Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cardio Tip

This post is a cardio tip for those New Years Goals-

To maximize your fat loss and fat burn, don't allow your body to adapt when doing a cardio routine.  Your body doesn't know if you will be walking or doing the elliptical machine.  Your body doesn't know if it will be walking 5 minutes or for 3 days straight.  So naturally, our bodies will do what it can to slow down our burn and reserve energy to make you able to sustain a 3 day walk…..Our bodies are smart and will do what it needs to do to make you more efficient to endure what's to come.

So if you are walking, speed up the pace for a couple minutes then slow it back down.  Then add some incline for a few minutes and bring the incline back down.  Catch your breath and speed it back up.  Do the same with running, using the stair master, elliptical etc.

Keep your body guessing.  Do not let it adapt. 

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