Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here is MONDAYS workout.  LEGS.  This is the one workout that you will need to use a few gym machines.  The rest of the week, only DBs and BBs (minus some assisted pull-ups for your Back day).

If you aren't sure what an exercise is, they can ALL be found on Google with videos or images.

When you finish up the workout, be sure to throw in some cardio or HIIT cardio- which I recommend lifting first, then cardio…..ALWAYS!  I have posted several cardio routines in the past.  You can adjust any of them to fit for the time you have left.  

This is totally optional, but if your gym has one, the dry sauna is heavenly to sit in after a workout.  I do 10-15 minutes.  Go in as you are.  In your workout clothes.  Just grab yourself a paper towel that the gym provides or bring your own hand towel.  You will want one to wipe the sweat from your face.

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