Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glute Workout > ONLY 3 Exercises

Friday I did a different kind of leg day than what I normally do.  I chose only 3 Glute focused exercises and threw in a suicide after a complete round of all three moves.  You guys……don't let me lose you on the thought of all those lunges.  I GUARANTEE you butt soreness like you have never had in your life with this workout!  PINKY SWEAR! 

Do each exercise (VIDEOS are on the way) and then run 1 suicide (I posted a video last week of what a suicide is).  If you don't have space for a suicide, do something to get your heart rate up for about 1 minute.  The suicides were great for my legs after those lunges to shake them out a bit.  THEN, repeat the 3 exercises and one suicide for a total of 5 rounds.

For the walking lunges:  yes, it is 100 ….that is not a typo.  You can use a barbell for added weight.  I used 40lbs for as long as I could.  OR body weight lunges are great too (a few of us did body weight).  Each lunge counts as 1.  So it is 50 lunges each leg.  100 TOTAL.  BUT you will do this 5 TIMES!  That is 500 lunges or 250 on each leg by the time you are done.  You can use the perimeter of your gym or do as many as you can until you reach one wall and then turn around.  I used a basketball court. 

This workout will definitely test you mentally more than anything.  It ROCKED my world but I LOVED every minute of it.  It took us less than 1 hour.  I have been very sore before in my glutes but nothing like this.

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