Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dumbbell Superset Workout- FULL BODY

Need a quick Full Body Workout before your New Years Eve Festivities begin?

This entire workout is done with Dumbbells.  Set yourself up a little corner at home or in the gym with all the DBs you think you will need to perform each exercise

A SUPERSET is when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping.  At first you may find your endurance might not be all that great, but before long you will learn to LOVE supersets-

So HOW TO DO THIS WORKOUT-  you will do the first two exercises as a superset.  The first exercise with the 2nd exercise following right after with no break between them.  You can catch your breath after both are done.  That is 1 set.  Do it again 1-2 more times then move on to the next 2 exercises and superset those

CARDIO OPTION:  After you have completed 2-3 sets of a superset, you can jump rope or do something active for 2 minutes…… catch your breath and move on to the next superset of exercises.  

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


TRICEP DIPS:  these are great because they don't require a gym.  Do them anywhere

Facing away from a bench or chair place hands about shoulder width apart.  Lower yourself towards the ground and then using your triceps to push yourself back up.  During the exercise try and keep the elbows as close as possible.  The further your feet are away from you the harder they are.  You can add a DB or plate on your lap for a little extra challenge

I did 1- minute Jump Rope between all my tricep sets today. 


Triceps and LOTS of Jump Rope

Triceps and LOTS of jump rope:

Lying Single Arm Tricep Extension.  I use anywhere from 12-15 lb  dumbbells.  Keep your elbow pointed at the ceiling.  Take the end of your DB down to your shoulder and then extend back up.  If you start struggling, you can use your other hand to help push the weight up.  This is my favorite exercise for the triceps

The 2nd exercise is a Skull Crusher.  Get a barbell and place hands close together.  Bring the bar down to your forehead or top of head (carefully) then extend your arms back up.  I use anywhere from 25-30 lbs.

I did 1-minute jump rope between all sets. 

Building your body ONE REP at a time!,

When we are focusing on shaping and building our ideal body, every single rep counts.  There is a scientific approach we can take to do that.  It's not about getting in the gym and throwing weights around with no specific goal.  The time you are under tension, your speed and tempo and the amount of time you rest in between your sets MATTER

IF your main goal is fat burning- then higher reps and less rest between your sets is ideal

IF your main goal is lean muscle gain- then you need lower reps, heavier weight and more rest between your sets

I personally like to do both.  You can MIX these two approaches.  One day focus on heavier and lower reps and the next time you hit those muscles, take the fat burning approach with them.  OR, you can do both styles in the same workout.  Do half your exercises with the muscle gain method and the other half with the fat burning method.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Change your Mind-Set

This message is something great to keep in mind as we make our game plan to get out of our Holiday Funk!!

If you change your "GET SKINNY" mind set to "GET FIT" you WILL have a more enjoyable and successful journey!  You should feel Strong, Confident and Alive during your process.  Never Hungry, Weak or Tired.

I can not stress enough……. If you aren't having fun while you workout, you're doing it wrong.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Sweating in my Sweat Junkie Tank.

This morning at the Marriott hotel gym I did an oldie but a goodie workout of mine:  CARDIO and ABS-  I LOVE this workout.  

While in the process, trying to take a STEALTHIE 

/STEL * TH*EE/ (noun): 
the act of very discreetly taking a selfie while at the gym :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ways to a Fitness Junkies Heart

A couple ways to a Fitness Junkies Heart:

New Gym Bag

Workout Clothes (that grey T-Shirt, LOVE it)

iTunes Gift Cards

Lululemon Gift Card

iPod Touch

Limited Edition Brooks Ghost 7s in Ombre

Ugly XMAS sweater "Run Happy" by Brooks

Lululemon Leg Warmers

I totally did not NEED any of this!  But I am blessed beyond measure by a family who supports what I love and they definitely know how to float my boat.  #fithappens   

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Busted Can of Biscuits

Showed up to the gym this morning feeling like a busted can of biscuits!  Shoulders and Biceps was on my workout plans since they were the only muscles I could actually get to function after my Xmas Eve Workout.  And a little sweat fest on the stair master because the stairs are never easy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Xmas Eve Workout that made me lose sleep!

My friend Chelsea invited ( begged ) me to join her at the Pit Elevated for a Xmas Eve workout.  I finally agreed to go with her promising me it wouldn't be major cross fit moves or olympic style lifting.  I am not a huge fan of cross fit for injury purposes……..that is just my personal preference. 

I know who the instructor is by IG and word of mouth and pictures I have seen of her….. yep, that is her in the photo!  Lets just say I may or may not have lost sleep the night before knowing that pretty last was probably going to make me want to cry.  

It was actually so nice having someone else tell me what to do for a change.  She put us through this '12 Day of Xmas' workout that took me 47:17 to finish.  I burned close to 700 calories.  

I am writing this 2 days post xmas eve and I will tell you that opening the drawer to get a spoon out of it is difficult!  LOL, my lats are SCREAMIN'

Gotta Love It! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

X-mAs EvE FuLlBOdY WoRKoUT…Fa la la la la

What are you workout plans tomorrow?  I got you covered if you are looking for a full body workout with weights.  It has been tested and approved by myself and 3 of my friends :) so here you go!

I LOVE a full body throw down before a holiday~  Especially a Holiday like XMAS where it's very chill and relax.  A holiday where you could actually spend the entire day in your PJs and not be judged ;)  FA LA LA LA LA…...

Get cozy at home or hog up a corner in the gym with everything you will need.  If you don't have a jump rope just use an imaginary one- call her "Skip."  This workout also requires a clock near by or the timer on your phone.  In each circuit, you do each exercise for 45-seconds.  Use the remaining 15 seconds to get ready for the next exercise.  So at the top of the minute, you begin the next move.

Do each LIFTING circuit 3x.
Then just follow the arrows to what's next!

Cardio Tip

This post is a cardio tip for those New Years Goals-

To maximize your fat loss and fat burn, don't allow your body to adapt when doing a cardio routine.  Your body doesn't know if you will be walking or doing the elliptical machine.  Your body doesn't know if it will be walking 5 minutes or for 3 days straight.  So naturally, our bodies will do what it can to slow down our burn and reserve energy to make you able to sustain a 3 day walk…..Our bodies are smart and will do what it needs to do to make you more efficient to endure what's to come.

So if you are walking, speed up the pace for a couple minutes then slow it back down.  Then add some incline for a few minutes and bring the incline back down.  Catch your breath and speed it back up.  Do the same with running, using the stair master, elliptical etc.

Keep your body guessing.  Do not let it adapt. 

Monday, December 22, 2014



Multi-Tasking at its finest!  Lunges and Squats; two of the BEST moves for your lower half!  In Reality, you are engaging your whole body on these two compound exercises.  COMPOUND EXERCISES are when you're stimulating several muscle groups and joints all at once to perform a certain exercise

The video has been sped up so you can see the exercise done several times in the 15 seconds I am allowed.  So take your time!  Form is MOST important.  For both moves, you want to keep your knees behind your toes the best you can.  When you squat, keep your weight in your heels.
*I am holding a 40lb. barbell in the video.

The second exercise, which I did immediately following the lunge/squat combo (I didn't even take the BB off my back) I guess we will call it a Side to Side Stationary Lunge.  Get your feet WIDE apart to begin.  Then lunge side to side.  Stick your butt back there and keep it there…. feel the burn!  

This supplement I can't live without

Two weeks ago I did a few posts on the top 3 supplements I think everyone should be taking.  Supplements that are very beneficial to an active person who are engaging their bodies and muscles that could benefit from taking these certain supps.

This post is about a supplement that is totally optional, but it is something I can not live without

ALPHA AMINOS made by Cellucor

Not even sure where to begin about this stuff….I am convinced they are magic!  I have always loved my BCAAs and always will.  I still drink them post workouts and supplement with BCAAs before any fasted cardio to protect muscle loss.  One scoop of ALPHA AMINOS (which are stimulant free) goes in my water bottle that I drink throughout my run/workouts.  My endurance, the flavor and most of all- I DO NOT GET DEHYDRATED!!  They compare to a Gatorade but without all the sugars and carbs and a ton of nutrients and minerals

This stuff is naturally powered by chia seeds and raw coconut.  This supplement is a premium BCAA blend-3x leucine and 11additional amino acids to promote muscular endurance and recovery.  Also contains several minerals and nutrients such as omega 3s, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fiber….just to name a few.  This stuff is for everyone!  Yes, even my kids like this especially on hot summer days.  And my 10 year old nephew drinks it during his baseball/football games 

As always you will get 25% off plus FREE  shipping when you don't checkout as guest on any cellucor product with my code HALEYA.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

So True!

It is now 2 days post leg day and I am still hobbling up the stairs and holding on to things to sit down!  Well, it was awesome at the time…..can't wait for leg day,  LOL!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

360* Cardio


Set your INCLINE to: 15.0

Your next 5 minutes will look like this:

FORWARD WALK: 2 minutes - 3.5 MPH

SIDE WALK LEFT: 1 minute - 2.0 MPH (get low)

BACKWARDS JOG: 1 minute - 2.5 MPH

SIDE WALK RIGHT: 1 minute - 2.0 MPH (get low)


Go HERE to see this in action!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Totally Honored

Totally honored and grateful to be featured on this website:

They wrote an article titled:
FITSPORATION:  My 3 Fave Instagram Accounts

You can read about the article Mandi G wrote 


THANK YOU so much for the support and people who do follow me while I share what I love.  


With the New Year approaching, I'm sure some of you have given some thought about things you want to work on, add into your life, do more of, do less of etc….

Me being a fitness lover,  I wanted to share a couple fitness tips of advice you may find helpful if you happen to have a new year's res. pertaining to a fitness lifestyle change-

Some of these tips you may have down and some you may already know but a fresh reminder is needed.  Some tips will be old posts of mine that I want to share again but are great to re-read- even for myself.  And you may be a new follower and missed a post of mine that could be something you just needed to hear!  I will be posting only a few here and there and I hope you find them helpful!   

Thursday, December 18, 2014


When I train abs, I love to focus on the Obliques when I can.  Favorite look of the abs for me.  These moves are great to target those sides/obliques plus some of these moves also give our mid section some work too.

When I train abs, I always do 3 sets for 15 reps.  If it's a move like bicycle crunches or heel touches,  that means 30 reps TOTAL since it is a two sided move……15 for EACH side.

Try out this workout it will leave your sides/obliques feeling it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



With this one, go straight down the list and rest as needed!  However, try and push yourself a little and take little to no breaks between the exercises.  Rest after you have completed the list.  Then repeat again as many times as you would like.  3-5 is recommended.  

So get next to a bench, step, chair, box etc., already prepared with one set of dumbbells you will need for the alternating front and side raises (only exercise that needs DBs) and one barbell to use for the 3 leg exercises.  And a mat if you prefer to use them for the ab exercises.

I did this workout last Friday after not lifting a weight for 2 weeks and it left me sore all over!  And if you are curious about how long one round takes……. I timed myself 2x and did it as quickly and with hardly no breaks and both times it took me about 7 minutes.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


All sorts of FUN moves going on here:


PUSH PLAY > @haleya_fit_happens

Get yourself a barbell.  I am using a 40lb BB in the video

The SQUAT is just a basic squat.  Stay light in your toes, weight in your heels.  Get low as you can without your knees going too far past your toes

The DIAGONAL LUNGE is similar to a regular lunge.  You take a big step out to the side rather than straight out in front of you.  Same rules apply to this style of lunge.  You don't want your front knee to pass your front toe to avoid injury.  Get those knees at  90 degrees and thighs parallel to the floor

GOOD MORNINGS are a great exercise for your lower back and hamstrings.  Bend at the hips, moving them back as you bend over to near parallel.  Keep your back as straight as possible.  It helps to have a slight arch (not rounded) think in your head to keep your chest up! 

Gym Humor

Yes, that was really my response to what I have going on for my birthday!

At least I know me and @chelseas_fitness are on the same page.

I swear I do other things besides workout…...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 Days of Fitness

My local workout friend @healthyyouhappyyou has asked me to be apart of her "12 DAYS OF FITNESS" She is posting an exercise each day and by December 24th you will have a killer HIIT workout.  She has already posted DAY 1 and DAY 2 and has assigned me to DAY 3!

So here I bring you……. 'On the 3rd day of Fitness my exercise will be, 3 Pulsing Squats with 3 Jump Squats'


Do this combo 3x for one complete set (9 pulses/9 jump squats = 1 set).  3 rounds/sets is the goal!  I even got fancy and provided 3 views!  Happy Day 3 to you!


Saturday, December 13, 2014


I'm so glad that my passion for a good sweat doing cardio is the same passion that I have for weight lifting.  I know some people just hate one or the other.  I HEART both, A LOT!

Saturday I do cardio and rest from the weights.  I have a "ring of workouts" you can read about HERE or I screen shot or take pictures of my computer screen when I am searching Pinterest.  That way I am prepared with something to do.  

I DO NOT enjoy just running at one pace on a treadmill.  I have got to have some ups/downs/fast/slow etc.  The workouts in the picture above are just photos from my camera roll.  Just thought I would share that it really can be that easy to have access to great workouts!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Not Earned

I wish I could say I earned or deserved this CARAMEL MACADAMIA and CINNAMON BANANA BREAD yogurt, LOADED with all this goodness (brownie bites, cheesecake bites, reeses PB cups, nuts, drizzle of chocolate syrup) but I can't.  

My diet has been far from perfect since my trip to Disneyland and this week was no different.  Even my workouts were so-so.  And I HATE how I feel……It's not even worth slacking off!

However, this was DELICIOUS as usual.  Yogurtland never lets me down.  I am looking forward to an awesome week that is going to kick butt because I have new videos to post and a fun full body workout that I feel anyone can do!



#FLASHBACK to this #FLEX_FRIDAY when I got the characters in Disneyland to flex with me!

Snow White had some pretty decent guns and Tinkerbell was actually quite serious about showing hers off.

Then Cruella Deville told me the picture would look better after I cropped myself out…. She is my favorite!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Top 3 supplements……#3

Number 3 on my list of Supplements I think everyone should take


Do you feel you are doing everything right in the gym and the kitchen but the results are still not quite right?  Lose fat and preserve muscle with Whey Protein!!!

What is Whey?  Whey protein is the protein that is contained in the watery portion of milk.  This watery portion is called whey and it is what separates from the curds when cheese is produced.  Mmmmmmm, doesn't that just sound yummy?!?  ;)
Protein alone is an important component of every cell in the body.  Your hair and nails are mainly made up of protein.  Protein is important building blocks of  bones, muscle, cartilage, skin, and blood.  So a diet that contains a decent amount of protein is ideal!  Whey is a great source of quick and easy protein to add to your diet.  Whey is very fast absorbing and helps repair the tissue damage that is caused due to exercise. That is why Whey protein versus other types of protein is recommended post workout for its quick ability to be transported right to those worked muscles to start the recovery process and increase lean body mass.  Yes, there are several types of protein powder out there and they all do different things.  For example, Casein Protein powder is very slow absorbing and slow to digest which is why Casein is usually taken at bedtime.

Whey protein has many benefits for fat loss too.  Most whey is low in calories and low in carbohydrates.  Diets high in protein are more likely to help you manage your body weight. So for me, Whey protein is an easy source to get a little more added protein to my daily diet.  Many (mainly women) are afraid of protein powder thinking it will cause them to bulk up like a body builder.  I have been supplementing with Whey protein powder after workouts for over 10 years. 

Cellucor is my favorite because they provide a HUGE variety of flavors (12 to be exact) to fit  everyones prefereces. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 3 supplements……#2

Number 2 on my list for supplements I think everyone should take.


Yes, fish oil.  Kind of boring I know.  But fish oil contains vital omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA).  DHA is responsible for the development of the brain and EPA reduces inflammation.

I believe a large majority of people suffer from some sort of LOW LEVEL chronic inflammation on a day to day basis.  Whether it be in your back, neck, knee, ankle etc.,   Omega 3s are a great anti-inflammatory agent.  Fish oil is also very awesome in that it can help with delayed onset muscle soreness that I hate….. You know that soreness that creeps up on you a day or two after you have done something strenuous.  And since Omega 3s from fish oils are essential and our bodies can not make them, we must get it through diet or supplementation. 

Here are 8 benefits of Fish Oil and how they can alter body composition and help better training efforts:

-reduces blood pressure and inflammation 

-decrease fat storage in fat cells

-improve brain function

-turns on the fat burning genes

-turns off the fat storing genes

-improve your cholesterol

-great stress hormone fighter

-can lower your chances of cancer and heart disease

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My TOP 3 Supplements…. #1

I was asked to write a post on the TOP 3 supplements that I think everyone should use.  If you run, lift weights, do yoga, zumba, cross fit……whatever your heart desires, I believe these products are essential to your athletic performance!
(all my personal opinion)

#1- BCAAs

These are simply Branch Chained Amino Acids.  Which are essential nutrients that the body needs.    These are very important to help your muscles recover faster.  Increase endurance.  Prevents your muscle from breaking down.  Reduce soreness.  Cellucor BCAAs are stimulant free.  I know this can be of importance to some people who wish to avoid caffeine and such.  You may feel a little tingle due to the Beta Alanine (which is also an amino acid) that are in some BCAA products like Cellucor.  Beta Alanine prevents lactic acid from accumulating too quickly in your muscles. 

You can find BCAAs already in other supplement products such as Whey Protein powder.  But these BCAAs are bound to other amino acids which require digestion and time to be absorbed into the blood stream.  It's just not enough and NOT the same as BCAAs in its own supplement form.  BCAAs in its own free-form require no digestion and are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.

Cellucor makes my favorite BCAA.  Watermelon is my favorite flavor.  

Next supplement you should be taking is coming soon!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Lets work on that back side this week.  Try this workout!

Do each superset 3x.  Meaning, do the two exercises back to back with no rest.  Then take about a minute rest and repeat the superset 2 more times.



 Now until December 31st you can buy either a full size C4 of any flavor and you will receive a trial size 4-serving Cor-Whey for FREE!!


Buy a full size Cor-Whey of any flavor (mint chocolate chip has been rocking my world lately) and you will receive a trial size 5-serving C4 for FREE!!!


My code HALEYA will get you an additional 25% off and not signing out as a guest will ship your order FREE!

Supplements make great Xmas gifts for your fitness junkie friend!

Head on over to and get this awesome deal!

Sunday, December 7, 2014


It's that time again to win "ONE FOR ME AND ONE FOR @ ________." All you need to do is in the comments below say "one for me and one for @ _______"  -and tag a friend and you are in it to WIN it!  You can tag more friends each in their own separate comment

You will EACH receive:            

-A headband from @islagraceandco which these have the "no-slip" grip sewn in

-My favorite Maybelline BABY LIPS, "CHERRY ME" gives some moisture and the perfect tint of red

-YESto wipes in Grapefruit.  These I LOVE!  Correct & Repair cleansing, exfoliating and brightening for the face.  Perfect for wiping off makeup.  I keep these in my gym bag and use after a workout.  I get them at Target

-Psssssst! the TRUE original Instant Dry Shampoo.  Coming from a girl who blow dries a lot of sweat, and uses a lot of dry shampoo, this hasn't let me down.  Absorbs excess oils, refreshes, revives and builds volume on the go.  It's nothing fancy but it does the job.  I get it at Walgreens for $6

and a whole bunch of Cellucor Supplements
-Protein Powder (mint chocolate chip or red velvet)
- C4 Pre-Workout
-Super HD Capsules
-Alpha Aminos
and NO3 Chrome Pump Optimizer

WOO HOO!!! It will be like an early X-MAS present of things I know you will just LOOOVE--  From me, to you and your friend. XO

***For an extra chance at being selected, you can repost this photo on your IG and tag me @haleya_fit_happens in the post so I can be sure to give credit where due

Winners will be announced Wednesday, December 10th

This is an INSTAGRAM ONLY giveaway.  Head on over to:
to enter! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Steppity Step Step in Disneyland

I haven't worn my Fitbit Flex in a while but thought it would be fun to take it on my trip to see how many steps I take in a day walking around Disneyland and California Adventure. 

I didn't wear it my first day here but here are my results over the last two days.  Kind of crazy to think I walked 7-8 miles per day. 

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal Exercises:

The Decline Reverse Crunch is my favorite. On a bench that you can set an incline to,  Raise it up....... I like to insert the pin in the 3rd hole.  Sit down and lay back grabbing the handles behind you. Bring your knees to your chest lifting your butt of the bench and  tap the floor with your toes on your way back down.  I keep my abs exercises at 15 reps and 3 sets.

The second move is done in the same position and same bench incline setting. Do flutter kicks or scissor kicks. 15 reps (30 kicks total) 3 sets.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Habla Ingles

This is me, Seriously!  I usually have a G2G BAR everyday at some point but it's usually when I am going to be in the car for a while taking kids to dance/gymnastics/art class etc…

They are my FAVORITE protein bar EVER!  I try to secretly open it so my kids don't hear and ask what I have and when they do……"No Habla Ingles!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You're Done!!

This has always made me laugh!!

We all know some of these people- YOU'RE DONE!

Not me, I have to battle day in and day out to keep what I got going.  There is always room for improvements!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Healthy Holiday Tip #9- PLAN AHEAD

and the last and final Healthy Holiday Tip to keep you rockin through this time of year- #9:


Holidays can mean lots of parties.  If you know you have a party to attend to that evening, watch your food intake during the day.  Now I am not saying skip meals!  ALWAYS eat breakfast!!  Eating breakfast makes you less vulnerable to cravings and hunger that will sneak up on you later in the day.  Have a heartier breakfast and keep lunch on the light side and choose smaller snacks in between.  Snack frequently but lightly during the day to allot yourself a few more calories at the party because you know it's bound to happen. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Healthy Holiday Tip #8- STAY ACTIVE

Healthy Holiday Tip #8-


TOMORROW is December 1st!!  Did you know that the percentage of people who exercise regularly is lower in December than any other time of the year.  Even though we do get "busy" this time of year it does not count as being "active."  Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise 4-6 times a week

I know the holidays can be very stressful and a workout might be the last thing you want to do.  But we all know that workouts can make you feel better, relieve stress and boost your mood almost 100% of the time

If you really need some guidance and daily motivation, you can hop on over to my local fitness friend, @jillkfitness (on instagram) who I have teamed up with to bring you the December FitBlast Challenge, go check it out and get signed up!!  Sign up HERE  She is ready to send out your very first email to get you started!  

Saturday Goal Met!

What a fun and very challenging week.  Trying to keep a fitness plan around a Holiday and lack of sleep due to late night shenanigans of shopping was a test for sure.  I truly feel had I not made a commitment/goal I would have slacked off this week a few times.

If you did this challenge be so proud of yourself!!!

I'm so thankful for each and every one of you who reach out to me, even if it's just to simply push that 'like' button.

I can't wait for the fun giveaway I have for you in a week or so (on instagram only)!!  It will be like an early Xmas present from me to you and your friend.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I'm off for the last and final day of the 500 calorie burn challenge!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Goal Complete


We are 1 day away from having this challenge DONE!!!  

I am off to get my shopping on,

SHOPPING burns calories right?!

Healthy Holiday Tip #7- Keep on Drinking

Healthy Holiday Tip #7-


H2O that is!!!  Crazy to think but getting dehydrated can be more of a risk in cooler temperatures and for people at higher elevations.  The air we breath is drier and that makes our lungs work harder to humidify the air and warm it up.  So the harder our bodies work the more we need to drink.

I know it's hard to want to keep drinking water when the temps outside are not like the hot Summers but staying hydrated through this time of year is just as important.  For holiday party purposes, water is going to naturally help you avoid overeating if you try to drink a large glass 20-30 minutes before your big dinner.  Water will also help you burn fat more efficiently.  Sometimes we confuse hunger for dehydration so lets be sure to drink water all day long so we are certain when we are actually hungry. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Goal Met

I knew I was going to spending 1 1/2 hours at the gym today so I went in there like that turkey on that wrecking ball ready to work!

1000 Calories was my goal.



Healthy Holiday Tip #6-


Allow yourself a taste of anything you want to try, but only eat more than a bite of things you really LOVE!  If you taste something that is just "okay" then stop there and eat something that is more like "how can I have just one bite of this?!"  Sometimes I find myself eating something simply because it is there.  Or I find myself eating a couple of store bought cookies that I can eat any time of the year, UGH!! I hate when I do that.  I would so much rather save room for the calories that are in a DELICIOUS pumpkin roll that I only get once a year…… (hint hint @marisaduncan ;))

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


HIGH KNEE RUN:  One of the BEST cardio for your abs.  As you bring your knees to your chest you are recruiting major ab muscles, especially those lower abs.

I love to throw in cardio after lifting exercises, because why?  I say WHY NOT?!  You made it to the gym (or your home workout) so you might as well WORK and make it worth your time.

High knee run in place, I LOVE.
High knees actually running, I LOOOOVE!!!

This is just a basic high knee run.  And on the way back I switched it up with a High Knee Lateral Run. If you got space, do it.  If not, high knees in place are fabulous too.   

Add a few round of these to help you reach your #500calorieburn challenge

Wednesday Goal Met

the #500calorieburn challenge is complete for Wednesday.

Today I did Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps with some active rest.  I am so ready for Thursday's workout!

And to go along with my Healthy Holiday Tip #5 this workout was complete with just that.  I have pretty amazing friends and a fabulous sister to workout with and make days like today happen.

Healthy Holiday Tip #5- Buddy Up

                                                          Healthy Holiday Tip- #5


This is actually a tip I recommend ALWAYS!!  I know first hand that when someone is counting on you to show up, you GET up!  I'm not perfect about always wanting to workout.  I have my days for sure.  There have been mornings that had a buddy not been meeting me for a workout, I am 100% positive I would have bagged the workout.  Having a workout buddy increases your chances of sticking with a program.  


This time of year is hard.  It's cold, snowy and your bed is nice and warm…..I know we do not want to get up.  But nothing is better than a workout to cure things mentally and naturally, even if it's for a brief moment.  Plus, the holidays can be stressful.  Endorphins kick in when we are working out and acts as a great stress reliever.  Then get a double dose of happy and forget about the stress while having fun working out and talking with friends! The time flies by

If you are blessed already with amazing workout buddies who have saved you from missing a workout or two be sure to tell them so they know you are forever grateful for their motivation.  

'Tis the season  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


GOBLET SQUATS:  Great exercise for beginner squatters.  I especially love it for teaching resistance against forward collapse.  Lots of different variations to this move.  But I do mine this way every time

You can use a Kettlebell holding it by the horns….or holding a DB (DBs are easier for me to hold) like so in my hands and close to my body, THEN I squat down loooow and I get my body and feet situated while I am down there making sure my elbows hit the insides of my knees.  To make that happen, your feet need to be a slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly out.  Once you got the position down, you are set.  Keeping it light in your toes and all the weight in your heels, push up in your heels and that's it.  Squat back down with a goal to have your elbows touch your inner legs

You can keep the DB light to start and work your way up once you feel you've got it down.   In this video I am holding a 50lb Dumbbell.  My reps are 10-12

P.S. You do not want your chest to fall forward or your back to round.  And if you find your heels coming off the ground during the squat that means your stance is still too narrow. 

Tuesday Goal Met

The #500calorieburn Challenge was met for Tuesday!  

Today was all about them weights and active rest.  It's so cool to see so many of you tagging me in the challenge!

Who's ready for Wednesday?!?