

Jump Rope
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Jacks
Box Jumps
Plank Jacks
Jump Squats
Pop Squat
Lunge Jumps
Bench Step Ups
High Knees
Frog Jumps
Bench Hop Overs……etc, etc.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


So here is a  #transformationtuesday GONE BAD

After my gym selfie post this morning I noticed my butt was looking a little non existent.  So later this afternoon I had to take a pic (same pants just facing the other way) and compare to an old pic so I could really examine.  Well, Son Of A…..

You know what I have been doing the past 3 weeks Monday-Thursday?  I have been coming home from my gym workouts and hopping right on the treadmill and running for 30 mins. The running consisted of steady state or intervals.  Looks like the only thing I did was literally run my ass off

Shame on me for going against what I already know.  Doing that extra bit of cardio 4 days a week on top of the cardio I was getting in my 1-hour gym workout (lifting + cardio) did nothing but eat my muscles.  Cardio is great but too much cardio = your glutes will get stolen and you WILL get served pancakes. 

LIFT WEIGHTS for the majority of your cardio.  THEN, if you have any left over time at the end of your workout, do what cardio you can.  


Just comparing Myself to Myself and was feeling very 50 Shades of Grey during my workout this morning.  At least my Sportswear is happening because I hear the movie is not!?!

Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy



Add a few sets of these onto your post leg workout (I'll post a 'Lean Legs Workout' for you Thurs) for some burnout sets.  Or anytime you want to fire up the legs and your lungs!  They are similar to doing Step Ups on a bench.

Take 20 steps, every other stair on one leg before switching to the other.

The key to this move is to NOT HOLD ON.  You can place your hands behind your head like I am in the first part of the video or say your prayers to sweet baby Jesus that you don't pass out like I am doing in the last part of the video.

Another killer that goes along with this workout, is when you finish your step ups on both legs, hop off and do 10+ Jump Squats.  Catch your breath and repeat this combo…...Talk about setting FIRE to your legs!!! 

You either want results or you don't....

Monday, February 16, 2015

Go Workout!

I know it's a Holiday, but it's also Monday and you should never skip a Monday! Go get sweaty!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Focus on Health

Would you believe that I weigh in the 150s?  I say 50's because HONESTLY I do not know!  I just know I weigh in that range.  I always have.  There could be a chance I even weigh in the 160s!?!  I really don't care or care to know.  I know some women out there that would probably panic if they weighed in the 150s…..EVER!  And I realize there are women who would give anything to be in the 150s!  It's so sad that a number can impact us so much as to how we feel about ourselves.  Whatever happened to just getting fit, eating healthy and letting the weight take care of itself……. or not?!

I use to weigh myself up until about 7+ years ago and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I would step off that scale discouraged!  I began to realize that no matter how good of shape I was in or how healthy I was eating, THAT is where my body wanted my weight to be.

I did fight it once….I fought my butt off to get out of that weight range but I had to take some drastic measures to get there.  I was finally happy with a stupid number but wasn't happy with all the ridiculous efforts it was taking and wasn't happy on the inside.  So I said screw the scale.  A number is NOT worth determining how I feel and just started living to be fit.

Now I feel strong and confident.  I eat as healthy as I want to.  I love working out and feel that I could power through anything physical that were put in front of me.  I am happy to be in good heart/physical shape and that is what will matter in the end, not a number! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I HEART My Valentine

During my 'MILE ON MILE' Workout today I get this text:

  I really do love my Valentine more than loaded Nachos!  And he really does love to have a good time.  So I guess we are TRUE LOVERS!


Friday, February 13, 2015


Just like last Valentines Day, I have for you a fun workout to burn some additional calories (wink, wink).

This is a FULL BODY workout for you to customize to your liking!  By the time you are done you have hit all major muscles in the body including abs and cardio.  Multitasking!!!

Only Dumbbells will be needed for the exercises…..Yay for those that workout from home!  So rows are done with DBs and on Donkey Kicks place a DB behind your knee etc.  Pick any EXERCISE or pair 2 together and do 12 reps, THEN pick any ACTIVE REST and do it for 45 seconds, THEN pick any AB and do a set of 15…..catch your breath and move on to the next combo of your choice:  Exercise, Active Rest, Ab.

After you have completed all 9 lifting exercises, switch up your combos and do it again.  2-3 more times depending on how much time you have.  Laters Baby!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Power Pump Class

This was a sight I haven't seen in a long time!

3-4 years ago, before I ventured out on my own style of training,  I was a 4+ year power pump slave to the amazing @meliss0904 She helped me whip my post baby body into shape with both of my kids and with both I gained 65+ pounds each pregnancy.  I love that you never left her class feeling like you could do more!  When it was over, you were glad it was over......but you kept going back for more!

She just added another Pump class to her teaching schedule that better fits my schedule!  You better believe I will be pumping my guts out like back in the day every week that I can.

Thursdays: 5:45-7AM University Vasa Fitness Gym if you are in the Utah County area. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And sometimes I eat stuff like this...

And sometimes I eat not so great stuff like this……. off paper plates:

Whole Wheat Bread

Gouda Cheese

Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions


 P.S. Save ALL your  muscles for a Fun Valentines Full Body Workout that you get to customize to your liking!  I will post it on Friday AM to give you some extra calorie burnage for your V-Day Weekend~wink, wink~

Glute Workout > ONLY 3 Exercises

Friday I did a different kind of leg day than what I normally do.  I chose only 3 Glute focused exercises and threw in a suicide after a complete round of all three moves.  You guys……don't let me lose you on the thought of all those lunges.  I GUARANTEE you butt soreness like you have never had in your life with this workout!  PINKY SWEAR! 

Do each exercise (VIDEOS are on the way) and then run 1 suicide (I posted a video last week of what a suicide is).  If you don't have space for a suicide, do something to get your heart rate up for about 1 minute.  The suicides were great for my legs after those lunges to shake them out a bit.  THEN, repeat the 3 exercises and one suicide for a total of 5 rounds.

For the walking lunges:  yes, it is 100 ….that is not a typo.  You can use a barbell for added weight.  I used 40lbs for as long as I could.  OR body weight lunges are great too (a few of us did body weight).  Each lunge counts as 1.  So it is 50 lunges each leg.  100 TOTAL.  BUT you will do this 5 TIMES!  That is 500 lunges or 250 on each leg by the time you are done.  You can use the perimeter of your gym or do as many as you can until you reach one wall and then turn around.  I used a basketball court. 

This workout will definitely test you mentally more than anything.  It ROCKED my world but I LOVED every minute of it.  It took us less than 1 hour.  I have been very sore before in my glutes but nothing like this.

Glute Kickbacks and Barbell Glute Bridge

This video relates to the Leg Workout I posted this morning.  AND FYI- most of my videos are sped up so I am able to show more reps in the 15 seconds I am allowed.

Glute Kickbacks on the Lying Leg Curl Machine:

Get down on all fours.  Place one foot against the pad.  Using more of your heel for the push.  Push the pad up until your leg is fully extended.  Lower the pad back down trying not to let the weights touch keeping that constant isolation in your glutes.  15 on each side.

Barbell Glute Bridge on Bosu Ball:

Place a barbell across your upper legs/pelvis region.  I am using a 50lb bar.  You can use a pad or sweatshirt for comfort but if you get the bar in the right spot there is no discomfort.  Using a Bosu Ball (is optional, you can lay flat on the floor) place your upper back on the ball.  Lower back is on the ground.  Holding the bar still, raise your hips up off the ground as far as possible and hold yourself for a brief moment at full extension.  Then lower the bar back down to starting position.  

***KEEP ON YOUR HEELS***  Staying on your heels will support your weight and get the buns burning. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Protein PeanutButter Waffles

I could eat pancakes/waffles for every meal, and peanut butter!  I'm always asking my kids if they want pancakes for dinner, hahaha!!  These are amazing. These can be made into pancakes as well.  Super simple and easy with not too many ingredients!
-3 egg whites
-1/3 cup PB2 (you can use regular PB)
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1 packet of Truvia (or any sweetener)
-1/2 cup cottage cheese
-dash of cinnamon
-1/3 cup oat flour (I blend oats in a blender and it turns to oat flour)
OPTIONAL -1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder (I use Cellucor brand)
mix or blend all ingredients, pour batter on pre-heated greased pan/waffle maker (I use olive oil spray), heat should be medium to low. DONE!!!
-melted almond butter
-sugar free syrup
-sliced bananas
-chia seeds
***you really can do any topping you like***

Underhand Bent Over Cable Rows

This video goes along with the Back Workout I posted earlier today.

Underhand Bent Over Cable Rows:

Use a straight bar attachment hooked on a low pulley.  Grab the bar with and underhand grip/palms up.  Feet are spread wide apart, Knees bent, and bending over at the waist keeping your back straight (not rounded) and head up.  Pull the bar towards your abs and squeeze the shoulders blades together.

Close Grip Underhand Pulldowns:

Sit down on a cable pull down machine with a straight bar attached to the pulley.  Grab the bar with and underhand grip/palms facing you and hands are closer than shoulder width apart.  Pull the bar down touching your upper chest.

Seated One Arm Row & Renedgade Rows

This goes along with the Back Workout I posted this morning.

Seated One Arm Rows:

Use a seated cable machine and a closed handle cable attachment.  Starting with your arm stretched out in front of you with palm facing down.  Pull the cable back toward your body keeping your arm close to your side.  You will slowly rotate your wrist so that your hand is facing your torso at finishing point.  Keep your back slightly arched and chest out.  Let the cable go back to the start as you rotate your wrist back to palm facing down. 12 each arm.

Renegade Rows:

Grab 2 dumbbells.  I am using 15lbs.  Get in a push up position with the DBs shoulder width apart.  Your feet are positioned wide enough to support you.  You want to be in a straight line.  Don't raise your butt in the air.  Raise one DB toward your side while you push the other DB into the ground.  I like to row my DB a little passed my side with a slight twist in my hips to target my entire core AND obliques.  12 on each side. 

Give Your Back Some Lovin'

Regardless of your fitness level, it's easy to forget about what you can't see- YOUR BACK!!!  You will not get a strong sexy back doing cardio alone.  So get off the cardio machines and head to the weights!

This is a nothing but BACK workout AND Videos of all 4 moves to come.  All exercises are done on the cable machines except you will need a set of dumbbells for the Renegade Rows.  And those Renegades will have you showing some love to those abs too!

Strengthening your upper back and shoulders will have a huge impact on your posture.  Posture alone can make you appear leaner and improve the way you look without even losing any body fat. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lunch in Seconds

When it comes to lunches, I am all about quick and easy.  Well any meal of the day that I can whip up fast and leaving not much of a mess to clean..….sign me up!  My lunch in seconds was:

LaTortilla Factory--High Fiber--Low Carb Tortilla (Costco):  Warm up in microwave.

Chunky Guacamole:  (Costco):  Single 80 calorie pack.  Spread as much needed on tortilla.

Shredded White Chicken in Buffalo Sauce:  (Costco)  The brand is Harvest Creek.  Comes in cans like Tuna Fish does and in a 4-pack.  Heat in microwave.  It has a great kick to it. Yummy!

Reduced Fat Mozzarella Cheese:  Sprinkle a tad bit on your chicken.

Roll up like a burrito, ENJOY!  Save your back muscles for a workout I will be posting mañana .

Cybex Arc Trainer

I did this today for my cardio.  This is a cardio routine that I created and posted over 66 weeks ago that is worthy of sharing again.  Anyone familiar with the arc trainer?  I actually think it's a pretty great cardio machine when you take advantage of the inclines and resistance to benefit your booty!

When you get done with your lift, give this a try.  If you only have time for one round, perfect!  You'll be done in around 12 minutes.  If you do all 3 rounds your looking at about 35 minutes.  

The key to the Arc Trainer is to push in your heels!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Go Get Sweaty

Who is ready to give their health some lovin' tomorrow?!

I'm all set to get Sweaty!


Since February is National Heart Month AND Valentines Day is Saturday, I can't think of a better time to show yourself some love!  Give a little extra  to your heart health this week.  Lets make healthy choices and work up a good sweat each day.

I'm going to help you get your heart pumping.  I will provide you 3 lifting workouts this week.  So if you can save a day in your routine for a Back Workout, a day for Glutes and save Friday for a fun Full Body workout that you get to customize to your liking, then I've got you covered.

Your workout split could look something like this:

Monday (push day)- Shoulders, Triceps, Chest

Tuesday- Back > I will post it

Wednesday- Glutes > I will post it

Thursday (pull day)- Biceps & Abs

Friday- Full Body > I will post it

Saturday- Cardio & Abs 


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Diet Coke w/ Lime

Do any of you have that one 'not so healthy item' that you know you probably shouldn't consume but ya just do it anyway…….?  Well, let me introduce you to mine>  Diet Coke w/ Lime.

HOWEVER, Diet Coke with Lime and I have a Long Distance Relationship….. meaning I only have this stuff on the weekend: Saturday and Sunday.  So I feel I am definitely in control here and I am  wearing the pants in our relationship!  I enjoy the taste and the burn here and there over a weekend but then I get right back to my healthy relationship with ONLY Water come Monday.  I aim for 1 gallon of water per day.


Friday, February 6, 2015

This gets me all Hot and Bothered…….. LOL!

Brooks Running posted this picture on their Instagram today and I am DROOLING!!!

I have ran in Brooks 'Ghost' for years!  I am currently rotating between 4 pairs of the Ghost 7s now.  What is 8 more pairs gonna hurt?!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


SEATED LEG PRESS IN/OUT JUMPS:  This is in reference to the BOOTY BURNER workout I posted earlier this morning.

When you finish your 10 Seated Leg Presses <go as heavy as you can on those.  THEN do these immediately.  Lighten up the weight and do in/out jumps.  Feet to the outer edges, push off and catch yourself on the way down with feet together, push off and repeat….. feel the burn and get your  heart rate up!


BARBELL CURTSY LUNGE W/ A KNEE UP:  This is in reference to the BOOTY BURNER workout I posted this morning.

Grab a barbell.  I am using  40lbs.  Take your starting leg behind you to a curtsy position.  On your way up, drive that knee up and out to the side of you.  Taking your knee to the side will also allow you to keep your stable leg foot in place and give you better balance as opposed to bringing your knee up in front of your body.  The knee up is working your core.

CURTSY BENCH JUMPS: to be done immediately following your curtsy lunges.

Stand on top of a bench.  Step one leg off to a curtsy position on the ground.  Bring that leg back up on the bench with a quick foot shuffle to change to the other leg.  Go as quick as you can.  This move is an active rest.  Something to get your  heart rate up. 


SIDEWAYS SEATED LEG PRESS:  This is in reference to the BOOTY BURNER workout I posted earlier today.

Sit yourself sideways on the seated leg press machine.  Using only one leg, do a leg press.  These are definitely harder than they look.  I was using pretty light weight.

Then when you finish all 10 reps for that one leg go right into the pulsing jumps.  If you need to lighten up the weight first do.  Push off getting some air between your foot and the platform.  You are doing little pulses.  When your having nothing, but a good time and you are feeling the burn, then you can be done on the jumps, LOL!  Then repeat the whole thing for your other leg.


I'm posting this workout for you today because I think it would be a GREAT idea for you to have a leg day tomorrow!  Friday is always a good day for leg day.  You will get a good calorie burn heading into your weekend and a couple days to let those stems recover.  This workout was so different and so much fun!  Or maybe I am just crazy?! Videos are on the way!

All the exercises in BLACK writing are reps of 10 and are done 3x.

All the exercise in RED writing are determined by YOU for the reps and are done 3x.  When you feel the burn, push yourself for a couple more reps and call it good!

You will need the upright seated leg press machine, lying hamstring curl machine, a barbell for curtsy lunges, a bench nearby for the curtsy bench jumps and a resistance band IF you want to do the  firewalks <video has been posted already of firewalks.  If you have never seen them go check it out.  Hashtag search: FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on instagram it's one of the very first videos I ever posted.  I am wearing an orange Jersey with the number 7 on it.  They are an awesome exercise!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stick a Fork in it!

I know this is information is not new to probably many.  But maybe someone out there needs this calorie saving reminder!

Whenever I order a salad, I usually ask for dressing on the side.  Instead of dumping the whole container on your salad, dip your fork in the dressing first, then grab a bite.  You still get the yummy dressing taste on every single bite and you will be surprised at how much dressing is left over.  Especially that dang Cafe Rio!  Their 4oz. (1/2 a cup) house dressing has 145 calories and 13g of fat.  Oh I know, I know it taste so good though!

This salad is the Strawberry Harvest w/ chicken from Zupas.  My one dislike about Zupas is their itty bitty scoop of chicken they give you.  I would ask for like 12 extra scoops but that would be a little embarrassing…. So I settle asking for "extra chicken" but my inner protein lover is not happy!  But look at my dressing after my salad was all gone.  The container is still more than half full and they only give you 2oz. to begin with.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shoulder exercises on Cable Machines

This video goes along with the 'Shoulder Workout on Cables' I posted earlier today:

This exercise is the *BONUS* exercise.  After you have done one round of all exercises listed in the workout, you do this.  Then move on for round 2 of the workout and do this again.  And then one final time!  It's considered a finishing move.  So the reps for this move are up to you!  Feel the burn.

I didn't know what to call them so 'Front to Back Burn Outs w/ Plates' will have to do:

Grab 2 plates by the hole.  I am holding 5lbs.  During the entire move, your palms are facing forward.  Your wrist should never move or rotate the plate.  Just keep them stiff.  Touch the plates together at the top (notice I am not touching them directly above my head.  It is more out in front of you.  You should be able to keep the plates in your sight).  Then take the plates down behind you (palms still forward, wrist never moved) touch the plates together behind you if you can.  Do this until you 'like the way it hurts'…..The song says it all.  Stand there until your shoulders are BURNIN' 

Shoulder exercises on Cable Machines

This video goes along with the 'Shoulder Workout on Cables' I posted earlier today:

Upright Rows:  Using a Straight Bar cable attachment.  Hook it to a low pulley on the Cable Machine.  Grab the bar, palms facing your thighs.  Pull the bar up until it nearly touches your chin.  Try and keep your wrists stiff and elbows above your forearms as you do the exercise.

Lateral Raises:  Using a Closed Handle cable attachment.  Hook it to a low pulley on the Cable Machine.  Raise your arm CROSSING your body (you are NOT starting with you arm directly at your side like you would a dumbbell lateral raise) until it is elevated to shoulder height.  Switch arms and repeat.

Lunch in less than 8 minutes

Lunch in less than 8 Minutes:

PROTEIN: Chicken & Apple Sausage (Costco) -heat coconut oil and brown sausage (more like blacken, I like my food crispy…..crispy tots, crispy edges on my pancakes, crispy veggies, crispy bacon.

CARB: Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic (Costco) -tear open package about an inch.  Microwave 60 seconds.  Serves two.

VEGGIES: Suja Essentials - 'MIGHTY GREENS' (Target) -Awesome to keep on hand when veggies run out in the fridge.  This juice is cold pressed and it's AFFORDABLE!  Perfect for when you want a good dose of some greens!  I haven't tried any of the other Suja drinks because some of the sugar contents scare me away.  I have seen some with as much as 40g.  This one contains 19g.

Shoulder Workout on Cables

For when you feel like giving your shoulders a day all to themselves, try this one out.

All exercises are done 3 times for 12 reps on the cable machines.  Except the *BONUS* exercise is done holding 2 plates and you also do it 3x, however, you do that move until your shoulders are burnin'

VIDEOS are to come of Lateral Raises, Upright Rows and the **BONUS** exercise: FRONT TO BACK BURN OUTS W/ PLATES……. (I had no clue what to call them but I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing them).

I have posted videos already of the other exercises on  MY INSTAGRAM or search #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on instagram.  GOOGLE is a great place to see exercises as well. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Banana Split

AND finally, the last one……It is super tasty too!

Banana Split Protein Shake:

1 C. Almond Milk or Skim Milk (I use unsweetened Almond Milk)

1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Cellucor Whey)

1 Banana

3 Cherries (remove stem)

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

This is legit!  Tastes just like a Banana Split.  AND be excited for a super duper shoulder workout I have for you tomorrow!  My favorite BONUS exercise I have been doing for years.  



A good ab workout is always a good idea following a weekend!  Especially after a SUPER weekend.  There is just something fun about giving them a good burn on a Monday.

This workout is done as it says.  Go straight down the list.  The number in front of the exercise is the exact number you do.  No 30 of such to each side.  Just do the move and count and when you hit the number you are finished.

Shoot for doing the list 2-4 times. 

STRONG #likeagirl



Sunday, February 1, 2015

We Made it February

We made it  to February!  Some of you may be one month in on some goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2015.  Some of you may be loving the changes you are seeing already.  Some of you may be discouraged and feel like you are getting jipped on all your hard work.  And some of you just might need your butt kicked!

Whatever you are doing, EVERYONE gets a different response based on how your body wants to react.  We don't really get to pick and choose how, what and definitely not when changes will happen.   Your results would be different from mine, your sisters or your BFF even though you are doing the same workouts and eating the same things.  Your body is yours and their body is theirs.  Just TRUST the process and keep showing up.  It WILL happen.

If it is happening for you, good job!  Imagine what you will have in another month?!  If it isn't happening exactly how you want it to, don't quit……you are not far behind!  But giving up will have you eventually starting over and starting over is even harder. XO