Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This post is in reference to my latest "LEG WORKOUT" post.  If you need a better view of this workout, I posted it earlier today.

Bulgarian Split Squats: with my workout sister from another mister @sfloyd22

Grab two dumbbells.  I am using 20lbs.  Place your foot on a bench or chair behind you.  You can put your toe to the bench or place the laces of your shoes down on the bench.  Then, hop that front foot far enough out in front of you so that when you squat down your knee stays behind your toes.  The goal on these is to have your thigh run parallel to the ground when you are down there.  Keep your weight in the heel and push up through your heel.

Donkey Kicks with Weight: video'd by my actual sister from the same mister @shanwest00

Get down on all fours.  Place a dumbbell behind your knee.  I am using a 15lb DB.  You may need to straighten your leg then place the DB to get it nice and snug.  You need to squeeze the DB a bit during the exercise to keep the DB in place.  Bring your knee under you as far as you can and then lift it out behind you as far as you can. 

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