Saturday, January 3, 2015

TREADMILL WORKOUT and my phone trick

Before you look at something like this post and think "how in the heck does she expect me to see this workout and not fall on my face trying to read the numbers?!"  Here is my trick of what I do when a workout is too small to read while actually doing it:

Take a SCREEN SHOT of the post/picture you want so the picture is now in your camera roll

THEN, pull up the picture from your camera roll and turn your phone sideways so the image is now going long ways.  Then enlarge the photo by using both fingers to stretch it out or make it larger.  Then with your phone still sideways, place it on the ledge on the front of the treadmill.  As the minutes go by, scroll down as you go

P.S.  Try this 40 minute treadmill workout I made up.  It's a great way to whip you into shape slowly but surely.  It's a new favorite of mine!! AND- do adjust the speeds to fit your level of fitness.  My 8.0mph run may be your 6.5mph.  As long as you are doing the inclines and intervals (fast/slow/recover) is what it takes.  

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