Tuesday, February 24, 2015

AB Work on Exercise Ball

AB Work on Exercise Ball: full workout was posted this morning


Very basic but so good for your abs.  You can place hands behind your head, cross your arms in front of your chest or for a little extra challenge, hold a weight plate to your chest like I am doing in the video.  Adjust yourself on the ball where you will feel a good tension in your abs when your perform a basic sit up.  You can put your feet against a wall to keep your feet from sliding if needed.

Oblique Crunches:

Place your feet scissor like against the wall where the wall meets the floor.  On this move it is VERY IMPORTANT that the side you are exercising is the leg that is extended forward.  Otherwise you will be very unstable and have unwanted rolling.  Adjust your hip high up on the ball to where you feel tension in your obliques, stable and no rolling.  Cross your arms in front of your chest or place hands behind your head. 


To get into this position, I like to roll my entire body across the ball and walk out in push up position until the ball is at the lower part of my shins.  Then keeping your back completely straight and upper body still, pull your knees in towards your chest allowing the ball to roll under your ankles.  Then straighten your legs rolling the ball back to the starting position.


Lay flat on the ground like a snow angel with exercise ball in hands.  Bring both your legs and arms  above your stomach, transferring the ball from your hands to your feet.  Bring the ball to the floor with your feet and your hands to the floor above you.  Touch the ball briefly on the ground both ways when doing this move.  You can keep your back on the ground the entire move or add a little crunch on the transfer for a little extra challenge like I am doing in the video.

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