Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shoulder Workout on Cables

For when you feel like giving your shoulders a day all to themselves, try this one out.

All exercises are done 3 times for 12 reps on the cable machines.  Except the *BONUS* exercise is done holding 2 plates and you also do it 3x, however, you do that move until your shoulders are burnin'

VIDEOS are to come of Lateral Raises, Upright Rows and the **BONUS** exercise: FRONT TO BACK BURN OUTS W/ PLATES……. (I had no clue what to call them but I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing them).

I have posted videos already of the other exercises on  MY INSTAGRAM or search #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on instagram.  GOOGLE is a great place to see exercises as well. 

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