Sunday, January 11, 2015


Last week I provided you 5 days of weightlifting workouts.  This week I will post up 5 different CARDIO workouts for you to try.

If you know my style, I like to mix it up when I do cardio on a treadmill.  The workouts I will post may be long runs, short runs, HIIT, contain +/- inclines, intervals, FAST and sloooow.  You may even find yourself jumping off the treadmill to do some body weight work then jumping back on.

You will NOT be bored.

AND- if a workout takes 45 minutes, you can save it for a cardio day or a day that you have more time.  If you only have 20 minutes for cardio, there will be workouts that I post that are just that.  You can turn a 20 minute workout into a 40 minute or 60 minute by doing it 2-3x through.  You make these workouts fit your schedule.

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