Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Swing Lunges, my new FAVORITE!

Ok, I think I just found my new favorite exercise!!!  I will be doing these 2x a week.  I have always done SWING LUNGES as a burnout for legs using no weights.  This day I decided to use swing lunges as one of my actual leg exercises.

I am holding a 25lb plate (I got a little rusty over the Holidays) You can use lighter or heavier.  You can hold the plate as I am in the video, which I felt made this move easier to get in and out of the positions quickly but it will also challenge your arms.  OR- you can hug the plate against your chest.

You are doing a front lunge and going right into a reverse lunge.  Back and forth on the same side for all reps.  I did 3 sets of 10 which is 10 front/10 back so 20 lunges total, then switch legs.

I LOVED it!  Not only does it get your leg burning EVERYWHERE…. but talk about some major calorie burnage- you will not be able to go to that other leg without catching your breath first, TOTAL cardio killer…. or maybe I'm just really out of shape?!  Freaking Christmas.  

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