Thursday, February 5, 2015


BARBELL CURTSY LUNGE W/ A KNEE UP:  This is in reference to the BOOTY BURNER workout I posted this morning.

Grab a barbell.  I am using  40lbs.  Take your starting leg behind you to a curtsy position.  On your way up, drive that knee up and out to the side of you.  Taking your knee to the side will also allow you to keep your stable leg foot in place and give you better balance as opposed to bringing your knee up in front of your body.  The knee up is working your core.

CURTSY BENCH JUMPS: to be done immediately following your curtsy lunges.

Stand on top of a bench.  Step one leg off to a curtsy position on the ground.  Bring that leg back up on the bench with a quick foot shuffle to change to the other leg.  Go as quick as you can.  This move is an active rest.  Something to get your  heart rate up. 

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