Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I believe in "cheat meals."  They WILL work to your advantage and the benefits are many!  Cheat meals are more than just a break from clean eating.  CMs will INCREASE your fat loss.  How?!  CMs  shock the body.  More than likely your CM is going to be larger than one of your average healthy meals or snacks right?  So your body has to work harder than what it is use to trying to breakdown the size of that meal and get it digesting.  CMs will also assure your body that its not in starvation mode.  You need to make sure that is not happening!

Cheat meals help you avoid reaching weight-loss plateaus.  How?!  CMs will optimize our body's hormones.  CM offset that drop in hormones that occur if you are living somewhat of a calorie deficit diet.  So if you eat strictly healthy 100% of the time and feel you have hit a plateau, then try a cheat meal once a week and see what happens.  You will most likely find yourself losing weight again.

Another great advantage of CMs is your workout performance following a CM.  Have a cheat meal and pay attention to your workout the next day.  You will find you are loaded with energy!

Allowing yourself some indulgence room 20% of the time and get 100% better results both mentally and physically!!!!  Go eat a big ol' Bacon Cheeseburger with a loaded sweet potato and a couple rolls from Texas Roadhouse!  You know you want to…..  80/20 lifestyle!

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