Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seated One Arm Row & Renedgade Rows

This goes along with the Back Workout I posted this morning.

Seated One Arm Rows:

Use a seated cable machine and a closed handle cable attachment.  Starting with your arm stretched out in front of you with palm facing down.  Pull the cable back toward your body keeping your arm close to your side.  You will slowly rotate your wrist so that your hand is facing your torso at finishing point.  Keep your back slightly arched and chest out.  Let the cable go back to the start as you rotate your wrist back to palm facing down. 12 each arm.

Renegade Rows:

Grab 2 dumbbells.  I am using 15lbs.  Get in a push up position with the DBs shoulder width apart.  Your feet are positioned wide enough to support you.  You want to be in a straight line.  Don't raise your butt in the air.  Raise one DB toward your side while you push the other DB into the ground.  I like to row my DB a little passed my side with a slight twist in my hips to target my entire core AND obliques.  12 on each side. 

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