Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dumbbell Superset Workout- FULL BODY

Need a quick Full Body Workout before your New Years Eve Festivities begin?

This entire workout is done with Dumbbells.  Set yourself up a little corner at home or in the gym with all the DBs you think you will need to perform each exercise

A SUPERSET is when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping.  At first you may find your endurance might not be all that great, but before long you will learn to LOVE supersets-

So HOW TO DO THIS WORKOUT-  you will do the first two exercises as a superset.  The first exercise with the 2nd exercise following right after with no break between them.  You can catch your breath after both are done.  That is 1 set.  Do it again 1-2 more times then move on to the next 2 exercises and superset those

CARDIO OPTION:  After you have completed 2-3 sets of a superset, you can jump rope or do something active for 2 minutes…… catch your breath and move on to the next superset of exercises.  

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