Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shoulder exercises on Cable Machines

This video goes along with the 'Shoulder Workout on Cables' I posted earlier today:

This exercise is the *BONUS* exercise.  After you have done one round of all exercises listed in the workout, you do this.  Then move on for round 2 of the workout and do this again.  And then one final time!  It's considered a finishing move.  So the reps for this move are up to you!  Feel the burn.

I didn't know what to call them so 'Front to Back Burn Outs w/ Plates' will have to do:

Grab 2 plates by the hole.  I am holding 5lbs.  During the entire move, your palms are facing forward.  Your wrist should never move or rotate the plate.  Just keep them stiff.  Touch the plates together at the top (notice I am not touching them directly above my head.  It is more out in front of you.  You should be able to keep the plates in your sight).  Then take the plates down behind you (palms still forward, wrist never moved) touch the plates together behind you if you can.  Do this until you 'like the way it hurts'…..The song says it all.  Stand there until your shoulders are BURNIN' 

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